313. Peyton tells Betty that the queen never makes the first move.  The 
         pawns move first.  [In reality, either of the knights could move 
         first, but this is rare.] 
  383. Martin Peyton tells Betty that the queen is not happy in exile.
  405. Sandy fondles and examines the White Queen's Bishop.
  491. Steven Cord captures Susan's black queen with his own white queen.

  159. What Judge presided over Rodney's murder hearing?  Irwin A. Jessup 
         handled the actual trial. 
  268. Chris Webber asks Steven why he took Lee's case.

  159. Judge Quigley was a possibility for judge in Rodney Harrington's 
         murder trial.  Judge Chandler was another possibility.  As it 
         turned out the judge assigned was Irwin A. Jessup. 

Quincy Hotel:
  032  Betty Anderson Harrington stayed two days in Boston, at the Quincy 
         Hotel, before going on to New York City. 

Quine-Don Quine:
  1xx. Don Quine played the role of wharf-rat Joe Chernak.

Quist-Dr. Quist:
  159. Dr. Quist is a Boston psychiatrist that Dr. Rossi thinks could help 

  315. Peyton tells Steven and Betty that Thomas has given notice of 
       leaving his employment as chauffeur.  He asks Steven to put an ad 
       in the Clarion for a chauffeur.  Betty offers to do this errand, 
       but Peyton wants Betty to accompany him to New York. 

  005. You do a boy a favor just by smiling at him.  George to Betty.
  034. Any man who shoots a telephone because it is ringing is dangerous.  
       Rossi to Julie.
  036. I don't often tell a lie.  Eli to Elliot.
  445. Back on the market.  Carolyn to Marsha.