Rose Hobart
Rose Kefer
Rose Keefer
05-01-06 to 08-29-00 or
05-01-09 to 08-29-00

Maid Mary
Maid to Martin Peyton and Steven Cord.


1931 Chances
1931 East of Borneo
1932 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1935 Convention Girl
1940 A Night at Earl Carroll's
1940 Susan and God
1941 I'll Sell My Life
1941 Mr. And Mrs. North
1943 Mad Ghoul
1945 The Brighton Strangler
1945 Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde
1945 Conflict
       Humphrey Bogart
1946 Canyon Passage
1947 The Farmer's Daughter
1948 Mickey

Rose Hobart was a victim of the blacklisting of the 40's and 50's, as was Lee Grant.

Rose Hobart worked with Humphrey Bogart in Conflict.