Race against time:
  269. Elliot is in a race against time to get from New York City to 
         Peyton Place for the birth of Matthew. 

Rachel-Rachel Welles:
  277. Rachel is discovered by Norman & Rita and brought to Doctors 
  277. Rachel is treated by Dr. Fielding before Rossi takes over.
  278. Rachel bites miss Choate.  [One of our favourite episodes.]
  279. Rachel sleeps without a sleeping pill.
  280. Rachel throws a mirror and a brush at Rodney.
  280. Rachel is in a wheel-chair in Rossi's office.  She quotes Genesis. 
  280. Rachel admits her name is Rachel.
  281. Rossi bumps his head on the credenza as Rachel wheels in. 
  281. Rachel's ankle hurts.
  282. Rachel is wearing a nurse's aide uniform.  [Like Jill Smith in 
         episode 464.] 
  282. Rita brings Rachel some cologne.
  283. Rachel's neighbor, Mrs. Burrows warns Rossi about Jack Chandler. 
  283. Rachel goes to the Cider Barrel and talks with Sandy.
  284. Rachel sneaks out of the hospital and hides under the bandstand.
  284. Rachel is talked to by Eli and taken to his General Store.
  285. Rachel is grabbed by Rodney and taken into the nearby police 
  285. Norman tells Rita he has been to Hastings Valley to inquire of 
  286. Rachel is told by Dr. Rossi that the D. A. wants to talk about 
  286. Rachel stabs herself in the hand and wrist to stay in hospital.
  286. Rachel leaves the police station and she collapses.
  286. Rachel is picked up by Rodney and put in Rossi's car.
  287. Rachel is asked by Dr. Rossi if she has had stitches before.
  287. Rachel compliments Rossi on his stitches.
  288. Jack Chandler goes to police station says, "I've come to get 
         Rachel Welles." 
  289. Rachel is in bed as Mrs. Healey, comes in with the hospital 
         bookmobile.  Mrs. Healey is a hospital volunteer, and wife of the 
         Peyton county coroner. 
  289. Chandler walks in and Mrs. Healey has trouble getting rid of him. 
  289. She calls for help.  Chandler says he went to Maine to get his 
  289. Rachel's aunt Meg is at the farm.
  290. Rossi visits Rachel in her hospital room.  Mrs. Healey is there.
  291. Mrs. Healey brushes Rachel's hair.  
  291. Rachel tells Mrs. Healey that she uses hand soap to wash her hair.
  291. Mrs. Healey responds with, "To each his own." 
  291. Rachel is comforted by Constance.
  292. Rachel is taken to the courthouse by Rossi for a meeting with 
  292. Chandler says he doesn't want any trouble concerning Rachel.
  293. Rachel tells Chandler she is never coming back with him.
  293. Rossi asks an officer to take Rachel back to the hospital.
  293. Elliot and Constance talk briefly with Rachel at the police 
  293. Elliot talks with Rachel in the hospital supply room.  She drops a 
         bottle breaking it. 
  293. Rachel threatens to tell the police she found the bracelet in his 
  293. Chandler threatens to "get" her.
  294. A police car drives up to the courthouse and Rachel gets out.
  295. Rachel comes in to see Rossi at the hospital.
  299. Constance takes Rachel shopping at Les Femmes botique.
  299. Dr. Rossi threatens to spank Rachel if she dyes her hair blonde.
  300. Chandler warns Rachel not to say anything about Allison.
  301. Rossi goes on vacation to NYC.  He returns episode 312.
  302. Eli loans Rachel a copy of "Poor Richard's Almanac."
  302. Rachel and Norman hear the sirens of the fire trucks and the 
         ambulances going to the Peyton mansion.
  303. Sandy tells Lee that she saw Rodney getting cozy with Rachel.
  303. Rachel tells Rodney that Mrs. Franks, social worker, is coming.
  304. Rodney urges Rachel to move in with the Carsons.
  304. Rachel is working at the Carson house.
  304. Rachel pushes the pram, with Matthew, around the square.
  304. Eli tells Rachel that Iceland is one of three countries that 
         doesn't have an army. 
  304. Rodney calls Rachel at the Carsons, asking her for a date.
  306. Constance zips up Rachel.
  306. Rachel calls a square dance in Norman and Rita's apartment.
  307. Rodney drives Rachel to the Carson house. 
  307. Rachel wants to talk about Allison.  Rodney doesn't.
  308. Rachel pushes the empty pram into the General Store.  
  308. Eli is playing with Matthew.
  310. Rachel returns to the Carson house as Chandler accosts her.
  310. Rachel threatens to kill him.  She takes the pram & Matthew in the 
  311. Rachel is rocking in a chair with Matthew as Chandler phones. 
  311. The door chimes ring and she goes and lets Rodney in. 
  311. Rachel goes to the phone and hangs it up.
  311. It rings again and Rodney answers it.  There is no reply.  
  311. Rachel won't tell him who called before.  Rodney hugs and kisses 
  312. Rodney takes Rachel to the Italian Village Restaurante.
  312. Rachel runs over and hugs Dr. Rossi on his return from NYC.
  312. He has left a puppy for her with the Carson's.
  312. She doesn't know this yet. 
  315. Rachel takes the puppy to the garage to show Rodney.
  315. Rodney is heating coffee with a blowtorch.
  315. As Rachel leaves the garage, she runs into Chandler.
  319. Rachel tells Dr. Rossi that Elliot is mad at her.
  319. Rachel tells Matthew goodbye.
  320. Constance takes Rachel to the apartment to live with Norman and 
  321. Rachel gets on an Interstate bus in front of the courthouse.
  321. Rachel breaks a window and goes in the farmhouse.  
  321. She finds the belt buckle.  Chandler suddenly appears.
  321. Rachel hits Chandler on the head and escapes.  
  321. Mr. Burrows picks up Rachel in his truck & drives her to the 
  321. She goes in the front entrance of Doctors Hospital.
  324. Rachel is talking to Rossi as Elliot knocks on the door. 
  324. Elliot comes in and invites Rachel to come back to the house with 
  324. Elliot takes Rachel home.  She goes to her room.
  314. Rachel takes the belt buckle out of her pocket and looks at it.
  324. Rachel shows the belt buckle to Rita at the Pharmacy.
  325. Rachel walks to the Book Gallery and asks Constance what a classic 
  325. Rachel looks out the window and sees Chandler watching them.
  326. Rossi goes to the Carson house and goes upstairs to see Rachel.
  327. Not properly dressed, Rachel goes outside to look for her puppy.
  328. Chandler puts the puppy in the limousine parked in front of the 
  328. Elliot runs a lost puppy ad in the Clarion.
  328. Lee Webber sees the ad and calls Rachel at the Carson house.  
  328. He tells Rachel to come over to the Peyton house to get the puppy. 
  328. Rachel comes to the mansion to get the puppy and is harassed by 
  328. Rachel tries to give him the $10 reward. 
  328. Betty comes in and Lee grabs her chin. 
  329. Rachel is running the Book Gallery as Betty comes in.  
  329. Betty warns Rachel about Lee Webber.
  329. Chandler is packing as Rachel comes to his door at the boarding house.
  330. Rachel visits with Chandler in his room.  She leaves and walks on the 
         wharf.  Norman sees her and calls.  She either doesn't hear him or 
         doesn't want to respond.
  330. Elliot and Rachel eat breakfast in the Carson kitchen.  The door chime 
         rings and Elliot goes to the door.  Elliot gives Lee the $10 reward.
         Lee asks Rachel if she lets Elliot call her "Allison."
  332. Elliot searches Rachel's room.  Constance comes in and says that he 
         will drive Rachel away again.  He finds the belt buckle and decides 
         to find what state prison it was made in.  [Texas]. 
  333. Rachel is visiting Chandler again and he promises to get her some 
         chocolates when he goes to White River.  She asks him where he was 
         born.  He evades the question.
  334. Elliot finds out that the belt buckle was made in Texas.  There was a 
         man named Jack Forrest in that prison.
  335. Dr. Rossi brings Rachel to the Carson house and asks Constance where 
         Elliot is.  She says he is at work.
  335. Rachel, in a bright red dress, is lying on her bed.  Elliot comes in 
         and demands that she tell him all about Chandler.
  336. Chandler and Elliot Carson fight on the wharf.
  337. Elliot is treated at the hospital, arrested, and taken to jail.
  337. Rachel talks to Constance about Allison.
  338. Constant visits Elliot in jail.  Elliot tells her that Rachel found 
         Allison's bracelet on the floor of Chandler's car.  Rachel visits 
         Chandler in the hospital.
  339. Rachel goes to the Book Gallery to talk with Constance.  Constance 
         fusses at her for going to see Chandler in the hospital.
  340. Dr. Rossi tells Elliot and Constance that he wants Rachel to go away to 
         a girl's boarding school.  Elliot says he wouldn't think of sending 
         her away now.
  341. Dr. Rossi takes Rachel to the wharf to eat sea food chowder.
  342. Rachel and Rossi argue.  Rachel kisses Rossi.
  343. Rachel and Rossi talk in the square.  She reminds him that he kissed 
         her back, yesterday.  He tells her to think of him as a father 
         figure.  He says he will help her with her homework and protect her 
         from Chandler.  This is the day of Steven's 28th birthday.
  345. Rachel wakes up at 3:00 a.m., puts on her slippers, and goes to the 
         window.  She sees Chandler spying on her.  
  346. Police Sgt. Bates comes to Eli's General Store to talk with Elliot and
         Constance about Rachel.  He tells them it is all right for her to go 
         to night school as long as someone picks her up when class is out. 
  347. Elliot and Constance are in the kitchen. 
  347. Rachel comes in and Elliot tells her that her hair looks awful.
  347. She has changed her hair.
  348. Rachel receives a note at school that Elliot will pick her up early. 
  348. There is a problem at home.  It is a fake message from Chandler.
  349. Chandler kidnaps Rachel and drives to an old cabin near the farmhouse.
  349. Rachel hits him with a rock and almost gets away. 
  349. Chandler breaks a window in the truck and grabs Rachel.
  349. Chandler takes her in the cabin and lights an oil lamp. 
  349. Chandler shows her a bible and a diary.
  350. Rachel is returned to the Carsons by the police.
  350. Sgt. Goddard says he will be back later. 
  351. Police check the farmhouse for kidnapping clues.
  351. Rossi goes up to Rachel's room to check on her.  
  351. Rachel pretends to be asleep. 
  351. Rossi puts a Teddy bear on the foot of her bed.
  352. Chandler almost checks into Billy Brown's motel.
  352. Constance goes in Rachel's bedroom and they talk.
  353. Constance lets Rossi in.  He goes into Rachel's bedroom.
  353. Rossi and Rachel talk.  He asks her if she has ever been to New York.
  353. He wants to take her and Constance to NYC and show his old neighborhood.
  353. She asks him if he remembers kissing her. 
  353. Rachel prepares to leave with Matthew.
  354. Rachel kidnaps Matthew Carson.
  355. Chandler is captured and Matthew is returned.
  355. Choate reminds Rossi that she thought Rachel was strange.
  355. Rachel is brought to police station and Elliot glares at her.
  356. Rachel shows Rossi the bracelet.  Rachel gives Elliot the bracelet.
  356. Rachel is driven off in a police car.
  357. Rossi takes Rachel to a mental hospital near Boston.
  357. Rachel appeared in a span of 81 episodes.
  358. Leslie provides an escape gun to Chandler.
  359. Chandler breaks out of the jail.
  365. Clarion headline:  ESCAPE GUN TRACED TO PEYTON.
  366. Martin Peyton gets engaged.
  367. Clarion headline:  POLICE BULLET KILLS ChANDLER.
  384. Constance and Matthew get back from a visit with Rachel.

       Indian summer.
  402. Steven Cord throws the black king in the fireplace.

  280. Dr. Rossi tells Rodney that they can't put Rachel on the rack.  Rodney 
         asks why not.
  280. Dr. Rossi tells Elliot that they can't give Rachel sodium pentathol.

Radiator-automobile and indoor heating:
  034. Steam escapes from George's radiator.  George shoots his telephone.
  342. Chandler puts water in his radiator at the Shoreline Garage.
  3xx. Eddie's jalopy has steam boiling out.

  007. Matthew reads a bulletin from the teletype® about Ghana.
  007. Rodney hears a radio bulletin about Ghana.
  049. Radio equipement is sold at the Chandlery.
  163. Allison tells Dr. Rossi that she wants a radio.
  172. Rita listens to the radio in motel while waiting for Norman to return.
  174. Allison hears about Rodney's murder trial on Stella's radio.
  195. Stella is listening to the radio as Richard Jensen arrives at her door.
  276. Sandy listens radio latin music as Rodney arrives bringing a check.
  276. The check is for "special work" that Lee had "purportedly" done. 
  331. Betty tells Rodney that her car radio doesn't work.  He fixes it. 
  352. Norman hears radio report of the kidnapping of Matthew Carson. 
  398. Rita wants a radio in her hospital room.  But Rossi says no.
  513. Rita brings a small transistor radio to Rossi's cell.  Transistor radios 
         were in their infancy at that time. 

Raffle ticket:
  066. Dr. Morton buys a raffle ticket from a nurse at the reception desk.  
         The only other gambling in the series was when Lee Webber would 
         go to White River, when Eddie Jacks would teach Rita how to play 
         craps, and of course the games at the Founders Day Festival.  
  012. It rained the night Rodney and Betty wed.
  090. It rained the night the bus with Steven Cord and Vincent Markham wrecked.

  There are at least three Ralph's.
  099. Ralph Colby, an unemployed loom operator.
  163. Ralph Courtney, a pharmacist, another is the bailiff for Judge Irwin A. 
         Chester and Judge Irwin A. Jessup.  Also episodes 187. 188. 271. 
  270. Ralph Courtney, the pharmacist who replaced Calvin Hanley, talks with 
         new father, Elliot Carson.  Episode 270. 

Ralph, the bailiff:
  xxx. Ralph, the Bailiff, many occurances
  161. Ralph the Bailiff.
  162. Ralph brings in the prospective jurors.
  163. Ralph removes Mr. West who caused a disturbance.
  188. Ralph puts papers on Judge Jessup's Bench.
  270. Ralph Courtney pharmacist replacing Calvin Hanley.
  273. Ralph ushers Steven and John Fowler into Judge Chester's chambers.
  278. Ralph watches as Chris is testifies.  
  278. Ralph tells Chris the court will reconvene in 45 minutes.  
  278. Ralph tells Chris that he has time to get coffee. 
  283. Ralph starts to take Lee to his cell as Constance asks to speak to him.
  289. Ralph escorts Steven cord to Chambers where he is fined $500.
  293. Ralph Elliot calls to Ralph in the police station.
  294. Ralph is told by the judge to remove Peyton.  Peyton apologizes instead.
  295. Ralph brings Steven some papers.

Ralph-Ralph Courtney:
       Rita works for Ralph Courtney in the Pharmacy.
  270. Elliot gives a Clarion to Ralph upon the birth of Matthew.

  024. Rodney borrows Norman's razor.  His is in Betty's room.
  039. Matthew Swain asks Calvin Hanley about his electric razor.
  048. Calvin dies and we never find out if Matthew got his electric razor back.
  067. Norman shaves with an electric razor.
  276. Sandy Webber brings Lee some shaving cream.
  297. Steven Cord shaves with Betty watching.

Real Estate agents:
  033. Mr. Davis.  Davis Real Estate Management Company.
  033. Howard King.  Rent collector to George Anderson.
  435. Michael Rossi and Eli Carson rent the Carson house to Marsha.
  437. Mr. Bateman.
  502. Eli Carson tries to sell the Rodney and Betty Harrington house.

Real Estate transactions:
  xxx. Dr. Rossi assumes the lease of the late Dr. Donald Brooks.
  xxx. Eli rents the beach house to Michael Rossi soon after his arrival 
         in Peyton Place.
  005. Eli tells Dr. Rossi that Elliot may want the beach house back.
  016. Dr. Rossi drives Constance to his beach house.
  018. Dr. Rossi tells Constance that Elliot may want the beach house back.
  025. Constance tells Dr. Rossi that Elliot may want the beach house back.
       George Anderson assumes the lease of Amos Barkley's insurance 
  034. The real estate management company presses George Anderson for rent.
       Dr. Rossi moves back into the beach house after Elliot and 
         Constance marry.
  xxx. It was not explained if Laura Brooks sold her house when she left 
         Peyton Place.  She had money paid her by Dr. Rossi for Dr. 
         Brooks practice but Leslie paid for her round trip ticket to 
         Paris and Europe. 
  06x. Paul Hanley moves into the apartment over the Pharmacy after the 
         death of his father and uses it as a studio.  Allison visited him 
  300. Hannah puts her house [Steven and Betty's house] on the auction block.
  307. Jack Chandler tells Rodney that he has his farm up for sale.
  403. Martin Peyton turns the mansion over to Steven Cord.
  435. The Carson house is for rent.  Eli Carson and Dr. Rossi are in charge.
  435. Eli Carson tells Dr. Rossi that a fellow from White River is going to 
         keep the Clarion running until a new editor is found.
  435. Eli Carson and Dr. Rossi act as real estate agents in renting the Elliot 
         Carson house.
  440. Marsha Russell rents the Carson house for the summer.
  502. Eli acts as a real estate agent carrying a sign in front of 
         Rodney and Betty Harrington's house.

  305. Peyton engages Betty Anderson Cord to redecorate the mansion after 
         the fire.  She had told Peyton that the drapes were horrible.
  306. Peyton and Steven agree to allowing Steven to live in the mansion.
  308. Betty and Mary take some measurements in the mansion.
  314. Betty begins redecoration of the mansion.
           Betty talks with Leslie about the drapes.

Reel-to-reel tape recorder:
       See also tape recorder and dictaphone.
  292. Fowler uses 5 inch rtr recorder.

  080. Allison gets some orange juice out of the Mackenzie refrigerator.
  276. Sandy takes a lobster salad from her General Electric® refrigerator.
  303. Sandy stands near her General Electric® refrigerator.
  314. Ada's refrigerator as Sandy moves in.

Religion and clergy:
  069. Jerry Bedford, Wayside Church in Peyton Place.
  171. Rev. Brown & Martha, Wayside Chapel in Owen's Ridge
  280. Rachel quotes Genesis to Dr. Rossi.
  290. Hannah and Peyton quote John.  "Thy money perish with thee."
  398. Minister at Adrienne's burial.
  419  Tom Winter and Susan, Wayside Church in Peyton Place
  468. Rev. Goodfellow replaces Tom Winter at Wayside Church in Peyton Place.
  458. Rev. Gates, Boston church superior.

Remmick-Dr. Lewis Remmick:
  408. Dr. Rossi calls Dr. Remmick in Boston concerning Rita Jacks Harrington.

  061. Paul Hanley and Leslie Harrington drive outside of town to talk 
         about the murder of Elizabeth Hanley Carson.
  372. Adrienne and Steven Cord rendezvous at the Peyton townhouse in 

  291. Mrs. Hewitt was unable to rent Ann Howard's apartment.

       Dr. Rossi replaced Dr. Brooks as physician surgeon in Peyton Place.
       Dr. Rossi took over Dr. Brooks office as renter from Martin Peyton.
       Allison replaced Betty for Rodney.
       Betty replaced Allison for Rodney.
       Rachel replaced Betty for Rodney.
       Sandy replaced Rachel for Rodney.
       Elliot Carson replaced Matthew Swain as editor of the Clarion.
       Rachel replaced Allison for the writers and for Constance.
       Norman replaced Chandler on the mill loading dock.
       Marian replaced Julie as secretary at the mill for Leslie.
       David Schuster replaced Leslie Harrington as the manager of the mill.
       Rodney replaced Lee as the love interest for Sandy Webber.
       Judge Chester replaced Judge Jessup in the courthouse.
       Another Judge [actor Michael Strong] replaced Jessup in the courthouse.
       Dr. Rossi replaced Dr. Morton as chief-of-staff at Doctors Hospital.
       Dr. Fielding replaced Dr. Rossi while Rossi vacationed in New York.
       Ann Howard replaced Russ Gehring as therapist at Doctors Hospital. 
       Chuck Atwell replaced Ann Howard as therapist at Doctors Hospital.
       Betty Anderson Cord's portrait replaced Catherine Peyton Harrington's.
       Carolyn Walker replaced Jill Smith as love interest of Joe Rossi.
       Jill Smith replaced Carolyn Walker as love interest of Joe Rossi.
       Steven Cord replaced John Fowler as (interim) District Attorney.
       Rita Harrington replaced Jill Smith as care giver to Kelly Smith.
       Constance Mackenzie Carson replaced Rita as care giver to Kelly.
       Jill Smith replaced Constance as care giver to Kelly. 
       Tom Winter replaced Jerry Bedford at parson at the church.
       Julie Anderson replaced Laura Brooks as secretary to Dr. Rossi.
       Marian replaced Julie at the mill for Leslie Harrington.
       Julie Anderson replaced Marian as secretary at the mill for Schuster.
       George Anderson replaced Amos Barkley as insurance agent in Peyton Place.
       Lee Webber replaced Thomas as chauffeur.
       Dr. Rossi found a driver when Peyton left for Boston.
       Munsen was chauffeur for Hannah.
       Leslie Harrington was replaced at the mill when it was sold.
       Peyton had portrait of Catherine replaced after Hannah did it in.
       For Betty, Jerry Bedford replaced Rodney, he was replaced by Steven, 
       Steven was replaced by Rodney again.
  468. Rev. Goodfellow was appointed to replace Rev. Tom Winter.
  043. Blaine report. [Betty].
       Cable report. [Schuster, Peyton].

  029. Dr. Joe Bradley confesses and resigns from Doctors Hospital.
  036. Laura resigns from Rossi's office to go on vacation in Europe.
  144. Theodore Dowell is forced to resign from Rodney's case.
       Betty is forced to resign from Doctors Hospital.
  186. Russ Gehring resigns and leaves Peyton Place.
  198. Stella Chernak resigns from Doctors Hospital and leaves Peyton Place.
       Ann Howard is forced to resign from Doctors Hospital.
  267. Steven resigns as Peyton's lawyer.
  315. Peyton tells Steven and Betty that Thomas has given notice.
  346. Steven resigns his appointment from Judge Chester as interim Dist. Atty.

Restaurants, Cafes, diners, bars.
  027. Colonial Post Inn.  Dr. Joe Bradley takes Laura to lunch at the Inn.
  057. Ada Jacks' Tavern.
  057. George treats Julie and Betty to pizza at a pizza parlor.
  126. Rita brings Norman and Rodney dinner from Guido's Restaurant on the wharf.
  181. Cider Barrel.  Leslie and Julie drink cider.
  401. Rossi mentions the Solarium restaurant at the hospital to Rita.
  445. Mamasitos.  Marsha Russell and Dr. Rossi dine Italian.

  046. Eli leaves Peyton Place for Florida for his health.
  068. Elliot is exonerated in the murder of Elizabeth Hanley Carson.
  070. Elliot and Constance are married by Jerry Bedford at Wayside Church.
  078. Peyton returns to Peyton Place.
  099. Ann Howard arrives at the airport returning to Peyton Place.
  106. Kenneth returns to Pittsburgh.
  106. Elliot writes a letter to the editor.
  106. Matthew quits as Editor-Publisher of the Clarion.
  106. Elliot takes over at the Clarion.
  107. Eli has returned to Peyton Place some time ago.
  109. Dr. Vincent Markham returns to Peru.
  151. Martin Peyton returns to Peyton Place for Rodney's trial.
  182. Steven has returned from trip to California to check on Stella.
  205. Ann Howard returns to Peyton Place.
  270. Elliot returns from NYC for the birth of his son, Matthew.
  270. Chandler wants Rachel to return to the farmhouse.
  313. Rossi returns from vacation in NYC.
  313. Peyton returns to the mansion after the fire and hospitalization.
  364. Eddie Jacks returns after 18 years.
  384. The Carsons return from the mental hospital after visiting Rachel.
  402. Lee Webber returns to the mansion and strikes Peyton with his cane.
  403. Peyton returns to clinic in Boston.
  476. Peyton dies in Boston.
  480. Peyton's body returns to Peyton Place.
  481. Fred Russell returns from Boston to cope with Carolyn.

  070. Rev. Jerome Jerry Bedford-Ted Hartley.  [Hartley became CEO of RKO.]
  420. Rev. Tom Winter-Robert Hogan.
  447. Rev. Payne in White River, mentioned by Rev. Winter.
  458. Rev. Gates-John Farley [Godfather movie].
  468. Rev. Goodfellow replaces Tom Winter at the church. 
  477. Rev. Harris, White River visited Liza Newton.

Reverse Solidus:
  xxx. A reverse solidus is a back slash. \
  xxx. A solidus is a slash.  /
  xxx. An admiration is an exclamation point.  !


Rheumatoid arthritis:
  027. Dr. Joe Bradley tells Laura that he had rheumatoid arthritis while 
         they dined at the Colonial Post Inn.  His last operation was on 
         Matthew Swain and Dr. Morton finished the operation and took care 
         of Matthew afterward. 

  185. Eli Carson mentions that Luke Bailey cracked two of Elliot's ribs 
         in a fight over Luke kicking a dog. 
  337. Jack Chandler had cracked ribs after his fight with Elliot Carson.
  382. Eddie Jacks pushes Norman cracking a rib.
  387. Norman is treated for his cracked rib.
       Jack Chandler has 3 cracked ribs caused by fight with Elliot Carson on 
         the wharf.  Elliot became convinced that Chandler is Forrest.

Richard Jensen:
  194. Richard Jensen arrives by taxi.  Steven had been waiting for a bus.
  195. Steven drives Jensen to the Chernak house.
  195. Jensen goes inside and Stella pours him a drink.
  195. Jensen asks Norman and Rita what the Pillory is.
  195. Stella goes out to her car to leave, but the car won't start.
  195. Jensen is lurking in the shadows.
  195. Stella sees him and runs dropping her suitcase.
  196. Jensen goes to the Information Desk identifying himself as Fred Blair.
  196. Jensen asks to see Dr. Rossi.
  197. Steven Cord treats Richard Jensen to a cup of cider in the Cider Barrel.
  197. Jensen calls Rossi's office pretending to be Fred Blair.
  197. Rossi hands the phone to Stella.
  197. Stella steals drugs from the locked cabinet for Richard Jensen.
  198. Jensen is captured in the hospital waiting room.
  198. Last appearance of Stella Chernak and Richard Jensen.

  001. Rodney and Betty pick up Dr. Rossi at the train station and take 
         him to the Colonial Post Inn.
  001. Rodney picks up Allison after dropping Betty of at the Anderson 
         house and takes her home.  He asks her for a date.
  003. Rodney drives Allison and her plethora of books to school.
       Eddie takes Norman and Rita for a ride in his model A.

  049. Betty asks Dr. Rossi what to do with her wedding ring.
  324. Steven wears a college class ring on a finger of his right hand.
  510. Rossi removes a ring at booking.
  511. Maggie tries to take her old ring off.

  007.  Constance, Matthew, and Rip walk up to the bandstand.

Rita Jacks Harrington:
  056. Rita works at the Woodfinch 5 & 10 variety.
  056. Rita tells Norman she has broken off with Kitch Brunner.
  113. Joe Chernak dies on the wharf in front of Ada Jacks' Tavern.
  170. Rita testifies.
  171. Rita testifies.
  172. Rita elopes with Norman.
  191. Rita says, "I hate girls."
  276. Rita and Norman go camping.
  277. Rita and Norman find Rachel.
  278. Rita works at the Pharmacy.
  314. Rita almost collapses in the apartment.
  332. Rita collapses in the Shoreline Garage.
  334. Rita says she wants to have a baby.
  379. Rita makes a pun.  [peachy vanilla.]
  383. Rita says that she wants a boy.
  393. Rita collapses at seeing her father arrested.
  500. Rita gives man-trapping tips to Maggie Riggs.
  503. Rita is talking to Betty as Steven and Jennifer Ivers arrive.
  513. Rita visits Dr. Rossi in jail.

  049. Betty mentions that divorcees in Reno, Nevada, throw their rings in the 
         river.  Dr. Rossi says it is the Truckee river.  She asks if he has 
         ever been there.  He says that he hasn't. 

  There were at least five Robert's in the series:

       . Dr. Robert Morton, chief of Staff at Doctors Hospital.
       . Robert "Bob" Franklin, husband of Donna, Fred Russell's girl friend.
       . Robert Jordon, got luggage intended for Richard Jensen in California.
       . Robert, the bartender, at the Colonial Post Inn.
       . Robert Sinclair, new father, Husband of Janet Sinclair.

Robert-Robert Jordon:
  181. Robert Jordon wound up with the monogrammed luggage that Stella Chernak 
         had ordered for Richard Jensen and then cancelled. 

Robert Morton-Dr. Robert Morton.
  009. Robert Morton was Chief of staff at Doctors Hospital.

Roberts-Gladys Roberts, science teacher:
  479. Gladys Roberts conducts science class.
  482. Gladys Roberts conducts science class.

Roy Roberts, the actor.
  492. John Wainwright (Roy Roberts) talks with Steven and Betty in Boston.
       Roy Roberts [A kind of Stop Watch episode of Twilight Zone.]

Roy Roberts, the character (portrayed by Sherwood Price):
  041. Betty has a date with Roy Roberts in NYC.  Roy is Phil's friend.

Rocking chair:
       Constance sits in a rocking chair.
  192. Allison rocks while talking with Constance.  [Watch in fast forward.]
  310. Rachel is rocking in a chair.
  311. Rachel is rocking in a chair.
  314. Eli talks about rocking chairs.
  350. Rachel is rocking in a chair.
  414. Jill places a basket containing Kelly in rocking chair in General Store.

Rodney Harrington:
  001. Rodney and Betty pick up Dr. Michael Rossi at the train station and 
          take him to the Colonial Post Inn. 
  001. Rodney drives to the mill to report the arrival of Dr. Rossi.
  001. Rodney sees his father kissing Julie in his office at the mill.
  001. Rodney takes Betty home.
  001. Rodney takes Allison home.
  002. Rodney asks his father why he had to pick on the mother of the girl he 
         was going out with.
  003. rodney gives Allison a lift to school.
  004. Rodney and Allison go on their first date.
  005. Rodney asks his father why he had to pick on the mother of the girl he 
         was going out with.
  007. Rodney drives Allison home.
  009. Rodney takes Allison to the Harrington brunch.
  009. Rodney tells Allison that he loves her.
  010. Rodney escorts Allison around the festival.  He teaches her to fire a 
  011. Allison gives Rodney permission to talk with Betty at the festival.
  011. Betty tells Rodney that she is with child.
  012. Rodney and Betty have a car wreck.  He is only slightly injured.  She 
         loses her baby.
  013. Rodney tells Leslie that he has to marry Betty.
  014. Rodney tells Betty about his big Baseball moment.
  015. Rodney marries Betty Anderson.
  015. Rodney and Betty return to Peyton Place.
  016. Betty takes magazines up to Catherine in the mansion.  Catherine is 
         very catty to Betty.
  017. Leslie tells Christine Gordon to call Betty "Mrs. Harrington."
  018. Betty tells Rodney that their room looks like a guest room.  Rodney 
         tells her that it is a guest room.
  018. Rodney greets his aunt Laura as "cousin."
  019. Rodney and Betty have dinner with George and Julie.
  020. Christine tells Rodney that his mother has been taken to the hospital.
  021. Rodney's mother dies.  The funeral takes place between episodes.
  022. Leslie talks to Rodney about Betty being missing.
  023. Leslie asks Betty to give Rodney a divorce.
  024. Rodney apologizes to Betty for being mean to her.
  025. The will of Rodney's mother is read.  He will receive some money in 
         about 4 years on his 25th birthday.
  025. Rodney's prospective father-in-law, Elliot is in his cell in prison 
         being annoyed by his cell-mate.
  026. Rodney comes in the library, in the Town Hall, where Allison is 
         studying.  He writes her a note and follows her out of the library.  
  027. Rodney drives Betty to the Mackenzie house.  Julie is staying with 
         Constance because of the way George has been treating her.  And also 
         because Julie hit him with a phone earlier in this episode.

  098. Rodney goes to the mill to see Schuster about a job. 
  101. Rodney tells Leslie that he is working at the mill.
  140. Rodney is bound over for trial.
  172. Mentioned that Rodney worked for Schuster in the Mill.  Gus says that 
         Schuster hired Rodney but he wouldn't hire Joe.
  201. Leslie visits Rodney in room 1 at the Inn.
  209. Rodney meets Sandy for the first time.
  307. Chandler helps Rodney bleed brake fluid.

  490. Rodney is well enough to go home.  Atwell helps him into his house.
  491. Rodney is back in the hospital.
  502. Norman, Rita, and Betty take Rodney to Boston to go to school.
  201. Rodney is freed after the court becomes aware of the perjurious 
         testimony of Stella Chernak.
  449. Rodney is seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.

  048. Calvin Hanley looks up Leslie's number in his Rolodex®.
  280. Rodney looks up Rachel's number on the hospital Rolodex®.

Romeo and Juliet:
  005. Allison listens to an LP album of "Romeo and Juliet."

  161. Ron is standing by his Cloverleaf dairy truck working on a form on his 
         clipboard as Eli walks by and speaks to him.  Eli goes on the ask 
         Leslie if he will have a cup of coffee with him.  Leslie declines.

Roominghouse-Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house.
       Ann Howard doesn't like all the meals at the boarding house
  399. Eddie Jacks is kicked out of the rooming house.
  405. Eli refers to the house as a boarding house.  We infer that Mrs. Hewitt 
       serves meals to some of the roomers some of the time. 

  004. George calls Julie from 1104 of a hotel in NYC near Madison Avenue.
  020. Catherine Peyton Harrington, room 108 of Doctors Hospital.
  034. George Anderson Insurance over the bank, room 209.
  037. Allison goes to see her advisor in room 105 at Peyton College.
  040. E. J. Taggart parole office, room 301.
  053. Norman Harrington, room 212, Doctors Hospital.
  056. William Wainwright stayed in room 209 of the Colonial Post Inn.
  058. E. J. Taggart office, still had his office in room 301.
  061. Elliot Carson in room 112 of Doctors Hospital.
  062. Elliot Carson in room 112 of Doctors Hospital.
  063. Elliot Carson was put in room 212 of Doctors Hospital.
  066. Elliot Carson in room 112 of Doctors Hospital.
  096. Vincent checks into room 206 at the Colonial Post Inn.
  101. Kenneth Markham, 108-109 Colonial Post Inn.  109 for assistant.
  101. Vincent Markham, room 206 Colonial Post Inn.
  151. Leslie Harrington, room 208 Colonial Post Inn.
  152. David Schuster, room 201 Colonial Post Inn.
  172. Norman & Rita checked into room 6 in the Owens Ridge Motel. 
  201. Leslie visits Rodney in room 1 at the Inn.
  207. Eli says that Ann Howard is staying in room 17 of the boarding house.
  290. Rachel is assigned room 101 in Doctors Hospital.
  312. Rodney helps Sandy Webber check into the Colonial Post Inn.
  326. Jack Chandler, room 5, boarding house.
  335. Jack Chandler, room 127 of Doctors Hospital.
  356. Rossi tells the operator to send a nurse to emergency room 112.
  356. Rossi tells the nurse to put Rita in room 107.
  375. Betty Anderson Cord is given room 37 of the Colonial Post Inn.
  376. Betty Anderson Cord, room 6 of the Colonial Post Inn.  [see above].
  383. Steven Cord, office, suite 212 of the bank building.
  384. Leslie visits Eddie, room 5, boarding house.
  387. Leslie is waiting in room 5, of the boarding house, as Eddie returns.
  391. Eddie is in his apartment.

       391?.  Jack Chandler, room 5, boarding house as Leslie visits.

  393. Lee mentions staying in the room over the garage.  Chauffeur's room.
  404. Rita Jacks is in room 101 of Doctors Hospital as she has miscarriage.
  406. Betty Anderson Cord stays in room 8 of the Colonial Post Inn.
  411. Rita Harrington was still in room 5 of Doctors Hospital.
  412. Jill Smith rents room 5 at the boarding house.
  448. Bill Kennerly, Jr. has his Boston law office in suite 307.
  500. Rossi visits Fred Russell in room 9 of the Colonial Post Inn.
  507. Fred Russell stays in room 9 of the Colonial Post Inn.
       Eddie Jacks stays at the boarding house.
       Rodney helps Sandy check into the Colonial Post Inn.
       Leslie Harrington stays at the Colonial Post Inn when not in mansion.

Roses-American Beauty Roses:
  045. Michael Rossi sends Constance some roses at $9.00 per dozen. 

Rossi-Dr. Michael F. B. Rossi 
  001. Rossi arrives in Peyton Place.
  001. Rossi meets Rodney, Betty, and Matthew.
  002. Rossi goes into the Book Gallery and meets Constance.
  002. Rossi buys 5 copies of the Clarion with his picture and story.
  002. Rossi hires Laura Brooks.
  002. Rossi talks with Matthew on the square.
  003. Rossi visits with Constance at the Book Gallery.  
  003. Rossi tells Constance he remembers her from New York. 
  003. Rossi lent his mother, Alicia's, name to Allison.
  004. Rossi is visited by Constance in his office over the Clarion.
  005. Rossi goes to the Anderson house and meets George Anderson.
  005. Rossi treats Julie who fell down stairs.
  005. Rossi mentions computer punch cards to Laura.  
  006. Rossi and Laura work late and go to dinner.
  007. Rossi walks Laura to the square.  She drives off.  
  007. Rossi walks Constance home. 
  008. Rossi walks Constance home. 
  008. Rossi tells Betty she is pregnant.
  008. Rossi talks with Matthew on the square.
  009. Rossi is counseled by Laura to show deference to Dr. Morton.
  010. Rossi talks with Betty about Rodney.
  010. Rossi is asked by George for a prescription.
  010. Rossi talks with George in his office.  He suggests a psychiatrist. 
  011. Rossi and Laura dine at the Inn.
  012. Rossi buys and Aladdin's lamp for $12.00.
  013. Rossi takes Betty's pulse in her hospital room.
  013. Rossi and Julie come in to see Betty.  Betty had a concussion.
  015. Rossi delivers his first set of twins.
  015. Rossi stops in at the Book Gallery.  Constance offers him coffee.
  016. Rossi is told by Betty that Rodney doesn't know she lost the baby.
  016. Rossi dates Constance.  He takes her to the beach house.
  017. Rossi drives up and talks to Constance in front of Les Femmes.
  018. Rossi talks with Eli in his office.  
  018. Rossi is told about Elliot's parole hearing.
  018. Rossi entertains Constance at his beach house again.
  018. Rossi tells Constance that Elliot may be cominb back to Peyton Place.
  019. Rossi is summoned to the Harrington mansion.  
  019. Rossi has Laura taken to the hospital. 
  019. Rossi tells Leslie he must operate on Catherine immediately.
  019. Rossi does not wait for Dr. Morton.
  020. Rossi takes Catherine's blood pressure.
  020. Rossi begins to operate on Catherine.
  020. Rossi is told by Morton to step aside.  He doesn't.
  021. Rossi treats Eli missing the autopsy.
  021. Rossi asks Dr. Morton when the autopsy was re-scheduled.
  021. Rossi walks Constance and Allison home.
  022. Rossi begins to have patients cancel appointments.
  022. Rossi attends his medical inquisition.
  023. Rossi sees Eli in his office.  Eli says Elliot may want cottage back.
  023. Rossi is visited by Dr. Morton.  
  023. Rossi is told th board decided the operation was unnecessary.
  024. Rossi seeks out Dr. Bradley.
  024. Rossi is offered help by Nurse Prince.
  024. Rossi talks with Dr. Schimner who was excluded from autopsy.
  024. Rossi talks with Constance about Matthew Swain and Dr. Morton.
  025. Rossi entertains Constance at the beach house.
  026. Rossi sees George in his office.
  026. Rossi talks with Dr. Joe Bradley in the hospital.
  027. Rossi refers surgical patients to Dr. Burgess.
  027. Rossi talks with Matthew about his surgery from Dr. Joe Bradley.
  028. Rossi talks with Constance about New England Fish Chowder.
  028. Rossi tells Julie he is more worried about Julie than George.
  029. Rossi receives apology from Dr. Robert Morton in his office.
  030. Rossi is congratulated by Matthew Swain on reinstatement in office.
  030. Rossi examines George Anderson in the hospital.
  031. Rossi is visited by Constance at the beach house.
  032. Rossi is told that Elliot is Allisons father.
  032. Rossi treats Constance who cut hand on ornament in Book Gallery.
  034. Rossi knocks on Georges barricaded office door.
  034. Rossi says he'll take George to the sanitarium in his car.
  035. Rossi receives Laura's resignation.
  035. Rossi tells Laura her nephews are haveing a snow ball fight.
  037. Rossi goes to the Anderson house to hire Julie as his secretary.
  039. Rossi goes in the Book Gallery to visit with Constance.
  039. Rossi talks with Elliot at the Information Desk.
  040. Rossi drives Constance home after a basketball game.
  042. Rossi gets out of his car and walks up to the hospital entrance.
  042. Rossi has driven Betty back from the sanitarium.
  043. Rossi lets Betty out of his car in front of the Peyton Mills.
  044. Rossi talks to an orderly about mustard plasters and new machine.
  045. Rossi is visited by Betty.  He watches Betty deal with Lucy Adams.
  045. Rossi entertains Constance at birthday dinner.  Probably not the Inn.
  046. Rossi has Julie as his secretary.
  046. Rossi tells Julie she can visit with George as long as she wishes.
  046. Rossi is visited at the beach house by Paul Hanley.
  047. Rossi helps Constance put tape in her cash register.
  049. Rossi talks to just divorced Betty on the street.
  049. Rossi mentions Truckee River in Nevada.
  049. Rossi and Betty have tomato juice at the Inn.
  049. Rossi mentions Marcibel Lunchpocket.
  050. Rossi goes in to talk with miss Choate.  Her first appearance.
  050. Rossi tells Betty at Information Desk to fill out application now.
  050. Rossi is staying at the Inn since Elliot is in beach house.
  050. Rossi has moved since episode 46.
  052. Rossi is asked by Paul to have a drink with him. Rossi at Inn.
  052. Rossi scolds Paul.  Paul leaves.
  052. Rossi joins Allison and Rodney.
  053. Rossi examines & treats Norman who has been beaten up & pilloried.
  057. Rossi is talking to Julie as George comes in.
       Rossi hires Julie Anderson. 
  060. Rossi tends a wounded Elliot in the Harrington house.
  060. Rossi tends Elliot at the hospita.
  060. Rossi tells Betty she can go home.
  061. Rossi is asked by Dr. Morton to take care of Claire.
  062. Rossi talks with Dr. Morton in the corridor.
  062. Rossi is asked by Betty if Elliot will die.
  063. Rossi talks with Dr. Morton.  Claire comes in to see her father.
  064. Rossi gives Constance the good news.
  065. Rossi asks Claire for a date to go skating.
  070. Rossi attends Elliot and Constance's wedding.
  099. Rossi meets Ann who arrives at airport.
  159. Rossi and Constance prepare to see Allison.
  160. Rossi is visited by Allison in a wheelchair.
  161. Rossi arrives to calm a hysterical Allison.
  162. Rossi is asked by Peyton to be his attending physician.
  163. Rossi fusses at Stella for her messy desk.
  165. Rossi takes Stella to the Italian Villa Restaurante.
  166. Rossi is in his office as Stella comes in with a picnic basket.
  169. Rossi comes in his office to find Allison listening to the radio.
  169. Rossi fusses at Stella in the corridor.
  169. Rossi goes back in his office and talks with Allison.
  198. Rossi sees drugs in Stella's purse, Jensen is taken into custody.
  200. Rossi has a sympathetic shoulder to place his head on.
  313. Rossi returns from vacation in NYC.
  314. Rossi gives Rachel a puppy.
  295. Rossi and Peyton meet in the cemetary.
  312. Rossi gives Rachel a puppy.
  337. Rossi tends Jack Chandler & Elliot Carson.  First we treat the losers.
  341. Rossi takes Rachel to the wharf to eat seafood chowder.
  441. Rossi invites Marsha and Carolyn to dinner.
  497. Rossi takes Carolyn Russell to the lobster market and the Cider 
         Barrel cafe.
  505. Rossi almost fights with Fred Russell.
  50x. Rossi finds Fred unconscious in hotel. 
  514. Rossi is arraigned and jailed.  His middle initials are F. B.

       Rossi cares for Allison.
       Rossi is asked to be Matthew's god-father. 
       Rossi hires Stella Chernak. 
       Rossi cares for Gus Chernak. 
       Rossi escorts Betty at the festival. 
       Rossi takes Rachel to the wharf. 
       Rossi returns from New York. 
       Rossi tends to Kelly Smith. 
       Rossi takes Carolyn to the wharf. 
       Rossi plans to marry Marsha Russell.
Rossi's girls and ladies:
1 002. Laura Harrington Brooks.
         If Rossi had married Laura he would have been brother-in-law to 
            the daughter of Martin Peyton.  And the brother-in-law to 
            Leslie Harrington.  He would have been the Uncle, by 
            marriage, to Norman and Rodney.  He would have been the 
            uncle, once removed or something, to Rita Jacks Harrington. 
2 002. Constance Mackenzie.
         If Rossi had married Constance, he would have had major problems with 
            Elliot.  But he would have been Allison's step-father.
3 010. Betty Anderson.
            Betty escorted him around the festival.  Betty worked at the 
            hospital until she got caught snooping files on Stella to 
            help Rodney. 
         If Rossi had married Betty, he would have been the husband of Martin 
            Peyton's ex-granddaughter-in-law.
4 061. Claire Morton.
         If Rossi had married Claire, he would have been the son-in-law 
            of the man who tried to drive him out of town. 
5 131. Stella Chernak.
         If Rossi had married Stella he would have been the son-in-law of 
            the late Gus Chernak and the brother-in-law of the late Joe 
            Chernak.  And son-in-law of Harrington and Schuster's 
            maid-cook, Anna Chernak.
6 206. Ann Colby Howard
         If Rossi had married Ann Howard he would have been the 
            grandson-in-law of Martin Peyton. 
7 277. Rachel Welles.
         If Rossi had married Rachel, he would have been married to a kook. 
8 512. Marsha Russell.
         If Rossi had married Marsha, Carolyn would have been his step-daughter.
9 431. Carolyn Russell.
         If Rossi had married Marsha, he would have been the step-father 
         of Carolyn Russell.
       Rossi apparently never had any designs on Rita, Jill, Sandy, Julie, 
         or Ada. 

Rossi's Humor:
       Post Cards
       Old lady imitation for Rachel.
       Italian, when Joe married Jill.

Roth-Carolyn Roth, actress who plays a nurse:

Rubber-soled shoes:
  166. Police Sgt. Edward testifies that he was wearing rubber-soled shoes 
         when he went to the apartment of Rodney Harrington to question him 
         after the death of Joe Chernak.  He was wearing civies when he 

Run away:
  001. Dr. Rossi runs away from NYC.
  021. Betty runs away from Rodney to go to Boston to consult Atty. McVeigh.
  075. Kim runs away from home.
  112. Kim runs away from Allison at the library.
  246. Betty runs away from Steven.
  263. Allison runs away from the hospital and Peyton Place.
  302. Hannah runs away from Martin Peyton.
  348. Sandy runs away from Lee, to California.
  362. A truck delivers a trunk for Adrienne to the mansion.
  375. Betty leaves Steven and checks into the Colonial Post Inn.
  392. Betty runs from the mansion after Adrienne plummets.
  418. Joe Rossi tries to run away from Peyton Place and Jill.
  426. Rita runs away from Norman.
  458. Rev. Tom Winter runs away from the ministry.
  496. Betty runs away from Rodney and moves into the Inn.
  502. Betty says, "Take me with you," to Rodney.

Running gags:
  001. Allison's plethora of textbooks.
  001. Rodney parks in front of a NO PARKING sign.
  134.  Marian parks by NO PARKING sing in front of Town Hall.
  197. Cinnamon Sticks at the Cider Barrel.
  379. Eddie's car boiling over.
  380. Eddie's car boiling over.
  457. Susan Winter parks by and hits Doctors only parking sign.
  xxx. The ineptness of Dr. Rossi.
  xxx. Doctors being paged.
  xxx. Nurses being paged.
  xxx. Paul Hanley being strange.
  xxx. Catherine being catty.
  xxx. Hannah being catty.
  xxx. Nurse Choate being catty.
  xxx. Norman's humor and sarcasm.

  407. Steven uses a ruse to get Betty alone. 
Russ Gehring:
  113. Harsh anxiety for therapist Russ Gehring.
  165. Russ Gehring sings to Allison.
  165. Goddard brings Fowler a report on Russ Gehring.
  167. Allison asks Russ Gehring for a glass of water.
  167. Allison slaps Russ Gehring.
  167. John Fowler talks with Russ Gehring and asks about Marian.
  169. Russ Gehring pushes Allison in her wheelchair.
  175. Allison paints with her left hand in Russ Gehring's office.
  182. Allison tells Russ Gehring that she was hit by a woman.
  183. Russ gehring places a pay phone call to the District Attorney's office.
  183. Rossi asks Russ what he is trying to prove.
  184. John Fowler slugs Russ Gehring.
  187. Dr. Rossi tells Eli that Allison heard Elliot talking to Russ Gehring 
         about how he knew all the time that Marian was the one who hit Allison.
  190. Elliot Carson hits Russ Gehring.
  190. Russ Gehring leaves town, probably for work in Boston.
  206. Ann Howard arrives in Peyton Place replacing Russ Gehring.
  461. Chuck Atwell arrives at Doctors Hospital replacing Ann Howard.

Russian Roulette:
  162. Peyton says Rodney's trial is like Russian Roulette.

Ruth Carson:
  204. Elliot Carson's mother was Ruth Carson.