Lana Wood, Birth name Svetlana Nikolaevna Zakharenko
5' 2"
Jack Wrather (1962 - ?) (divorced)
Karl Brent (? - 1966) (divorced)
Stephen Oliver (? - ?) (divorced)

Aunt of actress, Natasha Gregson Wagner.
Author of "Natalie, A memoir of Natalie Wood" (1984)
Made one movie with sister, Natalie Wood, The Searchers (1956) 

She did not endear herself to family members after her blatant memoir 
on late sister Natalie came out in 1985. 

Her parents are Russian immigrants.  Her father changed the family's 
last name to Gurdin before she was born, which is why her sister 
Natalie Wood carried the original family last name Zakharenko at 
birth while Lana herself carried the new last name. 

Has a daughter, Evan, and two grandchildren, one is named Daphne. 

Best known for playing Bond girl Plenty O'Toole, the unfortunate 
casino gal who gets thrown half naked out of a hotel window and into 
a pool in "Diamonds Are Forever" (1971).  She was just 25 then. 

Two of Lana's scenes as Plenty O'Toole in "Diamonds Are Forever" 
(1971) were deleted from the final film but are now available on DVD.  
The first scene is a deleted scene of Lana having dinner with Sean 

The second scene took place after Lana was thrown half naked into the 
pool; she returned to James Bond's apartment, soaking wet, wearing 
nothing but a white towel and to get the rest of her clothes and see 
what has become of Bond and sees him making love to Tiffany Case 
(Jill St. John). 

Before leaving, an agitated Lana took a card out of Tiffany's purse 
with her address on it; this second scene accounted for her death 
later in the film. 

Measurements:  36C/D-24-35  (Source:  Celebrity Sleuth magazine said 
that she had to stand on a box during most of her scenes with Sean 
Connery in "Diamonds Are Forever" because even with high heels she 
was too short to fit into the camera frame with him.  She is 
portrayed by Nathalie Roy in The Mystery of Natalie Wood (2004) (TV). 

In two of her films her character is prominently featured being sent 
out of a window. In The Searchers (1956), where she played the young 
version of her older sister Natalie's character, she is sent out of a 
window and told to hide from the Indians who are coming to attack 
their range. In Diamonds Are Forever (1971) her character, Plenty 
O'Toole, is thrown half naked out of a hotel window to almost certain 
death (but survives by landing in the pool). 

Personal quotes [On being thrown half naked into the pool in 
"Diamonds Are Forever"] I was told that I was going to thrown in 
basically naked, but they told me not to worry because they were 
going to be doing it in the middle of the night.  And it's Las Vegas.  
Half the world's up in the middle of the night.  There were all these 
people trying to get a look at me from their windows! 

Where are they now (January 2003) Producing film on Natalie's life for ABC. 
Filming in Australia