xxx. An umlaut is a dieresis.  ¨

  001. Rodney speaks of his Aunt Laura, married to Dr. Brooks whose practice 
         Michael Rossi has purchased. 
  002. Allison calls Matthew Swain, "Uncle Matt."
  003. Dr. Michael Rossi is the uncle of Kelly Smith.
  004. Rodney would have been the uncle of the baby that Rita lost.
  005. Norman would have been the uncle of the baby that Betty lost.
  012. Matthew tells Allison that she should quit calling him "Uncle Matt."

Used car lot:
  376. Two blocks down and a block north from the Shoreline Garage.

  368. Leslie tells Rodney and Rita that Eddie Jacks is a user.  In 
         1967 a user was a person who took advantage of other people.

Users of drugs:
  010. George Anderson asks Dr. Rossi for some steady pills.
  039. Sharon uses sleeping pills.
  044. Paul Hanley asks Calvin for some tranquilizers.
  198. Richard Jensen blackmails Stella into stealing narcotics.