313. Dr. Rossi returns from vacation in NYC.
  313. Dr. Rossi leaves a puppy with the Carson's for Rachel.
       Laura vacations in France and Switzerland.

  229. Hannah vandalizes the portrait of Catherine.

      327. Constance      443. Marsha

Vanity Mirror, triple vanity mirror:
  327. Constance Carson primps.
  443. Marsha Russell primps.

  065. Dr. Claire Morton mentions the malady, vapors.

  050. Elizabeth's wedding veil.
  182. Anna Chernak wears a funeral veil.

  062. Matthew Swain tells Claire Morton that the Peruvian doll reminds him 
         of ex-fire chief Vernon Goswell.

  496. Cliff Miles is on duty in Viet-Nam.  Cliff is Lewis' older brother.  
         Cliff was born one year after Alma and Harry Miles were married.  

Vincent-Dr. Vincent Markham:
  061. Husband of Dr. Claire Morton Markham.  Twin brother of Kenneth Markham.
  002. Catherine visits her father in Boston.
  013. Rodney visits Betty in her hospital room.
  017. Dr. Morton visits Catherine.
  064. Allison asks and then goes home with Betty.
  159. Peyton visits the Mill.
  186. The jury visits the wharf.
  205. Ann Howard visits the beach house.
  268. Norman and Rita visit Rodney in the Shoreline Garage.
  277. Sandy makes a surprise visit to the Peyton mansion.
       Peyton visits the apartment over the Pharmacy.
  375. Leslie visits Betty at the Inn.
  376. Betty visits Rodney in his garage.  She had followed Steven and 
         Adrienne in Boston.
       Peyton Visits the wharf. 
       Peyton visits the Shoreline Garage.
       Hannah visits Betty in the house she gave Steven and Betty.
       Hannah visits the mansion.
       Peyton visits Catherine Peyton Harrington's grave.
       Calvin Hanley says he visits his daughter's grave every Sunday.
       Sandy visits Rodney at the Garage.
       Chris Webber comes to visit Lee and Sandy for the summer vacation.

  169. Norman Harrington's jumping bean is named Vladimir.

  263. Allison imagines hearing Elliot's voice.

Volunteers at the hospital.
  113. Doris Schuster offers to work as a volunteer.
  133. Marian Fowler, wife of District Attorney John Fowler.
  289. Mrs. Healey, wife of coroner Clarence L. Healey.