Yachting cap.
  180. Betty gives Rodney a yachting cap for his 21st birthday.

  325. 1866-CRIME AND PUNISHMENT by Fydor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky 
         was published.
  388. 1690. Steven says he wishes it were 1690 so Adrienne could be 
               properly burned at the stake.
  445. 1687. First use of the baton.

Year of birth:
  xxx. 1909. George Macready was born August 19, 1908.  (some say 1909)
  015. 1845. Samuel Peyton was born in 1845.
  406. 1889. Martin Peyton was born on 04-12-1889.
  295. 1918. Catherine Peyton Harrington was born in 1918.

Year of death:
  015. 1912. Samuel Peyton died in 1912.
  295. 1966. Catherine Peyton Harrington died in 1966.
  xxx. 1973. George Macready died in 1973 at age 65.  He didn't get much 
               benefit from Social Security.

You're not my husband:
       Betty tells Rodney, "You're not my husband." [or my brother].

You're not my mother.
  408. Jill tells Constance, "You're not my mother."

  017. Sandy is talking to Mildred, "Rodney is just like a yo-yo."  He 
         bounces from one girl to the next one."  "I wouldn't mind him 
         bouncing to me. [There are at least two Mildreds in Peyton 
  326. Using her left hand, Betty operates a yo-yo in Steven Cord's 

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