zzz. A Peyton Place scholar active in the latter part of the second 

  zzz. Although many people in Peyton Place loved to ice-skate, the Zamboni 
         was never seen or mentioned.

  zzz. Zarabeth was a character in the "All Our Yesterdays" episode of 
         "Star Trek" played by Mariette Hartley.  In this series, Mariette 
         Hartley portrays the role of Dr. Claire Morton Markham, the 
         daughter of Grace and Dr. Robert Morton.  She was the estranged 
         wife of Dr. Vincent Markham, twin brother of Kenneth Markham, 

Zaremba-John Zaremba:
  037. John Zaremba is the actor who played the role of Dr. Kessler, who 
         practiced at the Greenvale Sanitarium, in Green Valley, 
         Massachusetts.  Kessler practiced on George Anderson.  He didn't 
         seem to be much benefit to George.  The role of Dr. Kessler is 
         uncredited.  We give him credit here.

  380. Adrienne tells Elliot about her first 
         meeting with Dr. Van Leyden on safari. 

  017. Dr. Robert B. Morton interned with Dr. Freddy Zeitner.  Dr. 
         Zeitner signed Dr. Rossi's diploma.
  149. Dr. Rossi mentions that he studied under Dr. Freddy Zeitner in 
         New York.  His wife always put a carnation in his lapel each 
         morning before sending to work. 

  404. Rodney Harrington explains to Betty Anderson the difference between 
         a square-out and a zig-out.  At that point in time, there were no 
         ladies doing sportscasting on a national scale.

Zip Codes:
  000. Zip codes were not yet in use during the Peyton Place era.

  037. Julie Anderson helps Allison Mackenzie with a mis-aligned zipper on 
         her skirt.
  090. Rita unzips herself in the bedroom of the living quarters back of 
         the Tavern. 
  306. Constance zips up Rachel. 

Zito, Mrs. Zito:
  072. Penny Santon plays the role of Mrs. Zito.

  zzz. The name Zsa-Zsa never appeared in this series.

  101. Leslie places an internation phone call to Rodney from Zurich.

  505. The "Z" section of an encyclopædia is usually very short and it 
         often requires creativity to fill the space.  This is, of 
         course, a space filler.  269.  483.