5 actors appeared in both M*A*S*H and Peyton Place:

  1. Mariette Hartley-Dr. Claire Morton Markham: 160. 01-08-79 Inga-Swedish doctor.
  2. Robert Hogan-Rev. Tom Winter: 093. 02-03-76 Smilin' Jack-Helicopter pilot.
  3. Leslie Nielsen-Kenneth and Dr. Vincent Markham: 016. 01-21-73 Ringbanger-Col. Buzz Brighton. Nielsen played Frank Drebin in Police Squad and Naked Gun movies.
  4. Tim O'Connor-Elliot Carson: 083. 11-21-75 Of Moose and Men-Col. Spiker. 204. 01-26-81 Operation Friendship-Dr. Norman Traeger, Capt. B. J. Hunnicutt is sick and a replacement is brought in from Tokyo to replace him and to treat him. Cpl. Maxwell Klinger saves Charles Emerson Winchester's life after an operating room explosion.
  5. Joan Van Ark (spelled Joan Van Arc in PP ending credits): Nurse Paula Dixon, episodes 459, 460, and 475 of Peyton Place 027. 09-29-73 Radar's Report-Lieutenant Erica Johnson, nurse Van Ark played Val Ewing in Knotts Landing series.