Telephone calls:
     episode 125 and repeated in 126.

     Dr. Rossi has come to the Chernak house to offer Stella a job.

     John Fowler calls Stella to remind her to come in to the office to make 
     a statement regarding the death of her brother Joe Chernak.

SC:  Hello.
JF:  Miss Chernak.  John Fowler. 
SC:  Yes, Mr. Fowler.
JF:  How are you feeling today?
SC:  Fine.  Thank you.
JF:  I've been waiting for your call.
SC:  I'm sorry.  I didn't forget.  I've just been busy.  My brother's 
JF:  Yes, of course.  I understand.  I think you realize how important 
     is for us to get your statement recorded as soon as possible. 
SC:  Yes, I'll be over the first chance that I get.
JF:  Could you come into the office now?
No.  No.  I can't right now.
JF:  As soon as you can then?
SC:  All right.
JF:  Fine.  I'll be expecting you.  Bye, miss Chernak.
SC:  Goodbye.

     Stella makes a joke about snapping up the job as keeper of the 
     rubber bands. 

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