Episode 1.

Writer:              Robert J. Shaw
Director:            Walter Doniger
Producer:            Richard Goldstone
Executive Producer:  Paul Monash

          The continuing story centers around the residents of Peyton 
          Place, a small Massachusetts town, that is not the quiet 
          little place it appears to be.  In the series opener new 
          doctor Michael Rossi arrives in Peyton Place by train and 
          sets up his practice, having purchased it from the widow of 
          Dr. Donald Brooks, the sister of Leslie Harrington. 

WA:       No narration by Warner Anderson.  

MEL:      [Warner Anderson plays the role of Matthew Swain, 
          Editor-Publisher-Owner of the Peyton Place Clarion.  His 
          character dropped out of the series when the paper was 
          turned over to Elliot Carson in episode 101 but Warner 
          Anderson continued to narrate the series.  Norman 
          Harrington, Betty Anderson, and Dr. Michael Rossi were the 
          only characters to endure the entire series.  Rodney 
          Harrington dropped out of the series in episode 502 when he 
          moved to Boston to return to college.  He was driven to 
          Boston by Norman, Rita, and Betty.  He rented a small 
          apartment on the river, near the college campus.  It was 
          his intention to become a teacher.]  

Intro:    A steam locomotive pulling a train, steaming toward Peyton 

Scene 1:  The train conductor engages Dr. Rossi in light conversation.  
          He allows that most people leave Peyton Place when they can.  
          And that it seems strange to him that Dr. Rossi is moving 
          to Peyton Place.  He says that most people move away.

Scene 2:  Norman Harrington walks Allison Mackenzie home and is invited 
          in.  He politely declines.  Allison allows that Norman used to 
          be the smartest boy in class.  Norman replies that he got dumb 
          all of a sudden.  Allison is carrying a plethora of books.  
          Allison says that they've always been friends.  They hear the 
          whistle of the train.  Norman mentions that his brother went 
          down to the station to pick up the new Dr. Rossi. 

          Allison goes in the house and is interrogated by Constance, her 
          over-protective but loving mother.  Allison tells her that 
          Norman walked her home.  Constance tells Allison that she likes 
          Norman but expresses reservations about his brother, Rodney.  
          Allison opines that her "Prince Charming" is lurking somewhere.  
          Allison glances at the photograph on the mantle and says that 
          she wishes her mother would get rid of the photograph of Mr. 
          Mackenzie.  And that she wishes that her mother didn't live 
          alone.  Constance allows that she doesn't live alone. 

Scene 3:  Rodney and Betty drive over to the Peyton Place train station 
          and park by a NO PARKING sign.  While awaiting the train, 
          Rodney and Betty make use of the time by hugging and kissing.  
          Betty spots Dr. Rossi who has just arrived from New York City.  
          Rodney, wearing a Peyton High School letter jacket with a large 
          letter "P," gets out of his convertible and introduces himself 
          to Dr. Rossi.  Rodney puts the doctor's suitcases in the back 
          of his convertible and tells him he has made a room reservation 
          at the Colonial Post Inn.  Betty says, "Oh, it's the only one 
          isn't it, Rod?"  [The writers afflicted Betty with some really 
          dumb dialog including the previous and also, "And there aren't 
          many left."  Fortunately she is given much better dialog as the 
          series progresses.]  Rodney and Betty drop off Dr. Rossi at the 
          Colonial Post Inn and drive over to the Peyton Mill.  

Scene 4:  Back at the Mackenzie house, Allison remembers that she has 
          forgotten to deliver this week's "Teen Talk" column to 
          Matthew Swain so she rushes out.  [Notice that there is no 
          chain on the double doors.  Later in the series, a door 
          chain has been installed.]  She runs back to the Clarion 
          office on the square to give it to Matthew Swain, 
          purportedly her mother's second cousin twice removed. 

Scene 5:  Rodney and Betty arrive at the Peyton Mill near the wharf.  
          Betty waits in the car while Rodney goes upstairs to 
          apprise his father of the safe arrival of Dr. Rossi.  
          [Notice that the sign on the inner office reads:  Leslie 
          Harrington, Private.  After Leslie is rehired by 
          Peyton, the sign reads L. Harrington.]  Meanwhile, in 
          Leslie Harrington's inner office, Leslie and Julie 
          Anderson, his secretary, are working late and talking 
          business.  Leslie asks her to go to New York with him on a 
          business trip.  They start to kiss just as Rodney walks in.  
          Rodney greets them both.  Julie (Betty Anderson's mother) 
          slinks out of the office.  Rodney informs his father that 
          he picked up Dr. Rossi at the train station and dropped him 
          off at the Colonial Post Inn.  Leslie tells Rodney he 
          shouldn't get any misconceptions about what he just 

          Rodney leaves, goes back down the stairs, and returns to his 
          convertible and Betty.  He tells Betty that he will take her 

          Back in the second floor office at the mill, Leslie assures Julie 
          that he will make Rodney understand what he witnessed.  This 
          lame assurance is less than comforting to Julie. 

          Rodney gets back in his car and drives Betty directly to the 
          George and Julie Anderson house.  Betty senses that Rodney has 
          a problem and wants to know what is up.  Rodney doesn't tell her 
          about the kiss he just witnessed between his father and 
          her mother.  Betty asks what she has done.  Rodney says 
          they have been getting too serious.  Betty gets out and goes 
          into her house.  Rodney drives off recklessly. 

Scene 6:  Rodney continues to drive recklessly, narrowly missing Allison 
          Mackenzie who is on her way back home from the Clarion 
          newspaper office.  Rodney apologizes.  Allison says, "That's 
          okay, you missed me."  Rodney resumes driving recklessly.  
          Allison asks him why he has to drive that way.  Rodney replies, 
          "For no particular reason."  He is obviously still quite upset.  
          They arrive in front of the Mackenzie house and talk for a 
          while.  Rodney asks her why she doesn't mix.  She counters that 
          she has friends.  He asks her for a date for the following 
          Friday.  Rodney kisses her.  Constance, watching out the front 
          window, sees them.  Allison gets out of Rodney's convertible 
          and runs inside her house.  [The fact that Constance observed 
          them is confirmed by the narration in the folowing episode.] 

Scene 7:  Inside the Mackenzie house, Constance begins to interrogate 
          Allison about her relationship with Norman and with Rodney.  
          Constance tells Allison that she doesn't want her to get hurt.  
          Allison tells her mother good night and goes up to her room. 

Scene 8:  Later that evening, newsman Matthew Swain introduces himself to 
          Dr. Rossi on the Peyton Place square just across the street 
          south from the Colonial Post Inn.  At this time, Matthew is not 
          accompanied by his dog, Rip. 

Preview:  At the breakfast table the next morning, Leslie talks with 
          Rodney.  Betty talks with Julie.  Allison talks with Constance. 

          LH:  I want you to forget last night.
          RH:  Tell me dad, why did you have to pick on the mother of the 
               girl I've been going around with?

          BA:  We broke off last night.
          JA:  What did he say?
          BA:  He said, "I'll call you."
          BA:  Mother, you didn't hear them talking did you?

          AM:  He kissed me once.  And I kissed him once.
          CM:  And that's called?
          AM:  Kissing.

Train conductor-Charles Charlie Seel.
Dr. Michael F.B. Rossi-Edward Ed Nelson.
Norman Harrington-Christopher Connelly.
Rodney Martin Harrington-Ryan O'Neal.
Leslie B. Harrington-Paul Langton.
Betty Anderson-Barbara Parkins.
Julie Anderson-Kasey Rogers.
Allison Mackenzie-Mia Farrow.
Constance Swain Mackenzie-Dorothy Malone.
Matthew Swain-Warner Anderson. 

Warner Anderson appeared in Destination Moon, The Caine Mutiny, and 
Blackboard Jungle.
Paul Langton appeared in Episode 1 of Twilight Zone. 
Kasey Rogers appeared in Bewitched as Mrs. Larry Tate.
Ryan O'Neal appeared in episode 13 of Desperate Housewives as Rodney 
Scavo.  His wife is named Allison [or Alison].  This episode first 
aired 01-23-05.

In other media, Mackenzie is sometimes spelled with a capital "K".