Episode 2.
AM:       Good morning, Mr. Foley.
TF:       Good Morning, Allison.
WA:       On this quiet street in Peyton Place something happened 
          last night that will change the entire life of Allison 
          Mackenzie,  Rodney kissed Allison.  Her mother, Constance, 
          saw it happen. 
Intro:    Tom Foley, the postman, places a bundle of mail in the 
          MacKENZIE mailbox.  He says "Good morning" to Allison, 
          who is looking out her upstairs dormer window.  He removes 
          a large manila envelope from the mailbox and waves it at 

Writer:   Robert J. Shaw
Director: Walter Doniger
Scene 1:  Allison rushes out of her room, which has a sloping ceiling 
          which is normal with a dormer window on the second floor, down 
          the stairs, and outside.  She retrieves the mail and opens the 
          large manila envelope which contains a returned manuscript from 
          her publisher in New York City.  Constance has been frying 
          bacon on the stove in the kitchen.  She complains that she 
          hasn't learned how to keep the bacon from curling when she 
          cooks it.  She sits at the breakfast table and picks up the 
          Clarion.  She is shocked to see a photograph of Dr. Michael 
          Rossi on the front page.  Allison comes in the kitchen and asks 
          Constance what is the matter.  She says that Constance looks 
          like she had seen a ghost. 

Scene 2:  Outside view of the Peyton mansion.  There is snow on the 
          ground and on two large evergreen trees.  The security 
          fence is seen but does not show up prominently.  Inside the 
          mansion, Leslie comes down the stairs, enters the dining 
          room, closes the door, and tells June that he will serve 
          himself.  Leslie talks briefly with Rodney. 

          Back upstairs, Norman asks Rodney to turn down the music.  
          They talk about school and girls.  Norman asks what is the 
          point of going to college.  Rodney opines that Norman has 
          always been the brain.  Norman asks Rodney if he has dumped 
          Betty.  Rodney concedes that he has.  He said they were 
          getting too deep and he is going to play the field.  Norman 
          responds that he didn't know Allison was in the field. 

Scene 3:  Still at the mansion, Leslie talks to his wife, Catherine.  
          She tells him that she plans to go to Boston to see an art 
          exhibit and to visit her father, Martin Peyton.  Leslie 
          says to give her father his love, and to tell him that 
          George Anderson called from New York and they expect to get 
          a big supply contract for the mill.  Catherine threatens to 
          leave him. 

Scene 4:  Leslie comes down the stairs and turns left into the dining 
          room.  He tells June, the cook, that he will serve himself.  
          Leslie tells Rodney that he wants to clear up any 
          misconceptions about the previous night.  Rodney says he 
          doesn't have any misconceptions.  Leslie and Rodney begin 
          to argue.  He wants Rodney to forget what happened in his 
          office at the mill.  Rodney asks Leslie why he had to pick 
          on the mother of the girl he was going around with. 

Scene 5:  Betty is talking on the phone to June, the cook, at the 
          Harrington house.  She hangs up and then talks with her 
          mother, Julie.  Julie fibs to Betty, telling her that she 
          was downstairs at the mill getting a file when Rodney came 
          in to see his father. 

Scene 6:  Dr. Rossi and Matthew Swain meet up in the square.  This 
          time Matthew has his dog, Rip, with him.  Rossi is reading 
          the Clarion.  He wants more copies of the paper.  Matthew 
          sends him to Constance Mackenzie for the additional copies.  
          It can be seen at the end of this scene that the Peyton 
          Professional Building has at least 3 stories. 

Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi goes in his office startling Laura Brooks who 
          almost falls into his arms from her two-foot-high 
          step-ladder.  She introduces herself to the doctor.  
          Outside, the sign painter is seen removing the name of Dr. 
          Donald Brooks from the window.  He presumably paints Dr. 
          Rossi's name above the words "Physician and Surgeon."  
          Laura offers to help the new doctor get started.  He asks 
          her if she could set up two appointments.  She complies. 

Scene 8:  Dr. Rossi goes in the Book Gallery.  He buys five copies of 
          the Clarion, for fifty cents.  They stare at each other, 
          each recognizing the other.  Constance introduces herself 
          as Mrs. Mackenzie.  He asks her if they had ever met 
          before.  She denies it.  A customer, Hattie, comes in and 
          asks Constance for an Agatha Christie mystery.  Dr. 
          Rossi talks further with Constance.  He says that he knows 
          her.  She won't admit that she remembers him.  He pays for 
          the newspapers and leaves.  Constance puts a sign on the 
          door and leaves. 

Scene 9:  Constance goes up the street to the Clarion to see Matthew 
          Swain, who tries to calm her down.  Constance' mother was 
          apparently a Swain by marriage and it appears that she was 
          probably Matthew Swain's cousin.  Constance and Matthew are 
          said to be second cousins twice removed.  Allison likes to 
          call Matthew "Uncle Matt." 
Preview:  Dr. Michael Rossi talks with Constance Mackenzie.  Leslie 
          Harrington talks with Julie Anderson.  Betty Anderson talks 
          with Rodney Harrington. 

          MR:  I have to, because you act like you wish I never came to 
               Peyton Place. 
          CM:  That's not true, that's not true.
          LH:  He's my son.  He won't cause any trouble. 
          JA:  There is trouble, Les.  
          LH:  What?  
          JA:  My daughter. 
          LH:  Oh.
          BA:  I was the one who said we can't go steady, but that 
               was a long time ago, when the summer began. 
          RH:  Don't do that, Betty, and don't accuse me.  You wanted 
               to be with me. 
          BA:  I love you.

Hattie, Book Gallery customer-uncredited.
Julie Anderson-Kasey Rogers.  [Mrs. Larry Tate-Bewitched].
Laura Harrington Brooks-Patricia Breslin.  [Twilight Zone].
Christine Gordon-uncredited.
June, the Harrington cook-uncredited.

There are 3 postmen identified in Peyton Place, Tom Foley, Roy Slater,
  and Eddie. 
Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house is often called a rooming house, and 
  sometimes even an apartment house.  The rooms that Ann Colby Howard 
  rented were refered to as an apartment.  When Ann died, it was said 
  that Mrs. Hewitt had trouble renting Ann's apartment.  [There were
  never any meals shown being served in the boarding house.] 

MEL refers to the initials of your reviewer.
Intro refers to the scene over which the narrator, Warner Anderson, 
   introduces each episode.
CPI is used at times to refer to the Colonial Post inn, of which, 
   Peyton is part owner.
AG refers to the Andy Griffith Show.
TZ refers to Twilight Zone.
OL refers to Outer Limits.
WA refers to the narrator, Warner Anderson, who also played the role of 
   Matthew Swain, Owner, Editor, Publisher of the Peyton Place Clarion. 
   Warner Anderson was in the movies Destination Moon, Blackboard Jungle, 
   and was the presiding officer in the court-martial in the Caine Mutiny.
WBC refers to the White Blood Count.
EMT is Emergency Medical Technician.
Preview refers to the short preview at the end of most episodes.  
   most, but not all episodes ended with a preview.