Episode 3. 
          Betty Anderson confides in Dr. Rossi that she may be pregnant. 
WA:       On a sunny morning almost 300 years ago, a young woman was 
          drummed across this square to do public penance in the 
          Pillory.  Afterward they shaved her head and sent her out 
          of town, forever.  Like every girl in today's Peyton Place, 
          Betty Anderson has heard this story many times.  Knowing it 
          didn't stop her from giving her love. 

Intro:    The Peyton Place Pharmacy, the 4-story building behind it, 
          and the east end of the square.  Betty Anderson walks 
          across the street from the direction of the Colonial Post 
          Inn and stops in front of the Pillory.  She reads the 

                                PEYTON  PLACE 
                              HISTORICAL MARKER
                          PLACE OF PUBLIC PUNISHMENT

          Allison walks up to Betty.

          [Good camera view from the east of the square in front of 
          the Peyton Place Banking & Trust Co. building.  The Peyton 
          Place Fire Station, however, is obscured by the bandstand.] 

Written by Franklin Barton
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  Allison and Betty talk about the sinful women who were locked 
          in the Pillory.  [However, no witches were ever burned in 
          Peyton Place.]  Betty asks Allison why they keep the Pillory 
          there.  Allison allows that it is for the visitors.  [The wrist 
          clamps on the Pillory are so large they wouldn't hold anyone 
          who was smaller than André-the-Giant. They probably had 
          been enlarged to comply with OSHA standards.]  Allison is a 
          17-year-old high school senior and Betty is three years older 
          and has already quit school.  Betty and Allison say their 
          goodbyes and trudge off in opposite directions.  Allison toward 
          the Inn, and Betty toward the Peyton Professional Building.  
          Rodney drives up in his convertible and toots his horn at 
          the lovely Allison.  He asks if he can drive her to school.  
          After some banter and discussion, she and her plethora of 
          books get in.  Rodney talks about the date they are 
          scheduled to have Friday night.  Rodney assures her that 
          his thing with Betty is over.  Rodney and Allison drive off 
          toward Peyton High School.  [Allison usually takes the 
          municipal bus, which makes a loop around the square 
          occasionally.  Peyton Place also has at least one school 
          bus.  It was used in the trial of Rodney Harrington to 
          transport the jury to the wharf to see where Joe Chernak 
          assumed ambient temperature.  See episode 186.] 

Scene 2:  In his office in the Peyton Professional Building over the 
          Clarion, Dr. Rossi is examining Betty.  He asks her if she 
          was ever treated by Dr. Donald Brooks.  She tells him that 
          Dr. Brooks took care of her childhood diseases.  He says he 
          will try to find her records.  Betty tells the doctor about 
          the Pillory and informs him that she believes that she may be 
          pregnant.  Rossi tries to comfort her by telling her that 
          this sort of thing has happened before.  [This is not of great 
          comfort to Betty.]

          Laura Brooks drives past the courthouse and the fire station 
          and parks across the street from the Book Gallery and goes in 
          the Peyton Professional Building.  The double doors of this 
          building provide the extrance to the Clarion newspaper office 
          and the stairs up to Dr. Rossi's office [and presumably other 
          professional offices].  Laura comes in Rossi's office and is 
          asked to locate Betty Anderson's medical records.  She asks if 
          she will be needed and Rossi says not yet.  Betty is disturbed 
          that Laura is there because she doesn't want the whole town to 
          know about her pregnancy.  Betty makes a quick exit.  Rossi 
          looks at a chart. 
          Laura comes back in the inner office and begins going through 
          some papers.  Rossi asks her if she has made up her mind about 
          staying on as his secretary.  She says she will stay as long as 
          he needs her.  She informs the doctor that he has two house 
          calls, and that she will drive him until he knows his way 
          around.  [She leaves by train in episode 36 and goes to Europe 
          including Paris and to several cities in Switzerland.] 

          Dr. Rossi and Laura Brooks walk out to her convertible and get 
          in.  The entrance to the Peyton Professional Building is only a 
          block from the side entrance to Doctors hospital. 
Scene 3:  Matthew Swain comes out of the Clarion office and walks down 
          the street to the Book Gallery to visit with Constance.  He 
          returns a book and allows that he wouldn't recommend it for 
          children.  He opines about his feelings about censorship.  He 
          observes that Constance looks tired.  Matthew asks if Dr. Rossi 
          has been back to visit with her.  Matthew tells Constance that 
          she should see Dr. Rossi.  A lady named Frances takes a book 
          out on rental and leaves.  Matthew observes that Allison is 
          almost 18.  Matthew tells Constance that she should tell 
          Allison the circumstances of her birth.  Constance says that 
          she can't.

Scene 4:  A man is polishing the Peyton Mills bronze plaque as Catherine 
          Peyton Harrington drives up.  She drops in to see her husband, 
          Leslie, before heading off to Boston to see an art exhibit and 
          to visit her ageing father, Martin Peyton.  Julie is typing on 
          a mechanical [non-electrical] typewriter.  Catherine gives 
          Leslie's secretary, Julie Anderson, a dirty look and walks 
          right in.  Leslie asks her to sign some papers, and gives her 
          some other papers to take to Boston for Martin Peyton to sign.  
          Laura says she will be back in time for dinner.  [Boston is 
          only 90 miles south of Peyton Place.]  She leaves the inner 
          office, speaks to Julie, and departs.  

Scene 5:  As soon as Catherine leaves, Julie goes into Leslie's office 
          and insists on knowing why Rodney has ditched her daughter, 
          Betty.  Leslie explains to her that their indiscretion, the 
          night that Dr. Rossi arrived in town, is to blame.  However, 
          he doesn't seem at all broken up that Rodney has dumped Betty.  
          Betty uses the term "break off" and Allison uses the term 
          "break up."  [In the area of the country where your reviewer 
          is from, the term in common use is "break up."] 
Scene 6:  At Peyton College, Rodney comes out of the Humanities Building 
          and is called to by Betty Anderson.  He asks Betty what she is 
          doing there.  She insists that they really have to talk.  Betty 
          assures Rodney that she loves him.  Rodney tells her that it 
          won't work.  Rodney tries to get away but Betty continues to 
          pursue him.  He says that he needs time to think about things.  
          He offers to drive her home or take her to town.  

Scene 7:  Laura Brooks drives Dr. Rossi past the fire station and parks 
          on the square.  Constance sees them just outside her store 
          window.  Laura had offered to drive the new doctor on his 
          rounds until he learns the town.  

          Later that day, Betty confronts Rodney at Peyton College.  She 
          tells him that she is hurt and confused and can not understand 
          why he is treating her the way he is.  Rodney refuses to 
          explain the reasons and the cause for their split.  Betty asks 
          Rodney point blank why he has ditched her, but Rodney won't 
          illuminate her. 
Scene 8:  Dr. Rossi goes in the Book Gallery and asks for post cards.  He 
          selects one with a picture of a covered bridge.  Constance 
          tells him that the bridge is not far outside of town.  He asks 
          her if she likes playing games.  He recounts his recollection 
          of Allison's birth in a ward in Belleview Hospital in New York 
          City.  He mentions that he suggested that Allison be named 
          after his own mother, Alicia.  He remembers her from the New 
          York hospital where he had been an intern 18 years ago.  Rossi 
          opines that Constance must wish that he had never come to town.  
Scene 9:  Allison arrives home and cuts some flowers from the front 
          yard.  She goes in and talks with Mrs. Salazar, who is in the 
          kitchen finishing up her work and preparing to leave.  Allison 
          says she wishes that Mrs. Salazar could come there every day.  
          [This establishes that Constance can afford a part-time maid 
          and cook.]  Allison sets the kitchen table starting with the 
          flowers.  She adds two candles.  Allison is putting the 
          silverware on the table as Constance comes in.   Constance 
          apologizes for being late.  Allison mentions that the 
          Harringtons always dine by candlelight.  The telephone rings 
          and Allison goes to the livingroom to answer it.  Rodney has 
          called to ask what kind of flowers she likes.  They talk for a 
          short while.  [The Mackenzies apparently have only one black 
          telephone.  Later after Elliot Carson returns to town and moves 
          in, a telephone is seen upstairs.] 

Scene 10: In the Harrington mansion, Rodney and Norman are talking.  
          Rodney informs Norman that he has a date with Allison.  Norman 
          asks Rodney about Betty.  Rodney tells Norman that it is over 
          with Betty. 
Scene 11: Back in the Mackenzie kitchen, Allison lights a candle and says 
                    Heavenly Father we give thee thanks, 
                    For our daily bread,  
                    And for each other. 
                    We thank thee for the ties, 
                    That bind us together.  Amen.

Preview:  Betty Anderson talks with her mother.  George Anderson talks 
          with Julie.           

          BA:  I ran out of Dr. Rossi's office.
          JA:  Did you see Dr. Rossi? 
          BA:  I didn't stay, I couldn't.

          GA:  Okay, sweetheart, lay it right on the line for George.  
               You tell George.  You tell me. 
          JA:  George, please.
          GA:  You tell me just exactly what's going on around here. 
          JA:  George, stop it.

Mrs. Salazar is played by Naomi Stevens