Episode 4.
          Rodney Harrington and Allison Mackenzie have a first date.
WA:       In New York City, a man from Peyton Place stands brooding 
          at a hotel window.  His mind is tormented by a compulsion 
          to try to uncover a truth he knows he cannot face. 

Intro:    New York City.  George picks up the phone to make a call.

Written by Richard de Roy
Directed by Ted Post 

Scene 1:  George Anderson places a call to Peyton Mills in Peyton 
          Place, Massachusetts 555-2786, and asks the hotel operator 
          to route the call through Boston.  He is calling from
          room 1104 in his hotel.  He inquires about Betty.  He asks 
          Julie what she wants to do the following evening.  They 
          talk a while and he tries to get her to give him a kiss 
          over the phone.  She is reluctant to comply since Leslie 
          has come in the outer office.  [The area code for Peyton 
          Place, Massachusetts is 311]. 

          Julie tells Leslie that George will be back in the morning.  
          Leslie tells Julie that she looks scared-to-death.  
          She is worried because Rodney walked in on them the other 
          night.  Leslie mentions that the kiss the other night was 
          the first time he kissed her.  And that was the time Rodney 
          walked in. 

Scene 2:  Allison rushes into the Book Gallery, asks Constance for a 
          dollar on account to buy a lipstick, and opens the cash 
          register.  She asks her mother if they can have dinner 
          early that evening because she has a date.  Allison 
          rushes off. 

          Matthew Swain speaks to Dan as he is crossing the square by 
          the bandstand.  Allison runs into her uncle Matt in the 
          middle of the square and confides to him she has a date 
          with Rodney Harrington. 

          Matthew goes in the Book Gallery to talk with Constance.  
          She is bringing in the newspaper stand because she has 
          decided to close early.  She tells Matthew about naming 
          Allison after Rossi's mother Alicia.  Constance says she 
          felt Allison sounded more New England.  She locks up 
          and goes to visit Dr. Rossi.  

Scene 3:  Rossi is helping a patient, Seth Clay, on with his coat.  
          This patient is a mill worker who is afraid he is going to 
          lose his job.  Rossi tells him not to do any heavy work.  
          Seth asks Rossi to put in a word to Harrington for him.  
          Rossi says, "I'll make it my business to."  

          Constance comes in to have a chat with Dr. Rossi.  She says 
          it isn't a professional visit.  She admits that she wasn't 
          completely honest with him earlier.  Rossi says that he 
          knew it.  Constance says that she is sorry.  Rossi asks her 
          what she is afraid of.  She says that she has told a story 
          to Allison about her birth.  Constance was too ashamed to 
          tell Allison that Allison was born in a public ward in a 
          New York City hospital, Bellevue.  Rossi reminds her that 
          he was the orderly who brought her flowers in the hospital.  
          He asks her to have dinner with him that evening.  She 
          declines.  He warns her that he will ask again. 

Scene 4:  Rodney and Allison are walking on the street and Officer 
          Dan comes by and speaks to Rodney and Allison.  A couple 
          meet them in front of the Real Estate office and the lady 
          turns around and stares briefly at young couple.  The lady 
          appears to be one of the waitresses at the Colonial Post 
          Inn, seen during the Harrington murder trial.  They 
          continue down to the wharf and climb on board an excursion 
          boat.  Allison says that she likes it on the wharf because 
          she feels free.  She allows that Portuguese Joe used to 
          bring them lobsters when she was a child.  They talk about 
          life.  Rodney asks her to be his friend.  He calls her 
          "Allison Wonderland."  It is 11:00 p.m.  He asks her if 
          she has had a good time.  She admits she has.  Rodney takes 
          her home. 

Scene 5:  In the Anderson house, Betty is listening to loud music and 
          Julie comes downstairs to ask her to turn it down.  Betty tells 
          Julie that the world is full of boys.  She can always snap her 
          fingers and get another one.  Betty tells Julie that she 
          thought that Rodney loved her.  Betty says that she ran out of 
          Rossi's office because Rodney's aunt Laura was there. 

          George is heard outside whistling.  He comes in and presents 
          Betty with a 5-pound box of chocolates.  Julie tells George 
          that she hadn't expected him til the morning.  Betty tells 
          her father that she and Rodney will make up.  George tells 
          Betty to come to him if she has any problems, that he will 
          take care of Rodney.  George tells Julie that he missed her.  
          He wants to hug and kiss Julie but she is rather cold to him.  
          George shouts at her.  George complains about the crummy 
          hotel rooms.  He asks her to tell him exactly what is going 
          on.  George shakes his finger at her.  Julie screams. 
Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks to Constance.  Rodney talks with Norman.  Julie 
          talks with Dr. Rossi. 
          MR:  Well, let me say it bluntly.  You have no reason to 
               try and shut me up or shut me out.  And I'm not going 
               to let you do that, Mrs. Mackenzie. 

          RH:  Well, it could be business.  He just got back from a 
               selling trip. 
          NH:  Could it be about you and Betty breaking up?  
          RH:  No.  He wouldn't be here about that.  
          NH:  Maybe about Dad and Betty's mom?
          JA:  George flares up.  He can't help himself.
          MR:  Does he need help?
          JA:  He's angry.

Portuguese Joe, only mentioned.
The officer Dan in scene 4 is not the same Dan as in scene 2.