Episode 6.           
          Saturday night, date night in Peyton Place.

WA:       Saturday night, date night, in Peyton Place.  The tribal 
          ritual of the young braves preparing for the weekly dances 
          of courtship and mating. 
Intro:    The waterfront.  The Harrington house.  The white telephone 
          rings in Rodney's bedroom in the Harrington house, and 
          Rodney answers.

Written by Robert J. Shaw  
Directed by Walter Doniger

MEL:      The well-to-do generally had more than one phone, and 
          they evidently paid the dollar-a-month surcharge for white.  
          Back in those days, the general public was not considered 
          competent to install their own telephone, or extension. 
Scene 1:  The phone call is from Andrea Nichols who asks to speak 
          with Norman.  She makes a really lame request for help with 
          her trigonometry homework.  Norman just puts her off.  
          After they finish talking, Norman accuses his brother of 
          trying to set him up with a date.  Rodney fails to deny it.  
          Rodney and Norman chat about Allison.  [This is the scene 
          that is used in many of the promos:  "I don't know what I'm 
          going to do with Allison Mackenzie ..."]. 

Scene 2:  At the Mackenzie house, Allison comes down the stairs to 
          talk with her mother, Constance.  Allison shows her mother 
          the dress that she has selected for her date with Rodney at 
          the Shoreline teen hangout.  She asks her mother what 
          "Uncle Matt" is fixing for supper that night.  Allison 
          deprecates herself using the perjorative "Ice Queen". 
Scene 3:  At the Anderson house, George is calling upstairs for Julie 
          and Betty.  Julie comes down and tells George that Betty is 
          dressing for her date tonight with Bud.  Betty asks if her 
          earbobs go with her dress.  Julie assures her that they do.  
          Rodney had given her the earbobs.  Betty and her mother 
          discuss the probability that Rodney will be there.  A 
          number of Betty's close friends had told her that they had 
          seen Rodney being with Allison the previous evening.  Julie 
          tells Betty she should make an appointment to see Dr. 
          Rossi.  The door chimes ring. 
          Julie asks George to answer the door.  George invites Bud 
          in the house.  George pretends to be hospitable.  George 
          tells Bud that all the kids look alike to him.  Betty comes 
          down the stairs and George tells them to have a good time, 
          but to be home early.  Betty and Bud leave and George talks 
          with Julie about his myriad problems. 

Scene 4:  Saturday night in the Mackenzie kitchen.  Matthew Swain, 
          Constance' purportedly "second cousin twice removed," is 
          cooking.  Constance and Matthew's faithful dog, Rip, watch.  
          Matthew mentions having learned to cook in Hong Kong.  
          Matthew gives Constance advice about Allison.  He tells her 
          that Allison should be told about her father.  He suggests 
          that Allison should have a life and Constance should also 
          have a life. 

Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi and Laura Brooks leave the Peyton Professional 
          Building and he thanks her for working late and asks her to 
          dinner at the Colonial Post Inn.  She seems reluctant at 
          first.  She talks about the Founders Day Festival and about 
          Sam Peyton.  She says that old Sam Peyton imposed his will 
          on the colonists.  Laura eventually agrees to have The 
          Blue Plate Special with the doctor.  [Sam Peyton was 
          Martin Peyton's father but in this scene it is inferred 
          that he lived in the 1600's or 1700's.  In Episode 114 
          Rodney Harrington looks at the statue of Samuel Peyton 
          which has a plaque which indicates that Samuel lived from 
          1845 to 1912. 
Scene 6:  Cars are arriving at the Shoreline Cafe teen hangout.  
          Inside the building, youths are dancing to a juke box.  
          There are no live musicians this evening.  Outside, Bud 
          arrives with Betty Anderson.  Back inside Rodney is trying 
          to teach Allison to dance. 

            Allison and Rodney              Betty and Bud 
            At the Shoreline                At the Shoreline 

Scene 7:  Allison and Rodney sit at a small table in the raised area of 
          the Shoreline Cafe and Allison observes Betty and Bud, her 
          date.  Marge, the waitress, comes over and is introduced to 
          Allison.  Allison and Rodney order cheeseburgers, rare.  Rodney 
          tries to make small talk.  At the other table, Betty tells Bud 
          that she feels like dancing.  Betty drags Bud over to a raised 
          platform to dance.  She wants to force Rodney to look at her.  
          She does her impression of a re-incarnated Jezebel.  Rodney and 
          Allison watch the dancers a while and then Rodney goes over to 
          select a record.  Betty follows him over to the jukebox.  She 
          tells Rodney that she must talk with him. 
          Rodney makes it crystal clear that he doesn't want to talk with 
          her.  A slow tune begins playing and Allison is sitting alone.  
          Rodney is attempting to get shed of Betty.  Norman goes outside 
          and observes Rodney and Betty.  Betty is still insisting.  
          Norman asks Betty if there is anything that he can do to help.  
          Betty declines and goes back outside.  Betty demands that 
          Rodney talk with her.  Norman goes back inside and sits down at 
          Allison's table.  
Preview:  George Anderson rants at Julie.  Norman asks Betty if she wants 
          him to get Bud.  She replies that she wants to go home. 
          GA:  Don't kid me Julie.  You're not talking about yourself.  
               You're talking about me, aren't you?.  I'm not crazy.  I 
               know I can lose my temper and I can even hurt somebody.  
               But I may be have a reason.  The reason may be you keep 
               forgetting I am your husband.
          NH:  Is there anything you want me to do?
          BA:  I can't go back in there.
          NH:  Do you want me to go get Bud?
          BA:  No.
          NH:  Well what do you want to do?
          BA:  I want to go home.