Episode 7.
          Saturday night at the Shoreline Cafe teen hangout near the 

WA:       10:00 o'clock at the Shoreline.  Date night just beginning to 
          jump, but not for Allison Mackenzie.  She came with Rodney 
          Harrington and she doesn't want to go home with anyone else. 
Intro:    Shoreline Cafe, teen and young-adult hangout.  Teens dancing to 
          what passed for music at that time from a juke box.

Written by Richard de Roy
Directed by Ted Post
Scene 1:  Inside the Shoreline Cafe, teen hangout, Allison Mackenzie 
          is sitting at a table alone waiting for Rodney Harrington 
          to return.  Norman comes over, sits down, and asks if there 
          is anything he can do.  She says no.  She just wants to be 
          left alone.  She stands up to leave. 
Scene 2:  Outside the Shoreline, Rodney looks at the door and sees 
          Allison.  She turns around and walks away.  Betty Anderson 
          is trying to get Rodney's attention.  She says there is 
          something she has to tell him.  He tells her not to push 
          him.  Rodney catches up with Allison and helps her in his.  
          Norman comes over to Betty and asks if there is anything he 
          can do.  Betty tells Norman that she thought he was going 
          with Allison.  Betty says she wants to go home.  Norman 
          offers to get Bud to take her home.  Betty says no.  Norman 
          says he'll borrow a car.   Norman doesn't have a car, but 
          he tells Betty that all the kids leave their keys in their 
          cars, and he can borrow one.  [Norman is evidently not 
          aware of the concept of grand theft, auto.] 
Scene 3:  At the Peyton Place Clarion newspaper office, Matthew Swain 
          tears a bulletin off the teletype machine.  He tells 
          Constance that it is a bulletin from the UN.  Ghana is 
          lodging a protest.  Tomorrow, their special ambassador will 
          meet with our special ambassador and have a special 
          meeting.  He tells Jerry [who is unseen], the Linotype® 
          operator and composer that he is leaving.  [He uses the 
          intercom.]   Matthew, Constance, and Rip leave. [Jerry 
          stays with the newspaper for the entire series but is not 
          given much screen time.  He is capable of running the paper 
          any time that the editor is away for a short period of 
          time.  Matthew Swain tells Rodney in a later episode, that 
          he, Matthew, does the maintenance on the Linotype® 
Scene 4:  Rodney is driving Allison in his car.  Allison asks if he 
          is taking her home.  He asks, "Do you want to go home?"  
          Rodney was heading to Tucker's Pond.  [Tucker's Pond is 
          important to Rodney because that is where Betty's baby was 
Scene 5:  Matthew Swain [along with his faithful dog, Rip] and 
          Constance climb up the steps of the bandstand.  He mentions 
          the Founders Day Festival.  They sit and talk.  They talk 
          about one of his high school teachers, a Mrs. Frisby, who 
          is still teaching there in Peyton Place.  Matthew tells 
          Constance that he once took violin lessons from Mrs. 
          Frisby.  A horn honks and Matthew calls to a lady named 
Scene 6:  Dr. Rossi walks Laura Brooks out to the square and he helps 
          her into her car.  She drives off.  Rossi speaks to Rip and 
          then Matthew and Constance come over.  Matthew allows that 
          he has a newspaper to get out.  Rossi offers to drive 
          Constance home, but she suggests that they walk.  Dr. Rossi 
          walks her home.  
Scene 7:  Water wheel.  Rodney and Allison drive up and park.  Rodney 
          asks Allison if she is cold.  Rodney turns the radio on for 
          just a few seconds.  They hear a news item about Ghana.  
          [Refer to scene 3].  He turns the radio off.  Rodney says 
          that he might join the peace corps.  He asks Allison if she 
          has ever been to Tucker's Pond before.  She says she has 
          been there but only in the daytime.  He says he meant at 
          night.  He turns the radio back on.  This time it is music 
          by Haydn.  Rodney tells Allison that she is beautiful.  She 
          tells him that the kids in school call her "Allison in 
          Wonderland."  Rodney says he is a night owl.  He calls her 
          "Fair Lady."  She recites some poetry.  They start to kiss 
          and another car drives up.  Instead of kissing, they get in 
          the car and leave.  
Scene 8:  George comes in the living room where Julie is watching TV.  
          He asks her if she is all right.  He turns off the TV.  He 
          asks her if she wants a drink.  She doesn't.  He decides to 
          have one.  Then he decides not to.  Julie goes upstairs to 
          bed.  She remarks that the other night wasn't the first 
          time he had hit her.  George looks out the window and sees 
          that Norman Harrington has brought Betty home.  Betty comes 
          in the house and goes upstairs.  Julie starts to go 
          upstairs to talk with Betty.  Julie tells George that Betty 
          is still in love with Rodney Harrington.  Julie goes 
          upstairs to Betty's bedroom and they engage in girl talk.  
          Betty says she is going to be like Betty Anderson.  Betty 
          admires herself in the mirror.  
Preview:  In Dr. Rossi's office, a closeup camera shot of Rossi's 
          medical license.  Betty talks with Dr. Rossi.  Allison 
          asks Constance a question. 
          BA:  Is it sure?
          MR:  I'm afraid so. 
          BA:  I mean, there can't be any mistake?
          MR:  No.  I'm going to want to see you again.  You need 
               care now. 
          AM:  Mother, what's happening to me?  
               Why can't I let myself feel things.
               Why can't I let myself love a boy?
               For all these years you haven't loved anybody, 
               have you?  
               Are you trying to stop me from loving, too?