Episode 9.
          Founders day, part one, Harrington Sunday Brunch. 

WA:       In Peyton Place, everyone gets together once a year, to 
          celebrate our town's illustrious history.  Constance 
          Mackenzie, though, has her own past to think about, along 
          with a troubled present, and an uncertain future. 

Intro:    Founders Day Festival banner.  Constance Mackenzie is 
          carrying the Aladdin's lamp to her booth.  She is also 
          carrying what appears to be a small fold-up breakfast table 
          or display stand.  She stops in at the Clarion, which 
          displays a banner identifying it as the Festival 
          Headquarters.  Inside, she talks with Matthew Swain, 
          the Grand Marshal of the festival.

Written by Theodore and Mathilde Ferro
Directed by Ted Post
Scene 1:  Constance explains to Matthew that she is setting up her 
          booth early.  Before the Hurly-Burly begins.  Matthew asks 
          her where Allison is.  She tells him that Rodney is taking 
          Allison to Sunday brunch at the Harrington mansion.  
          Matthew asks why that is so special.  He goes on to say 
          that Laura Brooks invited Dr. Rossi and himself but he 
          didn't care to go.  Matthew rings a bell and says that he 
          is the town crier.  He says he thinks Laura will try to 
          impress Dr. Rossi with the Peyton mansion.
Scene 2:  At the Harrington mansion, five are seated at the dinner 
          table.  Clockwise there are an unidentified man, an 
          unidentified lady, Leslie Harrington, Catherine Harrington, 
          and Dr. Robert Morton.  Dr. Morton's wife [Kent Smith's 
          real-life wife, Edith Atwater] is not seen.  Laura helps 
          Rossi get a plate of food and introduces the doctor to some 
          of the guests.  Laura tells her brother, Leslie, that Dr. 
          Rossi is impressed by their way of life.  She says, "You'll 
          like my brother.  You'll like my sister-in-law, too.  She's 
          one of those people you have to get to know." 
          Norman brings a plate of food to Allison and asks her where 
          Rodney would be.  Allison is sitting alone and asks Norman 
          to sit with her.  He says that the place is taken.  She 
          says "please".  Norman sits for just a moment til Rodney 
          returns.  Norman gets up and retires to the other room.  
          Rodney asks Allison if she had ever been to Sunday brunch 
          before.  She tells him that she had never been to Sunday 
          brunch, but that she had been to the house to play records 
          with Norman. 
          Rodney suggests they go out on the terrace so they won't 
          have to listen to Dr. Morton.  Dr. Morton is almost as 
          boring as Matthew Swain, but not quite.  Morton comes over 
          and talks to Norman, Laura, and Dr. Rossi.  He says times 
          change and methods change.  Catherine is not feeling well 
          so she excuses herself to go upstairs and lie down for a 
          Leslie tells Dr. Morton that Catherine is having one of her 
          little pains.  Dr. Morton says it is a gastric pain.  Dr. 
          Morton and Dr. Rossi spar a moment.  Dr. Morton tells 
          Leslie he will look in on her. 
Scene 3:  At the Harrington brunch, Laura Brooks tactifully suggests 
          to Dr. Rossi that he show some deference to Dr. 
          Morton.  She continues to cling to Rossi and to introduce 
          him to the other guests. 
Scene 4:  Allison is embarassed that Rodney has told her he loves 
          her. Rodney says, "I said I love you, and one day I'm going 
          to marry you."  [This is the scene used in many of the 
Scene 5:  At the Anderson house, Betty comes down stairs and turns on 
          the small screen TV.  Julie comes in and tells Betty that 
          George is washing the car and this would be an ideal time 
          for her to call Rodney.  Julie wants Betty to find out what 
          the problem is between them.  Betty confides to her mother 
          that she definately is pregnant.  Julie picks up the phone 
          and hands it to Betty. 
Scene 6:  Meanwhile, back at the Harrington house, Allison says that 
          if they are going to the festival, they should get going.  
          Rodney suggests they take a drive before going to the 
          festival.  Norman walks up to inform Rodney that he has a 
          phone call but he doesn't know who it is.  Rodney tells 
          Betty that he doesn't have anything to say to her.  She 
          says she will be at the festival and for him to look for 
          her.  Back out on the terrace, Allison is telling Norman 
          that she never realized how beautiful his mother's garden 
Scene 7:  Dr. Morton comes down the stairs at the mansion and tells 
          Leslie that he has provided Catherine with a sedative.  
          Norman comes in and sits on the bed and talks with his 

          Leslie starts up the stairs.  The following scene from the 
          preview is as follows: 
          CH:  I was young and pretty when you married me and my 
               father owned the mill. 
          LH:  Catherine, please. 
          CH:  And now I'm not so young, and you run the mill. 
          LH:  I built up that business for you and your father.  And 
               I've earned every cent I get out of it. 
          CH:  Have you ever stopped to think, Leslie, what would 
               happen to you if we separated?  
          JA:  Baby, you can't run away from it. 
          BA:  I'm not.  O.K., I am.  But I just found out this 
               morning.  Dr. Rossi wasn't sure until this morning.  
               Just give me some time. 
          Norman comes in and Leslie leaves.  Norman and his mother 
          talk a while. 
Scene 8:  Back at the Anderson house, George comes down stairs and 
          talks with Julie.  George asks Julie who she keeps her 
          smiles for now.  He also talks with Betty. 

Scene 9:  At the festival, Matthew Swain fires the cannon and the 
          bands begin to march.  It is difficult to positively 
          identify Matthew at this distance, but he is wearing a 
          prominent badge of office.  He is the Grand Marshal. 

          Constance, who is standing beside Matthew, sees Laura put 
          her arm around Dr. Rossi's arm as though she owned him.  
          The band continues to play and march.  Matthew wickedly 
          asks Constance if he detects a little green in her eyes.  
          Constance smiles in embarassment.  George and Julie are 
          also in the crowd watching.  From a distance, Betty sees 
          Allison and Rodney.

Preview:  Rodney talks with Allison.  Julie talks with Leslie.
          Dr. Rossi fusses at George Anderson. 
          RH:  All of a sudden it hit me.  I want to teach you 
               everything I can.  That is if you'll let me. 
          AM:  I'll let you. 

          JA:  Right now I'm ashamed.  I'm ashamed of what I've begun 
               to feel for you.  I'm ashamed of what my daughter thinks 
               of me. 
          LH:  Julie.  
          JA:  I'm frightened Les.  I'm frightened of what's 
               happening to us. 
          MR:  She must not have any more of those accidents.
               She must'nt fall down the steps anymore.
               The next time you both may not be so lucky.
          GA:  Are you trying to say, I pushed her?

Matthew Swain, grand marshal of the festival.
In episode 430, at the next festival, Steven who has by that time 
   moved into the mansion and has the honor of firing the cannon.]