Episode 10.
          Founders Day Festival part two.

WA:       Underneath the fun and games is great tension in this 
          festival crowd today.  George and Julie Anderson are here 
          together, but so is Leslie Harrington.  And Allison 
          Mackenzie and Rodney Harrington are here together, but so 
          is Betty Anderson. 
Intro:    Overhead shot of Founders Day Festival banner.  Tug-of-war.  
          Barbershop quartette.  A young boy runs by the cakes, 
          wiping the icing off and licking his fingers.  Several boy 
          scouts milling around.

Written by Robert J. Shaw
Directed by Walter Doniger 
Scene 1:  At the festival, Matthew Swain walks up and engages Dr. 
          Rossi in conversation.  He assures Rossi that he may have a 
          job for him in 8 or 10 years.  An unseen lady calls to 
          Matthew complaining that she is having problems with the 
          cotton candy machine.  Matthew calls to Betty Anderson and 
          assigns her to Dr. Rossi.  Dr. Rossi offers Betty a cup of 
          George and Julie are walking.  George says that he does not 
          like to see his girl, Betty, with Doctor Rossi.  George 
          calls to Rossi, but Rossi doesn't hear him.  George tells 
          Julie that he needs some more steady pills. 
Scene 2:  Rossi brings Betty some coffee in one of those expensive 
          paper cups with the fold-out handles.  This is the same 
          kind of expensive paper cup used in Episode 514 when Dr. 
          Rossi and Marsha Russell have coffee in the courthouse.  
          They talk.  Betty tells the doctor that she wants Rodney, 
          but she doesn't want to trap him.  He tries to comfort her 
          by telling her that she isn't the first girl to have the 
          problem.  [Later in the series, during the Stella Chernak 
          era, Betty complains to Rossi that he never invited her 
          out for coffee.] 
Scene 3:  Rodney is escorting Allison around.  Rodney teaches Allison 
          to fire a rifle.  He praises her efforts.  She doubts his 

Scene 4:  Julie sells a clock and admonishes the new owner to wind 
          the clock only once a week.  Julie and Constance talk about 
          their respective daughters. 
Scene 5:  Allison wins a prize.  Rodney tells Allison he wants to 
          teach her everything.  Betty is observing them from a 
Scene 6:  In the Clarion Festival Headquarters, Matthew is talking 
          with Leslie. Betty comes in and asks to speak with Leslie.  
          Matthew departs.  She asks Leslie specifically why Rodney 
          dumped her.  Leslie is evasive but lets it slip that Julie 
          was upstairs in the mill office the night Rodney came in 
          and the night that Rodney dumped Betty.  Julie had told 
          Betty that she was downstairs.  Betty begins to get an 
          inkling of what went on. 
Scene 7:  George finds Rossi and presses him for a prescription for 
          some steady pills.  Rossi is annoyingly professional 
          and suggests they go to his office.  [George Anderson and 
          Paul Hanley appear to be the only users in town at 
          this point in time.  Later Paul Hanley and Susan Winter 
          enter the picture.] 
          In Rossi's office, George continues to tell Rossi about his 
          problems. Dr. Rossi suggests that George consult Dr. 
          Eubank, a Psychiatrist in Boston.  This sort of suggestion 
          is seldom popular with patients. 
Scene 8:  Meanwhile back in the square, Leslie tells Julie he needs 
          to talk with her.  Leslie goes in the Clarion and Julie 
          soon follows.  Leslie tells Julie how he let it slip to 
          Betty, about the other night at the mill.  Julie tells 
          Leslie that she wants to resign.  Julie says she will be in 
          Monday and give notice.  Leslie tells Julie that he can no 
          longer stay with Catherine.  George wants to start an 
          insurance business, so Julie's decision meshes with 
          George's plans. 
Scene 9:  Rodney and Allison are in the bandstand dancing.  Allison's 
          dancing has improved somewhat.  Julie comes over to Betty 
          and asks if she's had anything to eat.  Betty is still 
          consumed by her problem with Rodney and hadn't come to the 
          festival for the food.  They look at Rodney and Allison.  
          Betty says she's not going to wait any more.  She's going 
          to tell him.  He has to know. 
Preview:  Fireworks.  Betty tells Rodney that she has to talk to him.  
          She says she knows about his father and her mother. 

          RH:  Betty, what do you want?
          BA:  It's not what I want.
          RH:  Well then, what is it?
          BA:  Just what I said.  I have to talk to you.
          RH:  All right, we're talking.
          BA:  It's about your father's office.  Rod, I know.  
          RH:  What do you know?
          BA:  About your father, my mother.

Psychiatrist Dr. Eubank in Boston is mentioned.