Episode 11.
          Founders Day Festival, part three. 

WA:       314 years ago today, our forefathers founded Peyton Place.  
          They were Puritans.  Virtuous, stern, quick-to-condemn.  
          Some of us haven't changed.  Betty Anderson understands 
          that all too well. 
Intro:    The festival continues.  Betty is walking around alone.  
          The town is enjoying a giant fireworks display.

Weitten by Robert J. Shaw
Directed by Walter Doniger
Scene 1:  Allision and Rodney are walking and watching the fireworks.  
          Rodney calls Allison, "My Fair Lady."  She mentions that 
          she doesn't like being called "Fair Lady."  Allison asks 
          Rodney if he called Betty "Fair Lady."  Allison wants to be 
          a "real person" to Rodney.  Betty walks over and tells 
          Rodney she must talk to him.  Allison gives Rodney 
          permission to talk to Betty. 
Scene 2:  Rodney goes over to talk to Betty.  She wants to talk in 
          private.  She asks where his car is. 
Scene 3:  More fireworks.  Constance compliments Matthew on the 
          fireworks.  He offers her coffee. 
Scene 4:  At the Colonial Post Inn, Dr. Rossi and Laura Brooks are 
          dining.  Constance and Matthew come in and Rossi invites 
          them to join Laura and him.  The waitress, Mary, comes over 
          to take their order.  Laura mentions seeing Allison with 
          Rodney at the brunch that day. 
Scene 5:  A half dozen or so motorcycle riders race through town and 
          go to the festival.  One of them, named Jimmy, goes over to 
          bother Allison.  She tries to be polite but declines his 
          advances.  He calls her "Ice Queen."  George comes over and 
          rescues Allison.  He asks if he can talk to her.  He calls 
          himself "Sir Galahad."  He asks her about Rodney 
Scene 6:  Julie is in the Clarion office, adding up the Festival 
          take, as George walks in.  He tells her that Rossi advised 
          him to see a Boston psychiatrist, Dr. Eubank. 
Scene 7:  Rodney and Betty are conversing in his car.  She talks 
          about their picking up Rossi at the railroad station some 
          time ago.  Rodney tells Betty that Allison is different.  
          Rodney tells Betty that he "did" love her.  She 
          wants to talk about what happened in his father's office.  
          Betty says she knows what happened, and about his 
          father and her mother.  Rodney says he just ran into 
          Allison.  He says that last summer was wrong.  He tells her 
          not to blame herself.  Betty tells Rodney that she is going 
          to have a baby.  She says that he knew it could happen.  
          This makes Rodney angry and he drives off angrily.  Rodney 
          wrecks the car but he manages to crawl out. 
Preview:  Matthew Swain tells Dr. Michael Rossi that there has been 
          and accident.  Matthew calls for George or Julie Anderson 
          on the P.A. system. 
          MS:  Michael. 
          MR:  Yes.
          MS:  There's been an accident.  
          CM:  No.  
          MS:  They need you.  They've sent an ambulance.  So you'd 
               better go straight to the hospital. 
          CM:  Who?
          MS:  George or Julie Anderson to the bandstand, please.
               George or Julie Anderson please, to the bandstand.
          MR:  She's hemorrhaging.
          JA:  The baby?
          MR:  We're going to need your permission to operate.
          N:   Doctor.
          MR:  Mrs. Anderson.
          JA:  Yes, of course, doctor.