Episode 12.           
          Betty and Rodney have a car accident. 

WA:       Just about 12 miles north of Peyton Place, on the Bayshore 
          Highway, lies Dead Man's curve.  It's a bad highway to turn 
          into with anything else on your mind but the road.  Rod 
          Harrington had too much on his mind.  Betty Anderson had 
          just told him she was going to have a baby. 
Intro:    Rodney crawling out of his overturned car.

Written by Laurence Richards
Directed by Walter Doniger
Scene 1:  At the festival, Rossi walks up and talks to Allison and 
          Constance.  They sell him the Aladdin's lamp for $12.00.  
          He asks to rub it before they wrap it up.  Matthew walks up 
          to tell the doctor that Rodney and Betty have been in an 
          accident.  On the PA system, Matthew calls for "George or 
          Julie Anderson." 
Scene 2:  Ambulance sounds.  Matthew and Julie arrive at Doctors 
          Hospital.  Rossi says that Betty is hemorrhaging.  Rossi 
          tells Julie they need her permission to operate.  Matthew 
          offers Julie some coffee.  She declines and says she should 
          wait for George.  Leslie rushes in and inquires of Rodney.  
          He is told that Rodney is in x-ray.  Leslie wants to call 
          Dr. Morton, because he is head of the hospital.  But Julie 
          says that Rossi is with her.  George storms in demanding to 
          know what happened.  George asks, "How bad was Rodney 
          hurt?"  Julie leads George away. 
Scene 3:  George and Julie talk privately in a room off the corridor.  
          George is very angry that his "little girl" has been 
          injured.  George wants to know what really is going on.  He 
          asks Julie where she was.  She says she was working on the 
Scene 4:  Rodney and Norman are talking when Leslie comes in.  Norman 
          leaves and Leslie talks with Rodney.  Rodney says he is not 
          hurt badly.  He explains what happened.  Leslie is 
          concerned if Rodney was drinking.  Leslie tells Rodney that 
          he is in serious condition.  Rodney tells Leslie that Betty 
          is in trouble.  Rodney says, "Dad, let me handle this." 
Scene 5:  George goes in to see his "little girl."  He tells her that 
          everything will be fine.  He will take care of her.  George 
          calls her "princess."  Rossi comes in and tells George to 
          wait outside.  Rossi talks to Betty.  He takes her pulse.  
          She wants to ask him a question about her baby.  But he 
          won't let her.  Rossi leaves and talks to George.  George 
          is still angry.  Betty says, "Rod, Rod." 

Scene 6:  At the Information desk in the reception area of Doctors 
          Hospital, Leslie asks George how Betty is.  Leslie tells 
          George he will pay all the expenses.  George tells Leslie 
          that Rodney had told Betty that he loved her.  She believed 
          him and she loved him.  George says that Rodney "had better 
          love her and cherish her and treat her decently."  Rodney 
          walks up. 
Scene 7:  Matthew Swain goes in to the Clarion and finds Allison 
          waiting for him.  The Aladdin's lamp is sitting on 
          Matthew's desk.  He tells her that Betty is hurt, but 
          Rodney is okay.  He has only a few cuts and bruises.  
          Matthew tells Allison it is about time to quit calling him 
          "Uncle Matt."  She says she doesn't want to "pack it away."  
          Allison does not want instant maturity.  Allison leaves the 
          Clarion carrying Dr. Rossi's Aladdin's lamp.  [It was never 
          resolved whether Rossi ever actually took possession of the 

Scene 8:  Back at the festival, Norman is carrying the Aladdin's lamp 
          and Allison joins him.  Norman tells her that Rodney is 
Preview:  George talks to Betty.  Rodney talks with Allison.  Betty 
          talks with Julie. 

          GA:  You still want that boy?  You think if you and he got 
               married that you can make him love you? 
          RH:  It wasn't a game for me, Allison.  All those things I 
               told you, they weren't moves or something, I meant 
               them.  No matter what happens, remember I meant every 
               word I ever said to you. 
          AM:  You make it sound so final.  Is it?
          BA:  You said you wouldn't tell him.
          JA:  Betty, he has a right to know.  He loves you.