Episode 13.
          Betty loses her baby.  First episode with Rossi at Doctors 

WA:       After a shocking accident, there's always an aftermath of 
          reflective shock to those closest to the victims.  Allison 
          Mackenzie and Norman Harrington are coming of age abruptly 
          in a hostile adult world. 
Intro:    The festival, empty.  Outside the Mackenzie house. 

Written by Laurence Richards
Directed by Ted Post

Scene 1:  In front of the Mackenzie house, Norman and Allison have 
          reached home.  Norman gives Allison the Aladdin's lamp, a 
          bird holding a lamp in its beak.  They hear the train 
          whistle and think of the night that Dr. Rossi arrived in 
          Peyton Place.  Allison goes in and talks to Constance for a 
          while.  She tells Constance that Matthew told her not to 
          call Matthew "Uncle Matt" anymore.  They are in the kitchen 
          with the 5 cooking pots hanging neatly on the far wall 
          beyond the range.  Constance asks if Allison is hurt.  She 
          says she is confused.  [After Elliot moves in, the 5 pots 
          are gone.  See episode 201.] 

Scene 2:  At the hospital, Rossi is taking Betty's pulse.  This is 
          the first scene with Dr. Rossi at the hospital.  Nurse 
          Wagman, a special night nurse, comes in and introduces 
          herself to Rossi.  She was hired by Mr. Harrington.  
          Another nurse speaks to George about Betty.  She says that 
          Betty was lucky.  She will be all right.  Dr. Rossi tells 
          George and Julie that Betty lost the baby.  Rossi tells 
          George to be kind to her, gentle, let her know she is 
          loved.  George takes Julie home. 
Scene 3:  The next morning, Rossi and Julie come in to the hospital 
          room to see about Betty.  Betty says she is eating for two.  
          Rossi looks in her eyes and tells her she had a mild 
          concussion.  He tells her that she can have visitors but 
          she shouldn't get tired.  Rossi leaves without telling her 
          that she lost her baby.  Betty says that Rodney promised to 
          marry her.  He didn't say he loved her.  Julie talks to 
          Betty.  Julie says it's over.  Betty says she doesn't want 
          it to be over.  Julie says that George knows she lost the 
          baby.  Julie asks if Rodney knows.  She says that she 
          hasn't told him.  Julie leaves saying she will be back 
Scene 4:  At breakfast at the Harrington house, Leslie is talking to 
          Rodney.  Rodney tells his father that he has to marry 
          Betty.  Rodney tells him that it will be Leslie's 
          grandchild.  Rodney says, "Let me work this out myself." 
Scene 5:  Workers are tearing down the festival stands.  In front of 
          Peyton Place Banking & Trust Co. building, Matthew, walking 
          his dog Rip, meets up with George Anderson and talks with 
          him about things of the day.  George tells Matthew he 
          intends to buy the Amos Barkley insurance agency.  He says 
          that he's quitting his sales position with the Peyton Mill 
          and that Julie is also quitting.  George says that his 
          office will be over the Peyton Place Banking & Trust Co.  
          Amos Barkley is old and is selling out and that Julie will 
          be his secretary in the insurance office. 
Scene 6:  Rodney comes out of the Colonial Post Inn carrying a large 
          bunch of flowers for his mother, and meets up with Allison, 
          standing in front of the Peyton Place civic club sign.  He 
          puts some flowers in the car, and talks to her.  Rodney 
          tells her that Betty will be okay.  Rodney tells Allison 
          that he has to tell her something.  He says he meant every 
          word he ever said to her.  Rodney tells Allison that he 
          loves her.  He gets in his car and drives off. 
Scene 7:  Leslie comes in to visit Betty in her hospital room.  She 
          asks him to draw the blinds, and to fluff her pillow, and 
          to read to her.  He said that she made her point.  They 
          talk.  Leslie tells her he would like her to go away and 
          put the baby up for adoption. 
Scene 8:  George Anderson meets up with Leslie Harrington as he is 
          coming out of Betty's hospital room.  Leslie asks George to 
          come see him later in the day.  George goes in to see 
          Betty.  Betty starts crying and hugs her father.  She says 
          she wants to go home.  They talk quite a while.  Rodney 
          knocks and goes in carrying flowers for Betty.  He tells 
          George that he can wait, but George takes the flowers and 
          makes a quick exit.  Rodney and Betty talk at length.  Betty 
          asks Rodney to stay with her for a while.
Preview:  Stormy weather.  George talks to Julie.  Rodney knocks and 
          speaks to Betty. 
          GA:  He'll be extra careful on a night like this.  
          JA:  A night like this, George.  Where are they?  
               George, where is Betty? 
          RH:  Betty, open the door.

          Betty opens the door and looks at Rodney.  Rodney looks at 
          Betty.  They look at each other.  They do not speak.

Nurse Wagman-uncredited.
Amos Barkley, insurance man, only mentioned.
The Colonial Post Inn presumably hosts the Bears, the Cameos, the 
    Tarpons, a club which starts with the letter "U" and 
    possibly two others.  Notice the civic club sign to the west of 
    the CPI entrance.  Also notice the stagecoach to the west of the 
    civic club sign.