Episode 14.
          Rodney and Betty commit matrimony.

WA:       More than a month has passed since Betty Harrington left 
          the hospital after the auto accident with Rodney.  Autumn 
          has come to Peyton Place with its chill and rain. 

MEL:      This is the only time gap in the entire series. [more than a 
Intro:    Rainstorm.  Julie standing in the doorway awaiting word from 

Written by Theodore and Mathilde Ferro
Directed by Ted Post 

Scene 1:  Inside the Anderson house, George is developing plans for 
          his insurance business.  He is looking for a business 
          directory.  George speaks of fighting in the South Pacific.  
          He claims to have killed 15 men.  Julie wants to call the 
          police or Leslie Harrington. 
Scene 2:  In White River, Massachusetts, before a Justice of the 
          Peace and his wife, Rodney and Betty are married. 
Scene 3:  Back at the Anderson house, George and Julie argue.  Julie 
          does not want Betty to marry Rodney without Rodney knowing 
          that Betty lost the baby.  
Scene 4:  In White River at the Twin Maples Motel, Betty and Rodney 
          look out the window at the rain.  They are pleasant enough 
          to each other.  Rodney talks about his big baseball moment.  
          They prepare for bed.  Rodney says that Norman is the 
          "brainy" one. Betty mentions a Queen's Grenadier. 
Scene 5:  At the Mackenzie house, Constance wakes up, turns on the 
          light, gets up and goes to the window to observe the rain.  
          She comes downstairs and finds Allison in the kitchen.  
          Allison talks about Rodney.  Allison says she is going to 
          make her mother a bright blazing fire engine red dress. 
          [see episode 324]. 
Scene 6:  In the Harrington house, Leslie is eating breakfast.  
          Catherine comes down the stairs and talks to Leslie.  She 
          sits at the breakfast table with Leslie, but she doesn't 
          eat.  She mentions that Dr. Morton says her problem is all 
          in her head.  Norman comes in and joins them.  Leslie asks 
          where Rodney is.  Catherine asks what has happened to Rod.  
          She asks Leslie if he let Rodney marry "that girl".  Leslie 
          leaves.  Norman tells his mother that she doesn't really 
          know Betty.   
Scene 7:  Leslie drives over to the Anderson house, and Julie lets 
          him in.  Leslie asks if Betty is there.  She says no.  
          Neither Julie nor George has heard from Betty.  George 
          tells Leslie that he is going back in the insurance 
          business.  Leslie says that the cards are stacked against 
          them.  Leslie tells George that he offered Betty an 
          alternative.  George slugs Leslie.  Leslie says, "If they 
          are married, I'm going to try to forget about this." 
Preview:  Betty talks with Allison.  Betty talks with Leslie. 

          BA:   Allison, I want you to know before you hear the talk.  
                We, uh, we went to White River last night.  
          AM:   White River?  
          BA:   Rod and I are married.  
          BA:   Does my marriage to Rodney speak to you?  
          LH:   Surprise.  
          BA:   That he picked me.  
          LH:   He didn't pick you, Betty.  He married you, but he 
                didn't pick you. 

White River justice-of-the-peace--not credited.
Wife of justice-of-the-peace--not credited.
As a soldier, George killed 15 men in the South Pacific.
George slugs Leslie.