Episode 15.           
11-03-64 Pre-empted for ABC Election Coverage.  [LBJ was elected].
          Rodney and Betty return to Peyton Place, as a married 

WA:       For a newly married Rod and Betty Harrington, the future 
          is, at best, uncertain.  But for the moment to Allison 
          Mackenzie, there will seem to be no future.  Only a sense 
          of what might have been. 
Intro:    Rodney and Betty drive back to Peyton Place and park on the 
          east end of the square near the Pillory in front of the 
          bank building.

Written by Theodore and Mathilde Getto
Directed by Walter Doniger
Scene 1:  In Rodney's convertible, Rodney and Betty talk and plan for 
          the future.  They talk about the reaction that their 
          parents will have.  He says he will be in the drug store 
          (Calvin Hanley's Peyton Place Pharmacy). 

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi stops outside the Book Gallery and stoops to read 
          a newspaper laying on the sidewalk.  Constance and Allison 
          walk up and the three go in the Book Gallery.  Rossi tells 
          them that he delivered his first set of twins, to Madilyn 
          Thayer and husband.  Constance offers Rossi coffee and 
          sends Allison to the Inn for a dozen blueberry muffins. 

Scene 3:  Allison goes over and talks to Betty, who is waiting in the 
          convertible.  Allison apologizes for not visiting Betty in 
          the hospital.  Betty tells her that she and Rodney went to 
          White River the previous night and got married.  Allison is 
          visibly upset.  Rodney comes back from the Peyton Pharmacy 
          and speaks to Allison.  Allison continues on to the Inn.  
          He asks Betty what she told Allison.  Rodney is annoyed 
          that Betty told Allison about their marriage.  Betty says, 
          "We are married." 

Scene 4:  Allison returns to the Book Gallery with the muffins and 
          announces that Rodney and Betty are married.  She only got 
          a half dozen blueberry muffins.  Allison says that 
          Constance doesn't need her so she is going fishing.  She 
          leaves.  Dr. Rossi and Constance argue.  Rossi says, " what 
          about your rod?"  [Dorothy Malone reportedly complained 
          that the script didn't allow her to argue and scream 
          enough.  She said she was tired of saying, "Yes, Allison", 
          and "No, Allison."  The writers complied with her request.] 

Scene 5:  Betty comes home and hugs her father.  Betty apologizes for 
          not telling her mother they were eloping.  Julie greets 
          Rodney.  George asks how the trip was.  Rodney apologizes 
          for not telling anyone sooner.  Julie and Betty go 
          upstairs.  George has a rather strained conversation with 

Scene 6:  Upstairs, Betty and her mother talk in private.  Betty 
          confides to Julie that she didn't tell Rodney she had lost 
          the baby following the accident.  Betty tells Julie that 
          she is worried about Leslie's reaction. 

Scene 7:  At the Peyton Place playground, Allison is in sitting in a 
          swing as Norman Harrington walks up.  She asked where he had 
          looked before he found her.  Norman calls Allison Cinderella.  
          Allison says she doesn't want to be serious about anyone or 
          anything right now.  They walk and they talk. 

Scene 8:  In the Harrington house, Leslie goes upstairs to the 
          bedroom to talk with Catherine.  He offers her a cup of hot 
          coffee.  Catherine says that her silver will some day 
          belong to Betty Anderson.  Leslis corrects her saying, 
          "Betty Harrington."  Catherine says that her head hurts.  
          She says that she thinks she is being punished.  He says, 
          what for.  She says, "You know what."  Leslie says," We 
          don't talk about that."  They are referring of course to 
          the murder of Elizabeth Hanley Carson. 

Scene 9:  Betty and Rodney arrive at the Harrington mansion.  Leslie 
          shouts and comes down the main staircase to hug his son.  
          Leslie insincerely says, "Betty, welcome to our home.  Your 
          home."  Betty says, "Thank you, sir."  He said Catherine 
          wanted to come down but she isn't feeling well.  
          Leslie sends Rodney for the champagne that he and Catherine 
          brought back from France many years ago.  Leslie talks to 
          Betty.   He said he prided himself in knowing when to 
          retreat.  Leslie says that he wants Rodney to be happy.  
          Rodney returns with the champagne.  Leslie says that he 
          wants Rodney to finish college.  Leslie then talks about 
          naming the baby.  He suggests Leslie Harrington the second. 
Preview:  Allison talks with Constance.  Betty talks with Dr. Rossi. 

          AM:  Where were you? 
          CM:  With Dr. Rossi. 
          AM:  Ah, that must have been nice.  Did you go to the Inn?
          CM:  The Inn?  No we had dinner at his house. 
          AM:  His house? 
          BA:  I never told Rod I lost the baby.  Well, What do you 
               think of that? 
          MR:  What do you think of that?

Peyton Place Playground.
Dr. Rossi's first set of twins.
Steven Cord and Ann Howard are twins.
Kenneth and Dr. Vincent Markham are twins.
Dr. Rossi speaks of delivering twins to Madilyn Thayer, episode 15. 
Norman tells Rodney about selling bikes to the Grover twins, episode