Episode 16.

          Betty takes magazines up stairs to her new mother-in-law, 

WA:       The Harrington mansion in Peyton Place.  Haunted by its 
          present.  Betty Harrington, who used to be Betty Anderson, 
          lives there now, haunted by her past. 
Intro:    In the Harrington mansion, Betty looks at the portrait of 
          Samuel Peyton (1845-1912), the father of Martin Peyton. 
          [Samuel Peyton was said to have founded Peyton Place.  
          Peyton Place was said to have been founded 315 years ago.  
          Samuel Peyton was also said to have been Martin Peyton's 
          father.  We haven't been able to resolve this apparent 

Written by Robert J. Shaw
Directed by Walter Doniger
Scene 1:  Betty turns and speaks to Christine Gordon, the maid, who 
          has come into the foyer carrying magazines.  Betty takes 
          the magazines upstairs to Catherine.  Catherine is 
          extremely cool to her.  Betty tells Catherine that she 
          hopes she is feeling better.  She tries her best to be 
          nice.  Norman knocks and comes in.  Catherine greets him 
          warmly.  Betty uses this as an excuse to leave.  Catherine 
          expects Norman to stay but he turns, calls to Betty, and 
          follows after her down the stairs. Betty tells Norman and 
          says that she is going out.  They talk a bit and Norman 
          goes back upstairs to talk with his mother. 
Scene 2:  On the street, Betty runs into Constance.  Constance 
          extends her best wishes.  They talk a moment about Allison.  
          Betty goes into the Peyton Professional Building where 
          Rossi and other professionals have offices upstairs.  This 
          also is the entrance to the Clarion on the ground floor.  
          Betty goes into Dr. Rossi's office and waits for Laura to 
          finish a phone call.  Betty chats briefly with Laura 
          Brooks, the widow of the doctor that Rossi had replaced.  
          Betty tells Laura that she would like to wait for the 
Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi comes into the Book Gallery and chats with 
          Constance.  He asks her out on a date.  He says he'll be 
          right back.  He asks her to wait in his car to save time.  
          He says that he needs to go up to his office for just a 
          Rossi arrives in his office to discover Betty waiting for 
          him.  Laura asks if she should get Betty's file.  Rossi 
          says he already has it on his desk.  They have a short 
          conference. He congratulates her on her marriage.  She 
          admits to the doctor that she has not yet told Rodney that 
          she lost their baby.  She says, "What do you think of 
          that?"  Rossi responds, "What do you think of that?"  
          Betty leaves, Laura waits a moment, then goes in to talk 
          with the doctor.  

          She tells him that Leslie wanted her to go to New York and 
          have the baby privately.  Rossi asks how she feels.  Laura 
          invites Rossi to the country club.  He declines.  Laura 
          looks downcast. [The country club is never shown in the 
Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi comes out of the Peyton Professional Building and 
          gets in the car with Constance who has been waiting for 
          him. Laura is watching from the window in the office.  
          Constance asks where they are going.  He says it is a 
Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi and Constance arrive at the beach house.  They go 
          in and he tries to tell her about it.  But she already knows.  
          Rossi tells her that he rented the cabin from Eli Carson who 
          has chronic bronchitis.  He is unaware of the cabin's sad 
          history.  Constance said she was unaware that Rossi lived in 
          the house where Elizabeth was murdered.  She becomes more 
          uncomfortable.  She phones home to check on Allison. 
          The only phone in the Mackenzie house rings and Allison goes 
          downstairs to answer it.  Constance tells her she won't be 
          home for dinner.  Allison guesses that her mother is having 
          dinner with a dark romantic stranger.  Constance tells her 
          daughter there is a pot roast in the oven, and that she can fix 
          herself a salad. 
          Rossi helps Constance off with her coat.  He offers her a 
          drink.  He tells her to relax.  Rossi says that she looks 
          as though she had seen a ghost.  She says she did.  He asks 
          her to tell him about it.  She is reluctant to tell him. 
Scene 6:  Meanwhile, back at the Anderson house, George comes in and 
          talks with Betty.  He says that he wants to take Betty and 
          Julie out to dinner.  The chimes ring.  Rodney has shown up 
          to collect Betty.  George welcomes Rodney warmly.  He says 
          they are expected at the Harrington mansion at 7:00 that 
          evening.  She asks if they have to go.  Rodney indicates 
          that they must.  George bids Betty and Rodney a goodnight. 
Scene 7:  Meanwhile, back at the cottage, Constance tells Rossi that 
          she should go home.  She tells Rossi that a woman was 
          murdered in the beach house.  He asks the details.  He asks 
          how long ago that happened.  She is evasive and says after 
          the war.  She says she was in New York and doesn't know the 
          details.  He continues to press her.  She continues to be 
          evasive.  Rossi says that he doesn't believe in ghosts.  He 
          gets her coat and they leave. 
Scene 8:  Rossi walks Constance home.  Allison is reading as 
          Constance comes in.  Allison asks her mother if they went 
          to the Inn. Allison is shocked when she is told that went 
          to the old Carson place.  Constance starts to say that they 
          had a perfectly nice evening.  They say goodnight. 
Preview:  In the Book Gallery, Allison tells Matthew and Constance 
          that she just doesn't care.  Dr. Morton asks Rossi if he is 
          aware that Betty has not yet told Rodney that she lost the 
          AM:  I don't need anything.  I'm not going anywhere, and 
               I'm not crying over Rodney Harrington.  I don't care 
               about him.  I don't care if I ever see him again.  You 
               don't seem to understand.  I just don't care. 
          RM:  Are you aware that the Harringtons don't know what's 
          MR:  Yes, Betty came in to see me yesterday. 
          RM:  Have you made any effort to tell the Harringtons?
          MR:  Of course not.  Betty's medical history is privileged 

Country Club.
Christine Gordon, Harrington maid-uncredited
Laura Harrington Brooks is still a member of the country club.
It wasn't explained what became of Christine after Leslie was ousted 
   from the mill and the mansion.  [Christine had inherited $1000 
   from Catherine so she may have retired in luxury.]  David Schuster 
   hired a domestic named Janet. [episode 80]  Schuster retained Alma 
   Chernak to work for him when Leslie left.  He apparently didn't 
   know that her husband Gustav Gus Chernak worked at the mill as 
   a night watchman.  Gus had formerly been a loom operator.  Alma 
   Chernak was hired part-time by Leslie Harrington shortly before he 
   resigned from the mill and was hired full-time by David Schuster. 
The actress who played Laura Harrington Brooks, Patricia Breslin, was in 
   two Twilight Zone Episodes.
   She was in episode 43, Nick of Time, with William Shatner.
   She played the role of Pat Carter.
   She was in episode 112, No Time Like the Past, with Dana Andrews.
   She played the role of Abagail Sloan.