Episode 17.           
          Dr. Morton visits Catherine.

WA:       Since she was a child, Betty Anderson dreamed of living here in 
          the Harrington house.  And now she is living here, as Rodney 
          Harrington's wife.  And the childhood dream is becoming a 
Intro:    The town, the tower with the weathercock on top.  Betty walks 
          down the stairs at the Harrington house.

Written by Richard de Roy
Directed by Ted Post
Scene 1:  Leslie thanks Christine.  He tells Christine to call Betty, 
          Mrs. Harrington.  Betty asks for coffee and juice.  She does 
          not use sugar and cream.  He dismisses the maid.  Leslie and 
          Betty talk.  He says they live rather formally.  Leslie tells 
          Betty that all the Harrington women had hardy appetites.  Betty 
          says she doesn't want to change Rodney's life.  He excuses 
          himself.  The door chimes ring. 
          Dr. Morton has dropped in on the way to the hospital, to look 
          in on Catherine.  Leslie thanks him for dropping by and the 
          doctor goes up to see Catherine.  Leslie suggests that Dr. 
          Morton take her to Boston.  Morton goes upstairs.  One gets the 
          impression that Leslie senses more problems than does Dr. 

Scene 2:  Dr. Morton knocks and goes in to see Catherine.  He calls her 
          "Katy."  She calls him "Dr. Rob."  He tells her that she looks 
          much better.  She offers the doctor coffee.  She shows him the 
          guest list for the reception.  Catherine talks about Betty.  
          Catherine emphasizes that they are friends and presses Morton 
          for information about Betty.  She presses him again for 
          information about Betty.  She mentioned that he brought Rodney 
          into this world. 

Scene 3:  George is talking to Marian, one of the ladies from the 
          production department.  She is Leslie's temporary secretary 
          replacing Julie Anderson.  George comes in and Marian tells him 
          that she has put all of Julie's things in a box.  Leslie 
          completes his call and Marian announces George.  George tells 
          Leslie that he is going back in the insurance business.  He has 
          purchased Amos Barkley's business in the Chamber of Commerce 
          building, the building where the bank is.  Leslie tells Marian 
          not to put any calls through.  Leslie tells George that the 
          mill belongs to Catherine's family, that he just made it pay.  
          Leslie warns George about his expenses.  Leslie offers to cut 
          back George's territory, so George can keep his job with the 
          mill while he gets his business going.  George accuses Leslie 
          of trying to hold him back.  George leaves. 

Scene 4:  Matthew Swain goes in the Book Gallery and speaks with Allison.  
          Constance is next door at Les Femmes looking at winter coats.  
          Allison asks Matthew if he would watch the Book Gallery while 
          she goes to help her mother.  Matthew watches as Allison 

          In the botique, Allison tells Constance that Matthew is minding 
          the store.  Allison helps Constance select a coat.  Allison 
          asks her mother if Dr. Rossi has ever been married.  She says 
          that the girls at school were wondering.  They find a coat that 
          they like but Constance is reluctant to spend the money. 

Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi drives up and calls to Constance who has just come 
          out of the Les Femmes botique with Allison.  Allison goes on to 
          school.  Dr. Rossi asks Constance if she was uncomfortable at 
          the beach house because of the murder or the doctor.  She is 
          evasive.  Rossi asks Constance, "Tonight?"  Constance replies, 
          "Tonight."  Constance goes back into the Book Gallery. 

Scene 6:  Allison comes out of the Les Femmes botique carrying a box, and 
          speaks to two ladies, Sandy and Mildred, and then walks on.  
          Allison goes in to see her mother and tells her that she bought 
          a new coat.  She quickly puts on the coat and models it for 
          Constance.  She then has Constance try the coat on.  Constance 
          takes off the coat and hands it back to Allison.  Allison says 
          she wants them to go to the Inn tonight so Constance can show 
          off her new coat.  Constance locks up early because she has an 
          appointment with the hair dresser.  Allison comments on how 
          attractive Dr. Rossi is. 

Scene 7:  Dr. Morton drives up and speaks with Matthew on the street.  
          They talk about Dr. Rossi.  Robert Morton has come to visit 
          with Dr. Rossi.  Matthew knocks and goes in to see Constance.  
          Allison tells Matthew that her mother has a special occasion 
          date with Dr. Rossi.  Allison tells them that she just doesn't 
          care about Rodney.  Matthew says that Constance can't go on 
          protecting Allison forever. 

Scene 8:  Rossi is talking with Laura as Dr. Robert Morton drops in.  The 
          doctors talk.  Rossi asks Morton to sit.  Morton asks him how 
          he likes it here in Peyton Place.  Morton asks Rossi about 
          Betty's losing her baby.  Morton emphasizes how small the town 
          is.  Rossi says that Betty's situation is priveleged 
          information.  Morton talks about how Betty is manipulating the 
          Harrington family.  Dr. Rossi says, "I am a doctor, not a 
          marriage counselor.  Rossi threatens to take the matter to the 
          medical board if Morton divulges the information.  They speak 
          of Dr. Freddy Zeitner.  Morton has been practicing in Peyton 
          Place for 30 years.  Morton tells Rossi that he is out of 
          place, he doesn't belong there.  Morton departs courteously, 
          but not amicably. 
Preview:  Betty talks to Julie.  Eli talks with Rossi.  Morton talks with 
          BA:   Everytime he looks at me or touches me, I feel like he's 
                touching some other girl, a girl he loved last summer.  I 
                want to be that girl again. 

          Eli:  I wanted to talk to you about the cottage.
          MR:   Well, it's a little late.
          Eli:  I could have told you that my son's wife was murdered 

          BA:   What's there to know, Dr. Morton?
          RM:   Everyone believes that you're going to have Rod's child.

Marian, temporary secretary to Leslie-uncredited.
Katy-Catherine Peyton Harrington.
Sandy, but not Webber-uncredited.
Dr. Rob-Dr. Robert R. Morton.
Dr. Freddy Zeitner, of New York is mentioned.