Episode 18.
          Eli tells Dr. Rossi that Elliot may want the beach house 

WA:       Peyton Place has, among other things, a long tradition of 
          sea and ships.  The Carsons have long been part of that 
          tradition. Ships supplies.  A trade handed down from father 
          to son for generations.  But now, with Eli and Elliot 
          Carson, the tradition threatens to end. 
Intro:    On the waterfront, a man building a ship in a bottle in 
          front of Carson and Son, Ships Chandlery. 

Written by Theodore and Mathilda Ferro
Direcdted by Ted Post
Scene 1:  Tom Foley, the postman, comes around the corner and hands a 
          special delivery letter to Eli from his son, Elliot.  Dr. 
          Morton comes out of the Peyton Professional Building, next 
          door to the Clarion, and gets in his car.  Eli goes in to 
          see Dr. Rossi.  Laura says that Rossi is not expecting him.  
          Laura talks to Eli about his renting the beach house to Dr. 
Scene 2:  At the Anderson house, the door chimes ring and Julie lets 
          Betty in.  Betty explains that she forgot her key.  Betty 
          and her mother talk.  One of the cabinets is bare and there 
          are dishes on the table.  Julie is installing new shelf 
          paper.  Betty says that her "daddy" does his best although 
          his reasons may be strange. 
Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi is finishing up with a lady patient and Eli goes in.
          Rossi says he didn't expect him until the next day.  Eli talks 
          about the beach house.  Eli says that Elliot is having another 
          parole hearing coming up.  He may want the cottage if he gets 
          out of prison.  Elliot wants to come back to Peyton Place to 
          find the man who murdered his wife.  Rossi asks Eli if he thinks 
          his son is innocent.  Eli says the jury found him guilty.  Eli 
          leaves.  Laura comes in and says that Eli's yankee conscience 
          was troubling him.  Laura tells Rossi that if he intends to 
          stay here, it would not be a good idea to antagonize Dr. Morton.  
          She had mentioned this previously at the Harrington Sunday brunch 
          in episode 8. 
Scene 4:  At the Harrington house, Betty is talking on the phone with 
          her father about having dinner with George and Julie.  She 
          says she will call him back after she talks with Rodney. 
Scene 5:  Up stairs, Dr. Morton tells Catherine that he will be gone 
          for only a couple of days.  As Dr. Morton is leaving he 
          talks to Betty a moment.  He tells her that everyone 
          believes that she is going to have Rodney's child.  He 
          fusses at her. 
Scene 6:  Still at the Harrington house, Rodney is studying as Betty 
          walks in.  She talks about getting a phonograph for their 
          bedroom.  [It seems strange to your reviewer that Betty 
          didn't ask for a television set.  At this point in time, 
          solid state TV's were not yet available.]  Betty wants to 
          fix up the room.  She says that it looks like a guest room.  
          Rodney says that it is a guest room.  They discuss 
          improvements for a while, they hug, and Rodney goes down 
Scene 7:  Rodney comes down stairs and greets his Aunt Laura, as 
          "cousin."  They plan for dinner.  Rodney speaks to Leslie. 
          Leslie asks Rodney if he needs any money.  Leslie talks to 
          his sister, Laura.  Laura asks how Catherine is.  Leslie 
          says that she is better.  Laura says she meant Betty.  They 
          talk.  Christine calls to Leslie, "Come quickly, come 
          quickly plaease."  She says that Catherine has a problem.  
Scene 8:  Constance is at Rossi's beach house and he fixes her a 
          drink. She says he could be a waiter.  He said he was when 
          he was in Med School.  He was an orderly in Pre-med.  They 
          talk.  He tells Constance that he likes living there at the 
          beach house.  Constance says she feels more at ease.  She 
          really isn't.  He mentions that it was more than 18 years 
          ago when it happened, when Constance was in New York.  
          Dr. Rossi says that Elliot will be going before the parole 
          board and may return to Peyton Place and that he may want 
          the beach house back.  Rossi asks what Elliot Carson was 
          Constance admits that the photograph of Mr. Mackenzie 
          is just a photograph.  There was never a Mr. Mackenzie.  
          The phone rings just as they are kissing.  Laura has called 
          to tell him about Catherine.  He asks where Dr. Morton is.  
          He hangs up.  He tells Constance he will drop her off on his 
          way to the Harrington house.  Michail kisses Constance.  
          They leave. 
Preview:  Norman is on the phone talking with Allison.  Catherine 
          talks to Leslie.  George Anderson talks with Betty. 

          AM:   What Happened?
          NH:   They took my mother to the hospital.

          CPH:  Oh, you want this.  You'd feel safe if I ...
          GA:   What do you mean it isn't working out.
          BA:   Dr. Morton knows.  He had a little chat with me this