Episode 19.
          Catherine is taken to the hospital.

WA:       The lights are burning late tonight at the Harrington house.  
          Dr. Rossi has been called there to attend Catherine Harrington.  
          Leslie Harrington and Laura Brooks wait with her for Rossi's 
Intro:    The square.  The Harrington mansion. 
Scene 1:  In the Harrington house, Catherine is in bed moaning.  Leslie 
          and Laura try to comfort her.  Laura tells Catherine that Dr. 
          Rossi will be there soon.  Catherine says that she wants Dr. 
          Robert Morton.  It is a two hour drive from Boston.  She asks 
          where Rodney and Norman are.  
          Dr. Rossi arrives presently.  Leslie explains that Catherine is 
          very attached to Dr. Morton.  Rossi goes upstairs and examines 
          Catherine.  Rossi tells Leslie that Catherine may have a 
          duodenal ulcer.  He wants to take her to the hospital 
          immediately for further tests. 
Scene 2:  Norman has just driven Allison home.  They talk.  Norman hugs 
          Allison.  Constance turns lights on inside the house.  Norman 
          and Allison go in and Norman calls home.  Constance says that 
          Dr. Rossi had an emergency call. 
Scene 3:  At the "Old Post Road Tavern" Rodney and Betty are having 
          dinner with her parents.  George toasts Rodney and Betty's 
          marriage and his business.  George takes Betty in the other 
          room to show her a silver tea service he's going to buy for 
          her.  Betty fusses at her father for saying, "Baby needs a new 
          pair of shoes."  He knows that she isn't going to have the 
          baby.  She tells her father to have Rodney meet her at the car. 

Scene 4:  The phone rings at the Information Desk in the reception area 
          of Doctors Hospital.  Nurse Hillgrew gives an update to Mrs. 

          The phone rings again and she hands it to Dr. Rossi who has 
          just walked.  He talks to Dr. Morton who is some two hours 
          away.  Rossi says Catherine has the signs of an ruptured ulcer.  
          Morton tells Rossi to wait, that he will start back from Boston 
          immediately.  Dr. Morton says she's my patient.  Dr. Rossi 
          says, "Right now she's my patient."  

          Rossi tries to get help.  He asks about Dr. Burgess.  Nurse 
          Hillgrew tells him that Dr. Burgess is out of town. 

          Rossi asks about Dr. Lipton.  But no one is available.  He 
          tells Dr. Abner to get 50 mg. of demerol.  Rossi mentions Dr. 
          Mays.  He goes in to see Catherine.
Scene 5:  Rossi tells Leslie he must operate now.  Leslie still refuses 
          to give consent.  Leslie goes out in the corridor to talk with 
          Laura.  He tells her they will wait for Dr. Morton.  Laura 
          says, "He'll never forgive you."  Leslie says, "Dr. Rossi says 
          'We can't wait.'"  Laura says, "You won't be safe." 

Preview:  Betty talks with Allison.  Leslie talks with Dr. Rossi.  Dr. 
          Morton talks to Dr. Rossi. 
          BA:  And you just happened along, taking your walk?  
          AM:  Yes, Allison Mackenzie, taking her lonely walk.  
          BA:  Why?
          MR:  I'm trying to give you my best professional opinion.  If 
               I don't do in now, right now, your wife will die.  That 
               much is certain. 
          LH:  What are her chances if you do go in and operate? 

          RM:  I told you before, you don't belong here.  Now, doctor, 
               I'm going to prove that.  I intend to drive you out. 

Old Post Road Tavern, Antiques.
Dr. Abner.
Dr. Burgess.
Dr. Lipton.
Dr. Mays.