Eouside 21.
          Eli has an angina attack.  Catherine dies.

WA:       Last night, Catherine Harrington died in Doctors Hospital.  
          Today, they will hold an autopsy at Michael Rossi's insistance 
          to determine the cause of death.  Tomorrow, they will be 
          burying Catherine here in the family plot.  But at this moment, 
          tragedy is very close to another citizen of Peyton Place, Eli 
Intro:    The operating room.  Heart monitor.  The Harrington family plot 
          in the cemetary. 
Scene 1:  A motorist almost hits Eli Carson.  Eli is having an angina 
          attack and falls to the ground.  The driver tells the gathered 
          crowd that he didn't hit Eli.  Matthew Swain sees it happen and 
          rushes over to help. 
Scene 2:  Laura comes in Dr. Rossi's office and reminds him of a 10:00 
          o'clock appointment and an 11:00 o'clock appointment.  She 
          suggests that they can be postponed.  Laura asks if the autopsy 
          will take long.  Rossi says that he doesn't think so.  Rossi 
          notices the commotion on the street. 
Scene 3:  Down on the street, the citizens are comforting Eli.  Rossi 
          rushes over and checks Eli.  Matthew asks if he can help.  
          Rossi tells Laura to have the hospital postpone the autopsy 
          until this afternoon.  She says, "All right, doctor." 
Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi goes into Dr. Morton's office and asks him when the 
          autopsy was rescheduled.  Morton says, "The autopsy was 
          scheduled for 9:30 and that's when it was preformed."  Rossi 
          says that he is owed an explanation.  Morton reminds Rossi that 
          he is Chief-of-Staff.  Rossi is not pleased.  Dr. Morton has a 
          ten-line speaker phone on his desk.  Morton says, Dr. Rossi, 
          you'll get everything that is coming to you." 
Scene 5:  At the Wayside Church in Peyton Place, the following 
          announcement is posted: 
                         ANNOUNCEMENT A STAINED GLASS 
                         WINDOW OF OUR CHURCH HAS BEEN 
                         DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF: 
                         MRS. LESLIE HARRINGTON WHOSE 
                         FUNERAL WAS HELD YESTERDAY. 
Scene 6:  Stained glass window of the nativity.  In Memory of Catherine 
Scene 7:  Norman walks into Ada Jacks' Tavern.  Ada isn't there and a 
          young lady is tending bar.  Norman orders a bourbon with water 
          on the side.  She asks for an ID.  He demands a bourbon and 
          water.  He picks a fight with one of the wharf rats.  They 
          oblige Norman by beating him up.  The barmaid stops the fight. 

Scene 8:  Dr. Rossi is walking Constance and Allison home.  Rossi tells 
          Constance how lucky she is to have a daughter like Allison.  
          Allison sees Norman, who has been injured from the fight.  
          Rossi tries to check Norman's wounds, but Norman accuses Rossi 
          of letting his mother die.  Allison asks Norman if he cares.  
          He hasn't cried.  Obligingly he begins to cry.  Norman says 
          "Don't hate me, Allison."  Norman notes that she didn't say 
          Really.  "You used to say really."  Allison offers to take 
          him home. 
Scene 9:  At the Harrington house, Betty offers Allison, coffee, from a 
          silver coffee service.  [It looks like the silver tea service 
          from the dinner with George and Julie Anderson, that Betty said 
          she didn't want].  And she says that Rodney will want to thank 
          Allison for bringing Norman home.  Rodney comes in and insists 
          on driving Allison home. 
Scene 10: Rodney is driving Allison home.  Allison tries to make small 
          talk.  Rodney says she doesn't have to talk.  When they get to 
          the Carsons', Rodney now wants Allison to talk.  Rodney makes 
          the speech that was in the preview.  "You know that, and I know 
          that."  Allison eventually goes in her house.  Dr. Rossi leaves 
          and Allison talks with her mother.  Allison says that she still 
          wants to be with Rodney. 
Scene 11: At the Harrington house, Betty and Rodney are waiting for 
          Leslie to come home.  Rodney mentions that his father and Laura 
          are probably together.  Rodney says he knows that Betty is 
          bothered that he took Allison home.  They talk and talk and 
          talk.  Betty eventually tells Rodney that she lost the baby in 
          the car accident. 
Preview:  Betty talks to Rodney and Leslie.  Matthew talks with Allison.  
          Dr. Morton talks with Dr. Rossi about the operation. 
          RH:  Stop it both of you, please.
          LH:  You seem awfully sure of yourself, Betty. 
          BA:  You mean a divorce, Mr. Harrington.  There isn't going to 
               be any divorce or an annulment. 
          MS:  I don't know what's going to happen to Dr. Rossi.  I 
               haven't heard the facts yet.         
          AM:  Your friend is in trouble and you talk about the facts. 

          RM:  I called this hearing because I feel that Dr. Rossi took 
               the patient, Catherine Harrington, into surgery without 
               adequate preoperative consultation. 

Dr. Joe Bradley-Charles Irving.    
Angina-disease of heart causing suffocation.
Ada Jacks-Evelyn Scott.
The actor who portrays the motorist who almost hits Eli is not credited.
Bar maid-uncredited.