Episode 22.
          The Medical inquisition of Dr. Michael Rossi takes place.  

WA:       Beneath the quiet of Peyton Place lie many secrets.  Betty 
          Harrington has finally revealed hers to her husband, Rodney.  
          But Constance Mackenzie still lives with hers.  Dr. Michael 
          Rossi is guessing but today he faces a dilemma of his own. 
Intro:    Dr. Michael Rossi drives up and parks in front of the Book 
Scene 1:  Constance is waiting on Mrs. Maitland, a customer, who wants 
          post cards.  She asks Constance why there aren't more of 
          Whalers' Rock.  Constance and Dr. Rossi talk quietly.  Rossi 
          tells the customer that a mad post card collector made a run 
          on them.  Constance and Dr. Rossi talk some more.  Rossi 
          finally leaves allowing Constance to return to not selling 
          books and not selling post cards. 
Scene 2:  In Rossi's office, Laura is on the phone as Rossi comes in.  
          Dr. Rossi and Laura Brooks talk.  Laura reports that Mildred 
          Endicott had called to cancel her appointment. 
Scene 3:  Leslie and Dr. Morton talk about Norman and Dr. Rossi. 
Scene 4:  Leslie talks to Rodney about Betty being missing.  Leslie 
          wants Rodney to get a divorce.  They talk some more.  Betty 
          comes in from shopping.  Betty tells them that she went to 
          Boston to talk to an attorney. 
Scene 5:  In the Clarion, Allison talks with Matthew about the 
          newspaper.  Allison says that she didn't feel like writing 
          "Teen Topics." Matthew Swain shows Allison a copy of the 
          Clarion dated July 12, 1792.  Allison requests permission 
          to revive the Observer column.  Matthew tells her not to 
          ever miss a deadline again. 
Scene 6:  At 10:00 a.m. the next day, Dr. Rossi arrives for the 
          medical inquisition.  Leslie Harrington arrives.  They each 
          speak to miss Parks, the receptionist.  She offers tham 
          coffee.  The other doctors arrive.  Matthew Swain arrives 
          and the hearing commences.  The panel sits at a T 
          shaped table with Dr. Rossi at the bottom of the inverted 
          T.  Dr. Rossi is charged with operating without proper 
          medical consultation.  Matthew sits at the left side of the 
          crossbar of the T.  Leslie sits to his left.  Dr. Morton 
          is at Leslie's left.  There are two unidentified doctors to his 
          left.  There is another unidentified doctor directly opposite 
          Matthew Swain.  To his left is a spot where Dr. Bradley and 
          others will stand while giving testimony.  Miss Parks is 
          asked to call Dr. Bradley in. 

Scene 7:  Laura comes in to reception.  Constance is already there.  
          Laura and Constance talk.  Dr. Bradley goes in the conference 
          room.  Dr. Bradley tells the inquisition his version of what 
          happened at the autopsy. 
Preview:  Julie and George argue.  Leslie asks Betty if she is waiting to 
          find out what Rodney will inherit.  Dr. Rossi tells off Dr. 
          GA:  Julie, I'm no fool.  Catherine is dead, Les is free. 
          LH:  Are you waiting to find out what Rodney will inherit?
          BA:  Oh, I am learning, how to live.  I am being taught by 
               experts.  Maybe I'm going to learn enough to teach you 
          MR:  You're not acting like a responsible physician.  
               You're acting even less like a responsible 
               chief-of-staff at the hospital.  I am going to find 
               out why. 
Dr. Joe Bradley, pathologist-Charles Irving-uncredited. 
Miss Parks-uncredited.