Episode 23.           
          Dr. Rossi's hospital privileges are suspended.  
WA:       A new England churchyard can be as bleak as any other.  But 
          those who lie here have passed beyond their burdens.  Catherine 
          Harrington was buried some days ago.  The cause of her death 
          remains an unanswered question.  And even in their sorrow, the 
          Harringtons can not comfort one another. 

MEL:      A few days have passed since the previous episode. 
Intro:    Stained glass window.  Churchyard.  Adoration of the Shepherd.  
          Peyton Place Department of Sanitation snow removal truck. 
Scene 1:  The Harrington house.  Leslie and Rodney are having breakfast.  
          Norman has already gone to school.  Leslie proposes closing the 
          house and going up to the lodge.  He wants Betty out of the 
          house.  Betty comes in just as Rodney is about to leave.  
          Leslie asks Betty why she is going on with this.  Betty says 
          that she is Rodney's wife.  Leslie asks Betty what her price 
          is.  Leslie asks Betty to give Rodney the divorce he wants.  He 
          asks if she is waiting to find out how much Rodney will 
Scene 2:  Allison is walking near the square, carrying eleven books. 
          George Anderson imposes himself her.  George allows that there 
          aren't many serious girls in Peyton Place.  Allison does not 
          agree.  In the background are a 1957 ford and then a 1953 ford. 
Scene 3:  George Anderson goes over to the Peyton Place Banking & Trust 
          Co. Building and goes in his new insurance office.   He tells 
          Julie that she is beautiful and that he has finally made a 
          sale.  He tells her that everything is looking up and she 
          kisses him.  He asks her if she has talked with Betty.  

          Leslie Harrington comes in and says they need to talk about 
          Betty and Rodney.  Leslie urges George to persuade Betty to 
          give Rodney a divorce.  George is less than enthusiastic about 
          the idea.  Leslie says, "You were never the one to do the 
          decent thing."  Leslie leaves and George continues to talk with 
Scene 4:  Eli visits Rossi in his office.  They talk about the cottage 
          and the possibility that Elliot might want the beach house back 
          if and when he gets out of prison.  Dr. Morton's secretary 
          calls Dr. Rossi's office to say that Morton wants to see him at 
          11:00 o'clock.  Rossi tells Laura to tell the secretary that he 
          will be there.  

          Eli leaves and Laura Brooks comes in.  Laura assures Rossi that 
          she has faith in him. 
Scene 5:  No flags are flying at the Town Hall and the doors of the fire 
          station are open.  Allison, with her plethora of library books, 
          talks with Dr. Rossi about the fall of the Roman Empire on the 
          street in front of the office of Peyton Place Realtors.  She 
          invites him to come in the Book Gallery in for a minute.  He 
          gets in his car and leaves.  [It is a running gag about the 
          quantity of books that Allison carries.] 
Scene 6:  Inside the Book Gallery, Constance has just sold a bottle to a 
          Mrs. Lincoln.  Allison talks to the customer a moment and then 
          Mrs. Lincoln leaves.  Allison suggests that Constance marry Dr. 
          Rossi and that she would go to India and emancipate the women.  
          [In episode 105, Allison imagines Matthew going to 
Scene 7:  Dr. Michael Rossi meets up with Dr. Robert Morton in reception 
          and they go in Morton's office.  Morton shows a ship model to 
          Rossi.  They talk.  Dr. Morton says that the review board has 
          finished its investigation and has determined that the 
          operation was unnecessary.  Dr. Rossi says he doesn't believe 
          the report.  The board has decided, reluctantly, to suspend Dr. 
          Rossi's hospital privileges.  Rossi will no longer be permitted 
          to admit patients into the hospital or treat them there.  Rossi 
          tells Morton that he will find out why.  
Scene 8:  Leslie drives to the square and parks in front of the Peyton 
          Professional Building [and the Clarion.]  Matthew comes over 
          and is informed that he is invited to the mansion for the 
          reading of the will, the following day. 
Scene 9:  Matthew walks past the Roode's Jewelry store and the Peyton 
          Place Realtors office and goes in the Book Gallery to talk with 
          Constance.  They talk about the hospital board's hearing.  
          Matthew tells Constance that Elliot Carson is being given 
          another parole hearing.  Matthew tells her he is going to 
          testify on Elliot's behalf.  He asks her if she wants Elliot 
          released.  Constance asks if Elliot will be coming back to 
          Peyton Place.  Matthew says that Elliot will be returning to 
          Peyton Place and she should prepare herself to see him soon.  
Preview:  Leslie talks with his sister, Laura Brooks.  Rodney talks with 
          his wife, Betty.  Matthew Swain talks with his second cousin 
          twice removed, Constance Mackenzie. 

          LH:  I loved her, Laura.
          LB:  Then what happened, Les?
          LH:  We got married.
          RH:  This isn't a marriage.
          BA:  I am Mrs. Rodney Harrington and I'm going to stay Mrs. 
               Rodney Harrington.  [An erroneous prediction]. 
          RH:  Don't count on it.
          MS:  There's nothing I can do for Michael Rossi.
          CM:  Wouldn't it be more simple if you just let them drive 
               him out of town? 

Dr. Joe Bradley-Charles Irving.    
Mrs. Lincoln-customer of the Book Gallery.
Peyton Place Department of Sanitation truck.
Dr. Morton's secretary phones Rossi's office.
Second cousin twice removed.