Episode 24.           
          The reading of Catherine's will. 

WA:       Peyton Place lies roughly 90 miles from Boston.  Shortly before 
          her death, Catherine Harrington addressed an envelope to her 
          Boston attorney [William Kennerly Jr.]  It was her last attempt 
          to control her family. 
Intro:    Scenes of downtown Boston. 
Scene 1:  Attorney William Kennerly, Jr.'s office, in Boston.  Kennerly 
          talks to his secretary, miss Mayes, about the codicil to 
          Catherine Marie Peyton Harrington's will. 
Scene 2:  In the bedroom in the mansion, Rodney borrows Norman's razor.  
          He explains that had left his razor in Betty's room.  Norman 
          says okay.  He adds that their mother's will is to be read 
          later that day.  Rodney says that he and Norman will probably 
          receive some money.  Norman says that Rodney needs to 
          communicate better with Betty. 
Scene 3:  Leslie sits down to breakfast with Betty.  Leslie asks for 
          Christine to bring coffee.  In answer to Christine's question 
          of how many to prepare for, he lists the seven who will attend 
          the reading of the will:  
                  1. Leslie Harrington, surviving spouse 
                  2. Rodney Harrington, surviving son 
                  3. Norman Harrington, surviving son 
                  4. Dr. Robert Morton, co-executor 
                  5. Matthew Swain, 2nd co-executor 
                  6. Laura Brooks, sister-in-law 
                  7. Theodore Dowell, attorney 
          Leslie apologizes for leaving without eating breakfast with 
          Rodney and Betty.  Betty looks at Rodney.  Rodney leaves the 
          dining room.  Betty follows him out and tells him he can have 
          breakfast alone.  Rodney apologizes for being mean to her.  
          Betty offers to be out of the house that afternoon, when the 
          will is being read.  Betty says that she knew that Catherine 
          never liked her. 
Scene 4:  In the hospital, Dr. Rossi is talking to a nurse.  He tells her 
          that he is looking for Dr. Bradley.  Another nurse, Miss 
          Prentiss, talks to Rossi and offers her help.  Bradley walks 
          up.  Rossi wants to see the tissue of the pancreas and the 
          ulcer.  Bradley is evasive. 
Scene 5:  Rossi talks to Dr. Schimner in the lab.  Rossi learns that Dr. 
          Bradley did not include Schimner in the autopsy procedure. 
Scene 6:  Matthew Swain tells Constance that there is nothing he can do 
          for Michael Rossi.  Constance tells Matthew that she has just 
          about forgotten Elliot.  Constance looks out the window and 
          sees Dr. Rossi.  Matthew leaves and talks to Dr. Rossi.  Rossi 
          asks Matthew why there has been no support in the paper at this 
          time.  Rossi tells him he will fight this through. 
Scene 7:  Matthew Swain gets in the car with Dr. Robert Morton.  They 
          proceed toward the Harrington house for the reading of 
          Catherine's will. 
Scene 8:  Constance talks to Dr. Rossi about Matthew Swain and Dr. Robert 
          Morton.  Constance encourages Rossi not to give up. 
Scene 9:  Back at the mansion, Leslie returns and asks Christine about 
          Laura.  He looks out the window and sees her car. 
Scene 10: The seven assemble. [see scene 3 above].  Matthew Swain and 
          Robert Morton are named the co-executors. 
Scene 11: The train arrives from Boston.  William Kennerly goes to a pay 
          phone and calls the Harrington house.  He asks Christine to 
          request the group to wait just ten minutes for him.  Theodore 
          Dowell begins the reading anyway. 
Preview:  Theodore Dowell rhetorically asks Leslie Harrington if he ever 
          won against Catherine Peyton Harrington.  Rossi asks Constance 
          how she feels.  In state prison, Elliot's cell-mate is being a 
          TD:  Did you ever win against Catherine, Leslie?  Because, 
               you see, that's who your opponent still is.  
          MR:  How do you feel?  How do you feel about me, tonight,  
               right here, now, finally? 
          CM:  You bug me, Carson, lying there night after night.
          EC:  One more word out of you and I'll break your neck. 
Mrs. Mayes, secretary to the Kennerly attorneys in Boston.
Dr. Schimner, who was excluded from autopsy conducted by Dr. Bradley.
Nurse Prince-uncredited.    
Another nurse, pathologist-uncredited.
Dr. Joe Bradley-Charles Irving.
Christine Gordon, maid-uncredited.