Episode 25.           

          Attorney William Kennerly brings Catherine's codicil. 
WA:       The Daylight local from Boston.  It carries a lawyer named 
          Kennerly, whose arrival in Peyton Place will bring a shocking 
          disclosure to Leslie Harrington. 
Intro:    A five-car train pulls into Peyton Place. 
Scene 1:  Attorney Kennerly walks over to a phone booth, sets his 
          briefcase down, and calls the Harrington mansion.  He 
          identifies himself as Mr. William Kennerly of Boston and asks 
          Christine Gordon to have lawyer Dowell to delay the reading of 
          Catherine's will. 

Scene 2:  At the reading of the will in the Harrington mansion, Christine 
          Gordon walks over and whispers to Leslie Harrington.  Leslie 
          gets up and walks over to Ted Dowell and relays the message.  
          The pertinent provisions of Catherine's  will include the 
               Christine Gordon, maid, $1000.  Robert Morton, 
               not only co-executor, but a friend and 
               physician, 15 percent of all dividends 
               accruing on her Peyton Mills stock, to be 
               used for hospital funds.  Rodney and Norman 
               Harrington the balance of the cash assets 
               divided equally between them to be administered
               until their 25th birthday by Matthew Swain, 
               second co-executor, if he agrees.  Laura Brooks, 
               sister-in-law, all her clothing with the exception 
               of her jewels and furs.  Leslie Harrington, 
               surviving spouse, her entire and complete 
               corporate body of stock in the Peyton Mill. 
          Leslie thanks lawyer Theodore Dowell for his dignified and 
          brief handling of the reading of the will.  Leslie offers 
          everyone a drink.  Laura prepares to leave.  She tells Leslie 
          not to bother sending the clothes.  Matthew asks Leslie what 
          his immediate plans are.  Work.  Dr. Morton says not to let the 
          remedy become the disease.  Leslie talks to Theodore Dowell.  

          Matthew Swain is appointed co-executor of the will and later 
          becomes the guardian of Norman and Rodney when Leslie leaves 
          the mill and Peyton Place.  Dowell also looks over Rodney and 

          William Kennerly

          The attorney arrives introducing himself as William Kennerly. 
          He has brought the codicil and talks with Leslie.  He says he 
          stopped off at the clinic to see Martin Peyton.  He says that 
          the stock in the mill reverts to Martin Peyton.  Leslie will 
          continue to administer the stock but Peyton will own it.  He 
          is, in effect, disinherited. 
Scene 3:  George Anderson is on the phone with a business call.  He has 
          lost a client, Mr. Giles.  He talks to Julie, who is now his 
          secretary.  George rambles on.  

          The phone rings again and Julie answers.  This time it is Fred 
          Gardner.  Julie hands the phone to George.  The scene ends. 

Scene 4:  In the Chandlery, Eli makes a $400 sale to a man named Dan.  
          Matthew talks to Eli about his son, Elliot and how he will earn 
          a living when if gets out of prison.  Eli says that Elliot will 
          take over the Chandlery.  He talks about Elliot being in the 
          navy and surviving a sinking ship.  The family has always been 
          ships chandlers.  Matthew leaves. 
Scene 5:  George Anderson comes out of the Bank Building, also referred 
          to as the Chamber of Commerce office building, and encounters 
          his daughter, Betty.  He asks her why she isn't at the reading 
          of the will.  Betty explains that she is not part of the 
          family.  She goes on up to see Julie in the insurance office.  
          Betty asks her mother if she had it to do over, would she marry 
          George Anderson.  She tells her mother that Rodney offered her 
          money from his inheritance.  Julie encourages Betty, not to 
          throw her life away. 

Scene 6:  At the Book Gallery, Matthew is talking to Allison, who is 
          helping her mother.  Allison mentions Ralph Waldo Emerson.  
          Constance comes down the stairs and joins the conversation.  
          Constance tells Matthew that she really does not want Elliot to 
          come back to Peyton Place.  Allison asks her mother if she knew 
          Elliot.  Constance is evasive. 
Scene 7:  In the beach house, Rossi is entertaining Constance.  He says 
          the cottage has really grown on him.  Constance says that 
          Elliot may want the beach house back if he gets out of prison.  
          He talks about how much free time he has now.  Constance 
          assures him that he will have his practice back again.  He 
          talks about how he wants to know his patients.  Rossi asks her 
          how she feels about him.  Rossi almost proposes.  Rossi says, 
          "Talk to me."  They kiss.  
Scene 8:  Outside view of the state prison.  Inside, Elliot is being 
          pestered by his cell-mate.  Elliot grabs his neck and says, 
          "One more word out of you, and I'll break your neck." 
Preview:  Out his office window, George sees Rodney talking with Allison 
          and tells Julie.  In the library Rodney talks to Allison.    
          Elliot asks Matthew if he thinks Elliot killed his wife.  
          Matthew avoids the question. 
          GA:  You have a look out on that square?  
          JA:  No.
          GA:  Well you'd better take a look.  That fine young 
               son-in-law of yours is up to something with Allison 
          RH:  When I was a kid, I used to spend a lot of time here. 
               Throw spit balls.  Write notes to girls. 
          AM:  I know, I used to watch you.
          EC:  You think I killed my wife, Mr. Swain?
          MS:  All the parole board wants from me is my opinion as to 
               whether ...
          EC:  Whether I can safely return to Peyton Place.

Christine Gordon-uncredited.
Elliot's cell-mate.
William Kennerly, Jr.-uncredited.    
Mr. Child, insurance client.
Fred Gardner, insurance client.
Dan, a Chandlery customer.