Episode 26.           
          Matthew Swain visits Elliot Carson in state prison.
WA:       Locked up in the state prison is a convict named Elliot Carson.  
          And locked up within Elliot Carson is a secret which could 
          shatter the lives of Constance and Allison Mackenzie. 
Intro:    The entrance gate of the Massachusetts state prison.  A prison 
          Guard walks on top of the brick wall. 
Scene 1:  In the visitors room in the prison, Matthew signs in.  Elliot 
          comes in and greets him.  They sit down and talk at length.  
          Elliot says he knows that the man who killed his wife is still 
          in Peyton Place, but he doesn't know who he is.  Matthew talks 
          about the letters Elliot wrote while he was in the navy. 
Scene 2:  Allison is in the library as Rodney comes in.  They chat.  She 
          says she has to get to work.  She goes over to a table and sits 
          down.  Allison is working on a school paper.  Rodney writes a 
          note to Allison.  Allison tells Rodney goodbye.  He follows her 
          out of the library.  Faraday's Bluff is mentioned. 
Scene 3:  On the street, Rodney and Allison continue to talk.  George 
          Anderson comes up and annoys them.  George asks if they've been 
          to the library.  He asks how Betty is.  George asks Rodney to 
          quit calling him Mr. Anderson.  George leaves.  He goes up to 
          his office and complains to Julie about the way Rodney is 
          treating Betty.  George starts to call Betty. 
Scene 4:  Back on the square, Rodney talks to Allison some more.  He 
          drives off, burning rubber. 
Scene 5:  In the insurance office, Julie tells George that Mr. Frasier 
          called half an hour ago.  Julie suggests that George go to see 
          Dr. Rossi. 
Scene 6:  Rodney comes home carrying a book.  He lays it down and talks 
          to Betty.  He reflects that Betty is very quiet.  They talk 
          about George Anderson and Allison Mackenzie. 

Scene 7:  In Rossi's office, George is talking to the doctor.  He talks 
          about hurting Julie.  George leaves.  Rossi picks up the phone 
          and calls Laura in.  

          Dr. Rossi asks Laura when Bradley became a pathologist.  He 
          says that Bradley did an appendectomy on George.  He asks Laura 
          why a surgeon would become a pathologist.  Laura says that 
          Bradley went to Florida for a while.  Rossi tells her he thinks 
          it is strange that at 40, a doctor would change his specialty.  
          He says that his hospital suspension was the result of an 
          autopsy that Dr. Bradley did.  He is beginning to get an 
          inkling of what is going on.  
Scene 8:  At Doctors Hospital, Dr. Joe Bradley receives a call alerting 
          him that Dr. Rossi wants to see him.  Rossi comes in and 
          complains that Bradley did not follow the procedure.  Dr. 
          Shimner did not attend the autopsy.  Bradley says he resents 
          the inplication.  Bradley says the reason he changed fields is 
          that he developed rheumatoid arthritis and had to give up 
          surgery.  Bradley tells Rossi to leave.  Rossi leaves. 
Scene 9:  Dr. Bradley starts to call Dr. Morton.  Then hangs up.  He asks 
          the operator to find the phone number for Laura Brooks, home or 
Preview:  Eli talks to Allison.  George talks to Julie.  Matthew tells 
          Dr. Rossi not to push. 
          Eli: Did I tell you anything?
          AM:  Yes.
          Eli: You told me something too, Allison.
          GA:  Where have you been?
          JA:  Right here.
          GA:  Sure you have, Julie.  Sure you have.  Liar.

          MR:  You want me to be a good boy?
          MS:  I didn't say that.
          MR:  What did you say?
          MS:  I said don't push.
          MR:  Are you getting ready to tell me I don't belong in 
               Peyton Place? 
Mr. Frasier, only mentioned.
Dr. Joe Bradley-Charles Irving, uncredited.
Faraday's Bluff.