Episode 27.           
          Dr. Joe Bradley takes Laura Brooks to lunch at the Inn.

WA:       The small world of Peyton Place has become a big and 
          frightening world for George Anderson.  A man in deadly fear 
          of losing the two things he loves most, his wife Julie and his 
          daughter, Betty. 
Intro:    Leaves blowing.  A tree and a picket fence. 
Scene 1:  George Anderson tries to make an insurance sale in the square 
          by the bandstand.  His potential client, Sam Hosmer, tells him 
          maybe next year.  George suggests next year at 10:00 o'clock.  
          Sam walks off.  

          Dr. Rossi drives up, takes his medical bag out of the back 
          seat, and talks with George.  He asks George how he is.  George 
          mentions the tranquilizers that Rossi gave him.  George walks 

          Dr. Rossi then walks over and talks to Constance in front of 
          the Book Gallery.  She is putting up a SALE sign.  
          Constance asks Dr. Rossi if he ever had any New England fish 
          chowder.  She invites him to dinner.  He leaves.  She goes 
          inside her store and he heads for his office. 
Scene 2:  Constance talks to Eli Carson.  Eli says that Elliot may be 
          home for Christmans.  He feels faint and asks to sit down.  
          Allison comes in and talks to her mother.  She talks to Eli and 
          asks what his son, Elliot, is like.  Allison says that she 
          feels that Elliot is coming home. 

Scene 3:  Dr. Joe Bradley takes Laura Brooks to lunch at the Colonial 
          Post Inn restaurant.  He tells her that Bob Morton and her 
          husband Donald Brooks, assisted him in his last operation which 
          was on Matthew Swain.  He goes on to say Catherine died of 
          shock on the operating table.  He wants her to tell Dr. Rossi 
          that suspensions don't last forever.    

Scene 4:  In Rossi's office, the phone rings and Rossi talks briefly to a 
          Mrs. Putnam.  He explains that he is still seeing patients and 
          that he is referring his surgical patients to Dr. Burris.  He 
          tells her that he can see her tomorrow at 10:00.  Laura relays 
          to Rossi that Joe Bradley told her that suspensions don't last 
          forever.  She tells him that Dr. Bradley's last surgery was on 
          Matthew Swain.  Dr. Bradley asked her to lunch to pump her for 
          information.  She says that five years ago when she asked her 
          Husband about that operation, he changed the subject. 

Scene 5:  Outside, the Interstate Bus pulls in.  Matthew Swain gets off 
          and he goes over to talk with Allison.  She gives him her story 
          for the Observer column.  The story concerns Elliot's return.  
          He tells Allison to tell her mother he will be in to see her 
          later.  Allison goes in to see her mother. 
Scene 6:  Dr. Rossi talks to Matthew Swain.  Swain tells him that Dr. 
          Morton took care of him after Dr. Bradley's surgery five years 
          ago.  Swain tells Rossi that Dr. Bradley probably had a 
          prolonged illness, and was away for a year or so.  Tuberculosis 
          or something like that.  Swain tells him that stirring things 
          up is not the way to get his hospital privileges back. 

Scene 7:  George Anderson takes a bottle out of the cabinet, which 
          appears to be the cabinet the small TV is sometimes on.  He is 
          drinking as his wife, Julie appears on the stairs.  She has 
          presumable walked down the stairs.  She comes on down and they 
          talk at length and she starts to go back upstairs.  He accuses 
          her of preparing to go see Leslie.  He says he's going to teach 
          her a lesson. 
Scene 8:  Julie goes to the Peyton Mills to talk to Leslie, and as she's 
          entering Leslie's outer office, the phone rings and she starts 
          to pick it up and answer it.  Leslie comes in and she hands him 
          the phone.  Leslie deals with a difficult customer.  She talks 
          with Leslie about Betty, Rodney, and George.  Leslie asks Julie 
          to come back as his secretary.  She asks Leslie to give George 
          his sales job.  Leslie reminds Julie that George quit but tells 
          her he would do anything for her.  They talk about the will and 
          the codicil.  He again asks her to come back to the mill as his 

Scene 9:  George Anderson walks around on the street and goes home.  He 
          begins drinking again.  Julie comes down the stairs and talks 
          with him for a while.   She tells him that she went to see 
          Leslie.  This starts an argument.  George says that he is going 
          to teach her a lesson.  He attacks her.  She picks up the 
          telephone and clobbers him with the base of the telephone.  He 
          collapses [Almost like the wicked witch of the west].  She 
          calls the hospital and tells the operator that she needs to 
          talk with Dr. Rossi. 
Preview:  Julie talks to Betty.  Dr. Bradley tells Rossi to leave the 
          laboratory.  Rossi grabs him by the lapels and speaks roughly 
          to him.  Allison asks her mother, "Are you in love with Dr. 
          Rossi.  Constance says, "Why do you ask." 
          BA:  How did it happen?
          JA:  He was drunk.
          BA:  He's been drunk before.
          JA:  Not like this.  I was afraid he was going to kill me.
          JB:  I'd like you to leave the laboratory.  I've got
               work to do. 
          MR:  Now you listen to me.  I'm fighting for my 
               professional life.  Do you understand that?  Do you 
               think I'm going to take this lying down?.

          AM:  Mother, are you in love with Dr. Rossi?
          CM:  Why do you ask?
          AM:  It's a natural question.

Sam Hosmer, potential insurance client-uncredited.
Mrs. Putnam, on phone with Dr. Rossi.
Dr. Joe Bradley, pathologist-Charles Irving.