Episode 28.       
          Dr. Joe Bradley admits his lie. 
WA:       The insane jealousy of George Anderson has provoked a 
          terrifying reflex from his wife, Julie, and a desperate call 
          for help from her shattered home. 
Intro:    Clouds.  Buildings in downtown Peyton Place,  

Scene 1:  Julie is calling for help from home.  She tells the operator 
          that there is an emergency and that she needs Dr. Rossi.  The 
          operator says that she will connect her to Dr. Rossi's 
          answering service. 

Scene 2:  In the Mackenzie livingroom, Dr. Rossi is talking to Constance 
          about New England fish chowder.  The phone rings and Constance 
          answers.  She hands the phone to Dr. Rossi.  He is summoned to 
          the Anderson house.  He calls Julie and tells her he will be 
          right over.  Constance asks if George hurt her.  Rossi tells 
          her that it was George that got hurt.  Allison comes home as 
          Rossi is rushing out to go to the Anderson house.  He asks her 
          how the movie was, but doesn't wait for an answer.  

          Allison says that she enjoyed the movie, but didn't know 
          whether she liked it.  Allison asks her mother if she is in 
          love with Dr. Rossi.  Constance tells Allison there is no wall 
          around the house.  Allison replies that there is.  Constance 
          had just told her. 

Scene 3:  At Doctors Hospital, using a special medical magnifying glass, 
          Dr. Rossi looks in George Anderson's eyes.  Rossi tells the 
          nurse to take George up to x-ray.  He gives other procedural 
          orders.  Dr. Tom Fielding, the resident on duty, assisting Dr. 
          Rossi, reminds Rossi that his privileges have been suspended.  
          He tells Rossi that he called Dr. Morton and that Dr. Morton 
          has said that Rossi was not to treat the patient. 
Scene 4:  Rossi tells Julie that he is not worried about George.  He is 
          more worried about Julie.  Dr. Morton comes in and lays down 
          the law to Rossi.  Rossi asks Morton, that if George dies, will 
          he and Dr. Joe Bradley get together to conduct another secret 
          autopsy.  This insenses Dr. Morton.  Rossi leaves. 
Scene 5:  Rodney and Betty pull up to the Mackenzie house in his ragtop 
          convertible.  Julie is staying with Constance.  Rodney is 
          polite to her and asks if there is anything he can do to help.  

          Betty gets out and goes up to the house.  Allison invites her 
          in.  They talk.  Allison says, she must go to class.  She goes 
          outside and talks with Rodney.  Rodney tells her that she has 
          missed her senior English class.  Rodney has History 104.  She 
          says she must go to class.  He offers to drive her there.  
          Allison says he better wait for Betty. 

Scene 6:  Julie and Betty are talking in the Anderson house.  Betty 
          mentions her mother and Leslie kissing.  Betty asks if there 
          were other times.  Her mother says, "There were no other times.  
          You've got to believe that." 

Scene 7:  Back at Doctors Hospital, Rossi goes in to see Dr. Joe Bradley.  
          Bradley asks if Morton knows he is there.  Rossi says that 
          Bradley is enough.  Bradley tries to call Dr. Morton.  Rossi 
          pushes down on the phone cradle button to end the call.  
          Bradley tells Rossi again to leave.  Rossi says he is fighting 
          for his professional life.  Rossi complains to Dr. Bradley that 
          Bradley excluded Dr. Shimner, who was standing by, when he did 
          the autopsy.  Rossi mentions that after Bradley was gone for a 
          year, Bradley returned as a pathologist.  Rossi leaves.  
          Bradley goes out and tells the nurse that he must see Dr. 
          Morton now. 
Scene 8:  In private, Joe Bradley tells Dr. Morton that he was obligated 
          to Morton for saving his career five years ago.  And 
          that he lied about the Catherine Harrington autopsy.  Rossi's 
          diagnosis was correct, Catherine Harrington did have a 
          perforated ulcer.  He says Rossi is hounding him.  Dr. Morton 
          says, "This is a strange and difficult thing you did, Joe."  
          Morton says that he was sure the autopsy would vindicate him.  
          Dr. Morton tells Dr. Bradley to go home, that he will call him 
Scene 9:  Dr. Morton goes out to the Information Desk and tells the nurse 
          on duty to tell anyone who asks, that she doesn't know where 
          Dr. Bradley is.  He adds, "That goes for everyone, nurses, 
          doctors, orderlies." 
Preview:  Laura talks to Leslie.  Rossi talks to Morton.  Norman thals to 
          LB:  Are you going to say Catherine was unbalanced?  
          LH:  She had a doctor.
          LB:  Dr. Morton's word may not carry enough weight either.
          LH:  What do you mean?
          MR:  The patient has died.  Why?  Because I saw something 
               you didn't see.
          RM:  I fail to see what bearing that has.
          MR:  You don't see because you don't want to see.
          NH:  Doesn't that go against the grain, the New England 
               grain, the sense of morality? 
          AM:  Oh, Norman, don't be so square.
          NH:  What you said?
          AM:  Who is going to know?

Dr. Joe Bradley, pathologist-Charles Irving, uncredited.
Dr. Joe Bradley and Dr. Robert B. Morton are best friends.
Nurse-Alberta Nelson-uncredited [Goober's girlfriend, Flora Malherbe, 
  in the Andy Griffith Show.]
Dr. Tom Fielding, see also episode 302.