Episode 29.
          Dr. Bradley's confession and letter of resignation is shown to 
          Dr. Rossi.  The parole hearing begins. 
WA:       Leslie Harrington runs the biggest mill in Peyton Place.  He 
          drives the biggest car.  He owns the biggest house.  Once 
          Leslie gets his hands on something, he never lets it go. 
Intro:    Smokestack, mill, large car, but not a limousine, house. 

Scene 1:  In the Harrington house, Leslie is talking with his sister, 
          Laura.  He is telling her he intends to fight the codicil.  
          Laura tells Leslie how Bradley called Morton out of a meeting. 

          The chimes ring and Mary invites Dr. Morton in.  Laura excuses 
          herself and says that she is leaving.  

          Leslie asks Dr. Morton if he conspired with Dr. Joe Bradley.  
          Morton explains that it was entirely Dr. Bradley's idea, not 
          his.  Leslie wants Morton to say that Catherine was disturbed 
          at the time she penned the codicil.  Morton says that he didn't 
          come there to negotiate.  Leslie offers Morton a drink.  Leslie 
          continues to insist.  Morton declines the drink and leaves.  
          Norman appears at the top of the stairs.  He most likely has 
          heard some of the conversation. 

Scene 2:  Not far from the beach house, a light-house is seen.  Rossi 
          comes in his cottage, sees a silhouette and calls out, 
          "Connie?"  However, It is Laura waiting for him.  Laura says 
          that she was just a school girl when Elizabeth was killed.  
          Rossi asks why she came there.  She says, I like the view, 
          Mike.  I didn't know you were expecting company."  She asks if 
          he wants her to leave.  She replies, No.  She says it is 
          charming.  He asks her if she had ever been there before.  She 
          says he never invited her.  He says he means before he moved 
          in.  She said she was a school girl when the Carsons lived 
          there.  He asked her why she came.  She says on an impulse.  
          She makes a toast to the success of Dr. Michael Rossi.  She 
          tells him that he will not only get back his medical 
          privileges, he will be put on the staff.  He asks how she knows 
          this.  She will have Leslie, her brother, head of the hospital 
          board appoint him assistant chief-of-staff.  He asks her if she 
          pulled strings for Dr. Brooks.  She admits she did and she 
          wishes he had stopped her.  Rossi tells her to quit trying to 
          manipulate things.  She bids him a goodnight and leaves. 

Scene 3:  Dr. Morton is talking to Grace and tells her that Catherine 
          died of a perforated ulcer as Dr. Rossi had diagnosed.  He told 
          her that Dr. Bradley had lied.  He tells her that Leslie wants 
          him to testify that Catherine was disturbed. 

Scene 4:  Allison comes over and talks to Norman, who is sitting in a 
          swing at the playground.  She asks Norman where his English 
          Literature book is.  He says he didn't have his assignment yet. 
Scene 5:  Matthew goes in to see Constance.  He tells her that the parole 
          board hearing will be tomorrow.  It is clear that she doesn't 
          want Elliot Carson to return to Peyton Place. 
Scene 6:  Dr. Morton drives up and goes in the Peyton Professional 
          Building, the same entrance as the Clarion.  
Scene 7:  Laura tells Dr. Rossi that she is going to reorganize the 
          files.  She says that Mrs. Olsen called to say she'll be back.  
          Laura puts the file in the file cabinet.  Dr. Morton walks in.  
          He tells Rossi that he is going away for a while.  He shows 
          Rossithe confession from Dr. Bradley.  Dr. Morton tells Rossi 
          how he is going to make it up to him.  Reinstatement and a 
          public apology.  Rossi is cool about it and is courteous to Dr. 
          Morton.  Rossi asks him to stay at the hospital.  Dr. Morton 
          acknowleges that Dr. Rossi is a good doctor. 

Preview:  Guard walking above the brick wall at the state prison.  The 
          parole hearing.  The Commissioner asks that Carson be brought 
          in.  Allison talks with Constance.  Dr. Rossi talks with 
          Co:  Have Carson brought in, please.
               [Elliot Carson is brought in.]
          AM:  Mother, do you want me to go away?
          CM:  Allison, I would never send you away.
          MR:  Let go, George.
          GA:  Make me.  Go ahead, you're not my doctor anymore.  You 
               said I wasn't a patient anymore.  Just a minute. Go 

Dr. Joe Bradley, pathologist-Charles Irving.
Dr. Robert R. Morton-Kent Smith.
Mrs. Grace Morton-Edith Atwater, real-life wife of Kent Smith.