Episode 30.
          The parole hearing begins for Elliot Carson. 
WA:       In the long and troubled life of old Eli Carson, today is 
          perhaps the most momentous day of all.  His son Elliot will 
          stand before the parole board at the state prison.  They will 
          either send him back to Peyton Place, or send him back to his 
Intro:    Eli leaves the Chandlery for the trip to state prison. 
Scene 1:  Matthew calls on Dr. Rossi.  He congratulates him on his 
          reinstatement at Doctors Hospital.  He asks how it happened.  
          The board did not re-convene.  Dr. Morton had acted 
          independently.  Rossi does not tell the whole story to Matthew.  
          They go outside and talk to Eli.  Eli says it is the most 
          important day in his son's life.  The parole hearing will be at 
          2:00 o'clock.  The Interstate Bus pulls up.  Constance, in the 
          book store sees Matthew Swain and Eli Carson getting on the 
Scene 2:  George Anderson is being examined by Dr. Rossi.  George asks if 
          the doctor is going to spring him today.  Rossi says that Julie 
          will be staying with Constance for a while.  As they are 
          finishing up, Betty comes in.  Rossi says he will sign George 
          out at the desk.  George says, "You're calling the shots, doc.  
          Get it?"  Rossi leaves them alone for a while. 
Scene 3:  Leslie goes in to see Julie.  He says he had some business 
          downstairs in the bank.  They talk about Betty and things.  She 
          says she is leaving George.  Leslie asks her to come back to 
          the mill to her old job.  She says that won't solve anything. 
Scene 4:  Betty drives George to the front of the bank building.  She 
          says she will wait in the car for him and will drive him home.  
          He asks her if she thinks he needs a psychiatrist.  She asks 
          him what he thinks.  They hug.  George says he will be the 
          patient to end all patients.  He gets out and she drives off. 
Scene 5:  George goes in and talks to Julie at the insurance office.  She 
          says she is cleaning out her desk.  She has the checkbook ready 
          and the bills sorted.  George says that he is not giving her 
          any divorce.  He says that he won't let her leave.  As she goes 
          down the stairs, he calls, "Julie, Julie."  
Scene 6:  Allison has walked across the square, and starts to enter the 
          Ships Chandlery but goes on to the Book Gallery.  Constance has 
          just sold a book to Mrs. Tom Foley, wife of the postman.  
          Allison and Mrs. Foley speak.  Allison has brought some food.  
          Allison asks Constance why the Chandlery is closed.  Allison 
          asks how the town in Scotland is spelled where her father was 
          born.  Criswick.  Constance tells her to look it up on the map.
          She shows her mother her college application.  She is graduating 
          from high school mid-term.  Constance wants her to go to Sarah 
          Lawrence or Wellesley.  She can't enroll at those schools at 
          mid-term but she can in Peyton Place.  Besides she may not get 
          a scholarship. 

Scene 7:  At the state prison, Matthew and Eli are ushered into the 
          parole hearing room.  Massey sits at the end of the table to 
          the left.  The head Commissioner sits in the middle with a 
          minor Commissioner on either side and a stenographer on the 
          right.  Matthew explains to Mr. Massey, a dark skinned 
          official, and the rest of the assembled board why he and Eli 
          Carson are there.  Eli is told that he can't plead Elliot's 
          case in any way.  Eli says he understands that and he doesn't 
          want to break any rules.  Massey asks that Carson be brought 
          in.  Elliot is brought in by Massey who functions like a 
          bailiff.  Eli smiles broadly at seeing his son. 

Preview:  George talks to Betty.  Constance talks to Rossi.  Matthew 
          speaks to the parole board. 
          GA:  Now you just hold on, Betty.  Don't you give an inch.
          BA:  What am I going to hold on to Daddy? 
          CM:  You do know the circumstances of Allison's birth.  
               But I've never told about her father.  He's alive.  
               That's the second hardest thing I've ever had to say. 
          MS:  Elliot has paid his debt to society. 
          CM:  Carson is a murderer.  A convicted murderer.
          EC:  What so you want them to say commisioner.  That I 
               shouldn't go home. 
Mrs. Foley, wife of postman Tom Foley.
Mr. Massey, prison parole officer-uncredited.