Episode 31.
          Betty leaves for NYC.  Elliot has his parole hearing. 

WA:       The first snowstorm of winter is moving slowly across the 
          state.  It has not yet reached the penitentary where Elliot 
          Carson will face the parole board and learn the pattern of 
          his future. 
Intro:    Storm clouds.  The state prison. 

Scene 1:  The hearing room at state prison.  Elliot comes in and says, 
          "Hello, Dad."  The interview starts.  A member of the parole 
          board asks Elliot if he intends to return to Peyton Place.  
          Elliot indicates that he does. 
Scene 2:  In the Book Gallery, miss Harkness has just bought a picture 
          of a puppy, asking Allison to charge it.  Allison wraps it and 
          the lady leaves.  Allison talks to Dr. Rossi, who has just come 
          in.  She doesn't understand how a person can get sentimental 
          over a picture a puppy and not care about a person, referring 
          to Elliot Carson.  [Even at this early point in the series, 
          Allison doesn't believe think Elliot murdered his wife.]  
          Constance comes back in from outside.  She says that Allison is 
          positively obsessed with Elliot Carson.  Allison leaves for 
          afternoon class. 
Scene 3:  In the snow, Betty walks to the Mackenzie house.  She talks 
          with her mother, who is staying with Constance and Allison, 
          about her father, George.  Julie says she will get a room some 
          place.  George can have the house.  Betty asks her mother if 
          she is going back to the mill.  She says that Leslie has asked 
          her to return to the mill. 
Scene 4:  George prances into his livingroom and pours a drink.  He 
          phones the Mackenzie house and speaks to Allison.  He 
          identifies himself as Captain O'Shaughnessy.  Betty comes in 
          and talks to George.  George says, "Hold on, don't give an 
Scene 5:  Betty goes to the Harrington mansion, shakes the snow off her 
          scarf, and goes into the livingroom.  She talks to Rodney.  
Scene 6:  Constance calls at the cottage to talk to Dr. Rossi.  He pours 
          her a small sherry, she has to drive home.  Constance tells 
          Rossi that a woman was murdered in the beach house.  Rossi says 
          that was 18 years ago.  Allison's father is alive.  Rossi tells 
          her she must tell Allison.  She then adds that Elliot Carson is 
          Allison's father. 

Scene 7:  Across the street east from the Pharmacy, Allison sees Betty 
          carrying her suitcase.  She walks over and talks to her.  The 
          bus pulls up in front of the Interstate Bus terminal.  Betty 
          asks Allison not to tell anyone she saw her leave.  Betty gets 
          on the bus.  Allison watches the bus leave.  Inside the 
          Anderson agency in the Peyton Place Banking & Trust Co. 
          building, [or Chamber of Commerce building], George is 
Preview:  Rodney talks to Leslie.  Rossi talks to Constance.  George 
          talks to Rodney and Allison.  He threatens to kill Rodney. 
          RH:  I want to know where Betty is.  
          LH:  Why?  
          RH:  I did marry her.  
          LH:  If you let this come between us.  
          RH:  It has come between us. 
          MR:  But, his name was Elliot Carson then, and it's Elliot 
               Carson now.  And he is Allison's father.  I'm trying 
               to face the facts with you.  
          GA:  I know why Betty ran away.  But let me tell you 
               something.  If anything happens to her, I'll kill you.

Miss Harkness.
Puppy picture.
The beach road is closed.