Episode 32.
          Elliot returns to Peyton Place on New Years Day. 

WA:       The beginning of another year, a year that may bring great 
          changes in the lives of the people of Peyton Place.  But few 
          greater than that occuring in the life of a man named Elliot 
Intro:    Stream, deer, skaters, prison. 
Scene 1:  Elliot is escorted, by a guard, and Prison Parole Officer 
          Massey, to a room to change clothes prior to his release.  He 
          is given a new suit.  Massey has him sign some papers and tells 
          him he has to report to his parole officer White River within 
          24 hours.  He asks Elliot if he knows White River.  Elliot says 
          he used to take a girl there.  He puts on a dress shirt without 
          an undershirt.  Officer Massey helps him tie his tie.  He gives 
          Elliot the $40 mustering out pay. 
Scene 2:  In the Harrington house, Leslie is pouring a drink for Mr. 
          Blaine, owner of the Blaine Detective Agency.  Rodney comes 
          down and is introduced to the detective.  Blaine says that he 
          tracked Betty to the Quincy Hotel in Boston where she stayed 
          for two days.  The detective says three years is desertion.  He 
          goes to the hall to check in with his office.  Rodney talks to 
          his father.  Leslie asks Rodney if he wants a divorce.  Rodney 
          says he wants to know where Betty is.  Leslie asks, why.  
          Leslie walks over to the fireplace and looks at the portrait of 
          Samuel Peyton. [1845-1912] 

Scene 3:  George has driven over and walks up to the Mackenzie house and 
          is admitted by Julie.  He removes his hat.  Rodney is there.  
          George asks if Rodney has heard from Betty.  Rodney says that 
          he has.  He received a post card this morning.  Rodney leaves. 
          Rodney leaves the Mackenzie house and runs into Allison.  He 
          asks her what she has.  Allison asks Rodney to help her put up 
          a bird feeder that a boy at school made for her in wood shop.  
          Rodney asks if the boy was an admirer.  She says that he was a 
          fellow bird lover. [We infer that the school has a metal shop 
          as well as a wood shop, or she wouldn't have had to specify 
          wood.  Mr. Klinger is the wood shop teacher.  see episode 479.] 
          Back inside the Mackenzie house, George Anderson is still 
          talking with Julie.  Julie has a sister Lois.  George has 
          called her and little Tommy says that he hasn't even seen 
          his cousin Betty.  Julie had not told George the truth about 
          Betty.  She tells him a detective is looking for Betty. 

Scene 4:  Back outside, Rodney puts up Allison's birdfeeder for her.  She 
          thanks him.  George comes out and talks to Rodney and Allison.  
          George threatens that if Betty doesn't come back he will kill 
          Rodney.  George leaves.  Rodney says he didn't even know Betty 
          was leaving.  Allison tells Rodney that she did.  She promised 
          Betty not to tell anyone.  Rodney goes to his car and leaves. 
Scene 5:  Back at the Harrington house, Laura talks with her brother, 
          Leslie.  Laura says that she spent New Years Eve alone.  Leslie 
          says that he went to bed early.  Leslie says that Catherine was 
          mentally unbalanced when she added the codicil.  He says that 
          Theodore Dowell is going to go ahead and fight the codicil.  
          [A codicil is an amendment to a will.]  Laura tells Leslie that 
          Elliot is coming home tonight. 
Scene 6:  Matthew Swain goes into the Book Gallery and talks with 
          Constance.  He helps her take down a promotional placard.  She 
          was having trouble removing a tack with her fingers.  He wishes 
          her a "Happy New Year." 
Scene 7:  Outside, Matthew is walking toward the Ships Chandlery.  In the 
          Chandlery, Eli is braiding an eye splice into a large rope.  
          Not really that large for a nautical rope.  A large wall clock 
          with a pendulum is ticking.  Matthew comes in to talk with Eli.  
          Eli says Elliot didn't tell him when the bus would come in.  
          Matthew says he didn't want Eli waiting out in the cold.  Eli 
          opines that he never asked Matthew whether he thought Elliot 
          was innocent.  Matthew agrees that they never discussed it.  
          Matthew says there were times when he thought that Eli might 
          want to discuss it.  Matthew says greet Elliot and to wish him 
          his best. 
Scene 8:  In the Book Gallery, Constance is working on a display and cuts 
          herself on a broken ornament.  Dr. Rossi opportunely comes in 
          and patches her up.  Rossi walks Constance to the car.  
          Constance tells Dr. Rossi that Ellion Carson is coming home 
          that night.  They talk about Elliot and the fact that 18 years 
          have passed.  They leave the store and talk a moment on the 
          street.  Constance says that She is apprehensive at Elliot's 
          return.  Dr. Rossi talks about Elliot being Allison's father.  
          Rossi and Constance leave the Book gallery and continue to 
          talk.  Rossi says that it may be a good thing for Elliot to 
          return.  Constance may at last be able to bury her past. 
Scene 9:  Elliot Carson arrives in Peyton Place on the Interstate bus.  
          He gets off in front of the Pharmacy.  The bus drives off 
          without taking on any new passengers.  Carrying one small 
          suitcase, he walks down the street toward the Ships Chandlery. 
Preview:  George is talking to Leslie.  Eli is talking to Elliot.  Rodney 
          is talking to Allison. 

          GA:  I could have been someone.  This could have been mine.  
               Why did you do it, Les?
          Eli: Some ways its easier to stay in prison.  Is that what 
               you're thinking?
          EC:  It's not quite that simple.
          Eli: That's what you're saying.
          EC:  My trial commences when I walk down that street tomorrow.

          RH:  The three of us, you, me, Betty.  We've all felt guilty.
          AM:  Yes, maybe.  All three of us were in love with the wrong 

Ofc. Massey-Hari Rhodes.
Lois-Julie's sister.
Little Tommy.
The bird feeder in this episode was mentioned, or appeared, in episodes 
  72, 203, 259, 307, 418, and 504.