Episode 33.
          Elliot Carson returns and George barricades his office. 

WA:       Snow covers Peyton Place now in these first days of the new 
          year.  What will the year hold for Constance Mackenzie and 
          Michael Rossi?  They know it must bring change, for it has 
          already brought Elliot Carson back to Peyton Place.  Elliot 
          Carson, freed on parole, after serving 18 years of a life 
          sentence, for the murder of his wife.  Elliot Carson has 
          returned to make sure that changes do occur. 
Intro:    After de-bussing, Elliot Carson walks west on the south side 
          of the square, toward the Clarion, carrying one small 
          suitcase in his left hand. 

Written by Theodore and Mathilde Ferro.
Directed by Ted Post.
Scene 1:  At 1:20 in the morning, Elliot quietly enters the Chandlery 
          and finds his father sleeping.  He hits the five cent key on 
          the cash register.  Eli is awakened by the bell and is 
          obviously delighted to see his son.  He hugs his long-
          departed son.  Eli tells Elliot that he is free.  Elliot 
          says he's on parole.  [In an earlier episode Eli said we 
          wanted to be at the prison when Elliot was released, but 
          Elliot didn't want his father waiting for the bus in the 
          cold weather.] 
Scene 2:  Without a proper wrap, Allison runs out in the cold to the 
          mailbox and to get the local paper, the Clarion.  In the 
          sanctuary of the Mackenzie kitchen, Julie is sitting at the 
          breakfast table and Allison and Constance are standing.  
          Allison hands Julie the paper and mentions that Elliot Carson 
          arrived last night.  Julie looks at the paper.  The phone rings 
          in the livingroom and Allison answers.  

          Betty has called to talk with her mother, Julie.  Betty says 
          that she is in New York City.  Julie comes back in the kitchen.  
          Allison tries to assure Julie that Betty will be all right.  
          Allison leaves for school.  Julie dials the phone to call 
          George, but no one answers at the Anderson house. 
Scene 3:  Later that morning in front of the Book Gallery, Rodney drives 
          up in his hard-top convertible and talks with Allison.  She 
          tells him that Betty called her mother this morning.  They go 
          into the Book Gallery, and talk some more.  Allison tells 
          Rodney that Betty called from NYC.  She says that she thinks 
          Betty doesn't want to be found.  Rodney expresses his 
          continuing concern for Betty but professes his love for 

Scene 4:  Back on the street, Allison meets up with Elliot, he smiles but 
          neither of them speak.  Allison has probably never seen an 
          ex-con before.  Elliot so newly out of prison doesn't know what 
          he should say or if he should even speak. 
Scene 5:  At Peyton Mills, Leslie comes out of his inner office and 
          speaks to his temporary secretary, Marian, but he seems to call 
          her Mary.  George walks in the outer office.  Leslie tells 
          Marian that it is all right.  Leslie tells George that he looks 
          awful.  George had been in White River.  Leslie tells George 
          that he had better see a doctor.  George asked Leslie why he 
          did it.  Leslie starts to phone Julie.  George puts his hand on 
          the rotary dial.  Leslie says they are looking for Betty.  
          George hallucinates that he is still working for Leslie and 
          that he has just gotten back from a trip.  He asks Leslie why 
          he wanted to see him. 
Scene 6:  In the square, Elliot walks over to the square and finds George 
          Anderson on the bandstand.  George still looks a mess.  George 
          recognizes Elliot and greets him warmly.  George tells Elliot 
          how well he is doing.  Elliot mentions how he spent time on a 
          life raft in the Pacific after surviving a kamikaze attack,  
          Elliot leaves.  George goes into his office and finds Howard 
          King, rent collector for the Davis Real Estate Management 
          company that manages the Peyton Place Professional building.  
          George had forgotten to lock the door.  George promises a 
          certified check at 10:00 o'clock the next morning.  

          Howard King leaves and George goes into his siege mode.  George 
          bolts the door and places furniture against it.  The telephone 
          phone rings.  He sits at this desk and opens the drawer.  He 
          puts some cartridges in a clip and puts the clip in his 
          Japanese automatic pistol. 
Preview:  Elliot talks with Dr, Rossi.  Allison talks with Matthew Swain.  
          Julie calls to George. 
          EC:  And I suppose you think that's not the only memory I have 
               of this place? 
          MR:  Frankly, I was surprised that you wanted to come back 
          EC:  Because of what happened to my wife? 
          AM:  Why do we watch any of this.  We can't help. 
          MS:  For every disaster draws a crowd. 
          AM:  There's something wrong with us. 
          JA:  George, it's Julie.  Let me in.  Please, George.  For me.
          A shot rings out.
MEL:      In 1964, the viewers had to wait five days to find out that 
          George Anderson had murdered his office telephone.  [telecide?]

Howard King, Davis Realty Company-uncredited.