Episode 34.
          George shoots his telephone. 

WA:       Midnight in Peyton Place.  The square is deserted but a light 
          burns in an office window where George Anderson has barricaded 
          himself against the world. 
Intro:    Streetlight.  George Anderson Insurance office window on the 
          second floor of the bank building, sometiimes referred to as 
          the Chamber of Commerce building. 
Scene 1:  George places cartridges in a clip and inserts the clip in his 
          Japanese automatic pistol.  
Scene 2:  Fire burning in the fireplace.  At the cottage, Michael Rossi 
          is on the couch reading.  He hears a noise and goes outside.  
          Elliot is outside.  Michael invites him in.  They talk.  
          Michael serves him whiskey.  Michael asks him what his plans 
          are for the cottage.  Elliot says that he plans to paint it. 
          Michael asks him if he wants the cottage back.  Elliot says he 
          wants to think about it. 

Scene 3:  Rent collector, Howard King, knocks on George Anderson's office 
          door.  George is resting on a couch.  He is barricaded inside.  
          He doesn't respond.  King continues to knock.  He takes out a 
          key and unbolts the door, but the door is barricaded.  He 
          pleads for Anderson to be reasonable.  King hears the pistol 
          being cocked.  He jumps back. 

Scene 4:  Inside the Mackenzie house, Julie and Constance are drinking 
          coffee in the kitchen as the phone rings.  Julie talks to 
          Howard King.  Julie asks Constance to call Dr. Rossi and for 
          him to meet her at George's office. 

Scene 5:  Rossi knocks on George's office door and calls out to him.  The 
          phone rings inside the office.  Steam escapes from the radiator 
          frightening George.  Rossi calls out to George.  Julie calls to 
          George.  The phone rings again.  George shoots the telephone.  
          It appears to be a genuine Western Electric® dial 
          telephone, not one of those cheap imitations.  Julie tries to 
          force her way in.  Rossi restrains her.  They withdraw. 

Scene 6:  Elliot enters the bank building an goes up to George's office 
          door.  He convinces George to allow him in.  They talk war 
          stories for a while.  Elliot calls him Sgt. Anderson.  
          Outside, Allison and the other townsfolk are watching the siege 
          and talking about George Anderson.  Elliot asks George what 
          happened to the telephone.  He hits George on the back of the 
          head and takes Japanese automatic pistol. 
Scene 7:  George comes out of the office followed by Elliot.  Rossi says 
          he'll take George to the hospital in his car.  George asks 
          Elliot to come with him.  George tells Julie that he is sorry.  
          The group goes outside and George and Elliot get in the back of 
          Rossi's car.   Matthew is there by now and walks to the Book 
          Gallery and speaks to Allison who is waiting outsied.  They go 
          inside and talk. 
Scene 8:  Rossi goes to the Mackenzie house and talks with Constance and 
          Julie.  He says that George will be in the sanitarium for quite 
          a while.  He is manic depressive.  He gives Julie two 
          sedagives. He tells the ladies that, "Any man who shoots a 
          telephone because it is ringing is dangerous."  They agree that 
          Elliot took quite a chance. 
Scene 9:  Children are building a snowman in the square as Elliot walks 
          over to the Book Gallery and talks with Constance.  She asks 
          Elliot what he thinks of Dr. Rossi.  Elliot says that he is 
          taking care of Eli.  He doesn't know yet what to think of 
          Rossi.  He tells her not to be afraid of him.  He asks how much 
          Allison knows about him.  Constance says she only knows that he 
          has been in prison 18 years.  She expresses her concern for 
          Allison.  Elliot allows, "I would never do anything to hurt 
Preview:  Leslie talks with Elliot.  Allison talks with her uncle Matt.  
          Eli talks with his son, Elliot. 
          LH:  Seriously Elliot, if there's anything I can do.  If the 
               Chandlery doesn't work out for you, I can always pull a 
               few strings. 
          EC:  Don't wait on it Leslie. 
          AM:  I said I wanted to see the files on Elliot Carson's trial. 
          MS:  Why? 
          AM:  I met him this morning and I liked him.  I liked him very 
          Eli: Elizabeth was a bad woman. 
          EC:  That's not what I asked you. 
          Eli: Does it matter, now? 
          EC:  You think I killed her.  You think I'm a murderer. 

Howard King, rent collector for Jack Davis Realty-uncredited.