Episode 35.       
          Leslie offers Elliot a job.  
WA:       A pebble thrown into a stream creates ever widening ripples.  
          Elliot Carson away in prison for 18 years has been hurled back 
          into the stream of life in Peyton Place and the ripples thus 
          created, continue to widen. 
MEL:      Between episodes, George Anderson was taken to the Greenvale 
          Sanitarium in Green Valley by Dr. Rossi. 
Intro:    The square.  Allison runs over and straightens the snowman's 
          hat.  In the previous episode children were building the snow 
Scene 1:  Elliot is visiting Constance in the Book Gallery.  Constance 
          tells Elliot that Allison only knew that he had been in prison 
          for 18 years.  Constance expresses concern.  Elliot says that 
          he would never do anything to hurt Allison.  Allison comes in 
          and Constance introduces her to Elliot Carson.  Allison says 
          that she didn't know her mother knew Elliot. Elliot tells 
          Allison he has been reading her column in prison.  He tells her 
          he worked on a [prison] newspaper once.  Constance and Elliot 
Scene 2:  Elliot is talking to Constance outside the Book Gallery as 
          Leslie drives up and welcomes Elliot back.  Leslie offers 
          Elliot help by pulling strings or arranging an opening at the 
          mill.  Elliot replies, "Don't wait on it, Leslie."  Elliot 

          Leslie says, "There goes Elliot Carson's worst enemy."  (Laura 
          Harrington Brooks has been watching this encounter from Dr. 
          Rossi's office window). 
Scene 3:  In Rossi's outer office, Laura is filing some papers as her 
          brother, Leslie Harrington comes in.  She tenders Dr. Rossi her 
          resignation.  Leslie talks with his sister, Laura Harrington 
          Brooks.  He asks how George is doing.  Laura is very catty, 
          today.  But not as catty as Betty Anderson, Catherine 
          Harrington Peyton, or Hannah Cord can be.  Laura notes Leslie's 
          concern about two of the city's problem citizens.  Leslie asks 
          how long George will be in the sanitarium.  Leslie says that 
          there is nothing feminine about bull-dog tenacity.  He says 
          she will never break Michael Rossi.  She should give up. 
Scene 4:  Norman is straightening the snow man's hat.  Rodney drives up 
          to the square and honks for Norman.  Rodney invites Norman to 
          ride with him to take clothes for George to the Green Valley 
          Sanitarium.  Norman declines.  Norman tells Rodney that he has 
          a date with Allison.  Rodney says inter-family competition.  
          Norman reminds Rodney that he is married.  Rodney says, "Yes, 
          and his wife is in New York."  Rodney gets out.  The snowman 
          gets his hat replaced.  A snowball fight ensues. 
Scene 5:  Rossi comes into his office and tells Laura that her nephews 
          are on the square having a snowball fight.  He says that he was 
          tempted to join them.  Laura asks Rossi if she can't talk to 
          him for a minute.  Laura tells Rossi that she is going on a 
          world vacation.  She has enjoyed her work but she intends to 
          quit while she is ahead.  She will use the bundle of money 
          Rossi paid her for Donald's practice.  She says that the only 
          thing she did for Donald was to push him.  
Scene 6:  That night across the street from the square, in the Clarion, 
          Matthew is talking to Allison.  Allison is looking in a big 
          book of old newspapers.  [Nowadays, this would be done with a 
          microfilm viewer.] 
Scene 7:  In the Chandlery, Elliot is helping Eli.  Eli invites Elliot to 
          have dinner at the Inn.  Elliot mentions that Eli told the 
          parole board that he nets $8000 a year.  Eli says, "I don't 
          often tell a lie."  

Scene 8:  At the boarding house, Mrs. Hewitt knocks and brings Elliot a 
          goose-down pillow.  She tells Elliot that one of her lady 
          boarders, a Mrs. Cook, is moving out because of Elliot Carson.  
          Elliot says that he doesn't want to make trouble her.  She 
          mentions her daughter Nell.  Nell and Elizabeth were friends.  
          He assures her that he did not kill his wife.  She says that 
          there are folks who say that Elizabeth deserved what she got.  
          Eli and Elliot are dressing for the evening.  [This scene 
          presages the rejection that Elliot will have to endure.] 
Preview:  Ada Jacks talks with Elliot Carson.  Mrs. Wagner talks with 
          Betty Anderson Harrington.  Allison talks with Rodney. 
          AJ:  They didn't send you up on my testimony.  It was the 
               Hanley kid's story.
          EC:  Little Paul wasn't telling them what happened.
          AJ:  He saw you kill her.
          EC:  He said he saw.
          MW:  Are you in trouble?
          BA:  Trouble?
          MW:  Trouble.
          BA:  No.
          MW:  Are you married?
          BA:  Mrs. Wagner, I need a job.
          AM:  Please Rod, not tonight.
          RH:  Why, I'll pick you up afterward.
          AM:  Have you heard from Betty yet?

Ada Jacks-Evelyn Scott.      
Sharon Purcell-Dayna Ceder.
Mrs. Wagner employment agency worker-uncredited.
Miss Thornton, English teacher is mentioned as promoting Jane Austen.
Mrs. Hewitt-landlady at the boarding house on the wharf-Maxine Stuart.
Laura Harrington Brooks-Patricia Breslin.