Episode 36.
          Betty Anderson looks for a job in New York City.  First 
          appearance of Ada Jacks.

WA:       To some, New York City is a place of excitement, of glamor.  
          To Betty Harrington, fleeing from a life that has become 
          intolerable is a place of refuge.  A place to start fresh.  
          Betty has little real hope and virtually no money. 
Intro:    The skyline of New York City. 
Scene 1:  In the Manhattan Midtown Employment Agency, Betty is talking to 
          a Mrs. Wagner.  Sharon Purcell, bursts in without knocking.  She 
          says she has been waiting half the morning and wonders how long 
          it will be.  She is told that she knows the rules and to shut 
          the door and wait her turn.  Betty says that she left Peyton 
          Place just a few weeks ago.  She says she is not married.  And 
          she is not pregnant.  Mrs. Wagner says, "Go home."  Sharon 
          Purcell hands Betty a Kleenex® and introduces herself.  She asks 
          Betty to come home with her.  They go downtown to an 
Scene 2:  Back in Peyton Place, in the mansion, Leslie, Rodney, and Norman 
          talk with Laura Brooks who has decided to go to Europe on 
          vacation for a year.  Laura is drinking.  She says a Harrington 
          always settles for second best.  She had gotten a generous 
          amount of money for her husband's practice in Peyton Place.  She 
          is going to catch a train, the night flier, in a few minutes.  
          Laura tells Norman to accept the fact this his mother is gone.  
          Leslie says he called and the train is on time.  Rodney leaves 
          with his aunt Laura Harrington Brooks to drive her to the train. 

Scene 3:  Elliot enters the Tavern and speaks to Ada Jacks.  She says she 
          had read that he was back.  Elliot orders a ginger ale.  Ada 
          tells Elliot not to beat a dead horse.  Elliot says that there 
          are still people here who were around at the time of his 
          conviction.  Paul Hanley said that Elliot did it.  Elliot gets 
          angry.  He leaves a quarter for the drink. 
Scene 4:  Outside the Mackenzie house, Allison has just come out.  Rodney 
          has been feeding her birds.  He offers to drive her to the 
          library.  She asks if he has heard from Betty.  Constance comes 
          out and invites Rodney to come in.  He has just dropped his aunt 
          Laura off at the train station.  Constance tells Rodney that she 
          doesn't want him seeing Allison any more.  Rodney says that he 
          just wants to talk to her.  Constance says that everybody makes 
          mistakes.  Rodney says "goodbye" to Constance and leaves. 
Scene 5:  Allison walks across the square toward the Town Hall and into 
          the library.  The entrance of the library is not shown, but is 
          in the west end of the Town Hall building.  She sees Elliot 
          Carson.  Elliot speaks to her and helps her with the plethora 
          of books she is holding.  Allison speaks of her "lack of 
          experience."  Elliot says that being locked away from life is 
          also an experience.  Allison checks out a few books.  Allison 
          says that she thinks of the library as her second home.  They 
          leave the library together and walk across the square. 
Preview:  Allison talks with Rodney.  Leslie talks with Julie.  Elliot 
          confronts Calvin Hanley. 
          AM:  What is happening?
          RH:  You're here, I'm here.  That's what's happening.  And I'm 
               not going to lie about it.  I'm glad it is. 
          LH:  There is nothing wrong with two people who have common 
               concerns having dinner together in a public place. 
          JA:  Well, if that is all it is.
          LH:  For right now, yes.
          EC:  I am here, Mr. Hanley.  Right here in Peyton Place.  Now 
               you and I are going to have to learn to live with it.  
               Like it or not.  I didn't kill your daughter.  Somebody 
               in this town lied. 
Sharon Purcell, party girl-Dayna Ceder
Laura Brooks-Patricia Breslin [This is the last episode for Breslin, 
   other than being mentioned.  Later in the series it is said that 
   Laura skis in Switzerland.  She and Leslie saw each other in Paris.] 
Calvin Hanley, Pharmacist-Whit Bissel
Paul Hanley, teaches freshman English at Peyton College-Richard Evans 
Bird feeder.