Episode 37.
          Leslie Harrington invites Julie Anderson to dinner. 

WA:       This winter morning begins like any other in Peyton Place.  But 
          in the hours to come, a number of dramatic events will occur 
          and various lives will be altered by them for better or worse. 
Intro:    The square.  The cannon.  Cloverleaf Dairy van. 
Scene 1:  Constance open her kitchen door and the milkman brings in two 
          quart bottles of milk and a pint of cream.  [In a later 
          episode, Eli speaks to Ron, a milkman outside with his truck.]  
          Julie comes in the kitchen.  Constance says that she has 
          enjoyed having Julie visit.  Julie says that George thinks 
          Leslie Harrington is responsible for everything that happened.  
          Allison comes down the stairs and has a problem with the zipper 
          on her skirt.  Constance helps her with it.   Julie comes over 
          and offers to help.  Allison is going to see her advisor for 
          some special classes.  A suitcase is seen.  Julie is going 
Scene 2:  In the sanitarium, George is being interviewed by Dr. Kessler.  
          George is asked his occupation.  The doctor asks him is he 
          knows where he is and if he has children.  George is not very 
Scene 3:  In front of the Anderson house, the mailbox flag is up.  Dr. 
          Rossi drives up and goes inside.  Julie is halfway down the 
          stairs as the doctor he comes in.  The front door was unlocked.  
          Rossi tells Julie that George is making some progress.  He is 
          getting the best possible care.  Rossi offers Julie a job as 
          his secretary.  She allows that she is not a medical 
          secretary, but that is not important to Dr. Rossi. 
Scene 4:  At the Peyton College, Allison is talking with her advisor.  
          They talk about an enrichment course.  She is entering at 
          midyear.  She will technically be a high school senior.  The 
          advisor asks Allison if she would like some advice.  [Your 
          reviewer finds it rather strange that an advisor would ask 
          permission before pro-offering advice.] 
Scene 5:  Rodney meets up with Allison as she is coming out of the 
          advisor's office.  They talk a while.  Rodney tells Allison 
          that Constance doesn't want him seeing her. 
Scene 6:  In New York City, Betty is looking around.  She goes in Ellen's 
          boutique.  Betty asks to meet a friend, Sharon Purcell.  
Scene 7:  Sharon puts on a fur wrap, turns around, and greets Betty.  
          Sharon says that this is her day of respectability.  

Scene 8:  Meanwhile back in Peyton Place, Dr. Rossi drives up and parks 
          in front of the Peyton Place Professional Building, outer 
          entrance to the Clarion and the doctor's office.  Elliot comes 
          up and directs the doctor to Eli in the Chandlery.  The doctor 
          asks Eli if he has been taking the pills that had been 
          prescribed.  Eli said no, he ran out.  Eli tells Dr. Rossi 
          about Calvin Hanley, Elizabeth's father.  Dr. Rossi says that 
          he is putting Eli in the hospital, right now. 
Scene 9:  In the Pharmacy,  Elliot tells the owner and pharmacist, Calvin 
          Hanley, that he needs these pills right away.  Calvin finishes 
          with a Mrs. Reynolds, charging her $1.75.  Elliot says it is an 
          emergency.  Elliot says he has had a lot of time to grow older.  
          Calvin says that he grew older in one night.  Elliot assures 
          Calvin he did not kill his daughter.  Calvin asks Elliot if he 
          has visited his wife in the cemetary.  Elliot says no.  Calvin 
          says he visits his daughter every Sunday. 
Scene 10: From New York City, Betty phones the Mackenzie house and asks 
          to talk with her mother, Julie.  Allison tells her that Julie 
          went back to her own home.  Allison wants to talk but Betty 
          doesn't.  Allison tells her mother that Betty called. 
Scene 11: Leslie comes to the Anderson house and invites Julie to dinner.  
          Betty again calls from New York City but this time just barely 
          misses her mother. 
Preview:  Betty talks with Sharon.  Allison talks wtih Constance.  Elliot 
          talks with Paul Hanley. 
          BA:  I'd settle for that if I thought Rod would take me back. 
          SP:  That would be too little to settle for.  Not with what 
               you've got.  I have an idea, why don't you move in 
               here with me. 
          BA:  I can't pay this kind of rent. 
          SP:  Oh, don't worry about the rent. 
          AM:  How old was he when he testified against Elliot Carson?
          CM:  Why?
          AM:  I suppose that's enough to make anyone grow up different. 
          EC:  You never heard me talking with your sister.
          PH:  Why would I have lied?  I liked you.  I never blamed you, 
               Elliot, for what happened because i knew what my sister 
               was like. 

Calvin Hanley, father of Elizabeth Hanley Carson-Whit Bissel.
Dr. Kessler-John Zaremba.
Sharon Purcell-Dayna Ceder.
Mrs. Reynolds-uncredited.
Elsie Thornton-only mentioned.