Episode 38.
          Betty goes to visit Sharon Purcell.

WA:       New York City, Friday night. 

Oper:     Please deposit 85 cents for three minutes. 

          Betty deposits three quarters and a dime. 

WA:       Betty Anderson Harrington is making a long distance call to her 
          mother in Peyton Place.  

          At that precise moment, Julie Anderson is leaving the house for 
          an impulsively made last minute date with Leslie Harrington.  

          The telephone rings in the Anderson house. 

WA:       Only a second of mistiming and the pattern is set that will 
          change the lives of three families for months to come. 

          Now it is Saturday morning in New England the time for the 
          young to blow off steam and for the rest of us to tidy up the 
          details of our lives. 
Intro:    New York City traffic.  Betty calling home from a pay phone.  
          Julie and Leslie leaving the house, walking to the car.  Betty 
          on the phone.  Leslie's car.  Betty on the phone.  Phone 
          ringing in the Anderson house.  Betty still on the phone.  
          Snowy hillside.  Children pulling a sled outside of Carson and 
          Son Chandlery. 
Scene 1:  Elliot Carson sees Paul Hanley through the window of the 
          Chandlery.  He taps on the window.  Elliot comes out and says 
          that Paul knows him.  Elliot asks Paul to come inside.  Elliot 
          says that he heard Paul had been away.  Paul went to Yale for a 
          BS and received his masters at Cambridge.  Paul says he spent 2 
          years in Paris.  He was in Vienna briefly.  Paul says he was in 
          Europe studying and teaching.  Paul says he is glad that Elliot 
          is back.  Paul said that his testimony was not the only 
          evidence that convicted him. Paul said he knew what his sister 
          was like. 
Scene 2:  A small boy, named Willy, is running down the street and falls 
          in front of Allison who is coming out of the Book Gallery.  
          Allison tells him to be careful that the pond won't melt.  
          Rodney and Norman walk up and talk with Allison.  Norman 
          mentions that Laura is off to Europe.  Rodney suggests they all 
          go.  Norman says he has some change.  Allison says that she 
          makes 80 cents an hour working for Constance.  [Minimum wage 
          was $1.25.]  Rodney asks Allison if she told Betty about her 
          father.  Norman offers to buy her a cup of cocoa. 
Scene 3:  Norman and Allison are eating in the Pharmacy.  Jimmy is seen 
          for about one second.  He is mentioned in a later episode.  
          That he was fired for flirting with the girls.  They talk.  
          Calvin Hanley is seen in the background. 
Scene 4:  Rodney goes to the Anderson house and talks with Julie.  Julie 
          fusses at Rodney.  Rodney tells her that Allison told Betty 
          that Julie had moved back home and she would call there.  Julie 
          went to the sanitarium alone.  Rodney says next time, call him. 
Scene 5:  George is being interviewed for the second time by Dr. Kessler.  
          He asks George if he knows where he is.  And who is Betty.  The 
          orderly comes in and gets George.  George leaves.  Kessler 
          talks in his dictaphone. 
Scene 6:  At Sharon's New York City apartment, Betty rings the doorbell 
          and is let in.  Sharon says that her old roommate, Libby, is in 
          the Greek isles.  Betty tells Sharon that she tried to call 
          home.  She was told that Julie has moved back home so she 
          assumes that her mother and father are back together.  Sharon 
          asks Betty to stay. 
Scene 7:  Paul comes into the Book Gallery to talk with Constance.  Paul 
          wants to get something for the weekend.  Allison shows up and 
          talks with Paul.  Paul tells Allison he received his enrolment 
          list and he saw her name.  Paul leaves.  Allison leaves.  
          Allison runs into Elliot coming out of the Chandlery.  Elliot 
          goes in to visit Constance.  They talk.  Dr. Rossi comes in and 
          greets them both.  He tells Elliot that he thinks Eli has a 
          gall bladder problem.  Elliot asks if an operation will be 
Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks to Constance.  Paul talks to Allison.  
          Calvin talks to Matthew.
          MR:  Elliot belongs to the past.
          CM:  Michael, he's here, now.
          MR:  So am I. 
          PH:  What about killing?
          AM:  I think there are times when people have to fight.
          PH:  Fight and kill.  Then what happens to that old commandment, 
               Thou shalt not kill? 
          CH:  I wasn't strict enough.  If I had been, she wouldn't have 
               married Elliot.  He killed her. 
          MS:  If he did kill her.
          CH:  He's guilty.

According to the IRS, the term "former brother-in-law" is a non-term.  
  A divorce or death does not disconnect "in-laws".  A man can still 
   properly claim his former wife's mother as his "mother-in-law" for 
   federal income-tax deduction purposes. 
Sharon Purcell-Dayna Ceder.
Paul Hanley-Richard Evans.
Minimum wage was $1.25.
Dr. Kessler-John Zaremba.