Episode 40.
          Betty has a date with Roy Roberts. 

WA:       Elliot Carson got up before dawn this sub-zero morning to make 
          the long cold journey down state from Peyton Place to White 
          River.  This is a pilgrimage that Elliot will repeat each month 
          for many years to come to report to his parole officer for the 
          duration of his unexpired sentence for the murder of Elizabeth 
          Carson, his wife. 
Intro:    Elliot is riding on the bus to White River. 
Scene 1:  The secretary ushers Elliot into the White River Parole Office.  
          The officer, E. J. Taggart, talks with Elliot about the George 
          Anderson incident.  Elliot explains why he got involved.  They 
          were the local heroes when they came back from service.  Elliot 
          served in the U. S. Navy during World War II.  Elliot starts to 
          leave and almost forgets to take the present that he bought for 
Scene 2:  Elliot goes into the Book Gallery to talk with Constance.  He 
          hands Constance the present, a sweater, that he bought for 
          Allison when he was in White River.  Constance says, "Allison 
          never had to want for anything she needed." 
Scene 3:  In Sharon's apartment in New York City, the grammaphone is 
          playing.  Sharon comes in with a tray, four glasses and a tray 
          of drinks.  She pours two drinks and offers one to Betty.  
          Sharon says that Roy is coming from Amsterdam.  A knock on the 
          door and Phil and Roy come in.  Sharon introduces Roy Roberts 
          to Betty.  Betty pours drinks for the men.  They make plans for 
          the evening.  Roy says, "It's going to be a long cold drive." 
Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi drives Constance home from a basketball game and 
          dinner.  Constance says that she had a good time tonight.  She 
          says that she is worried about leaving Allison home alone.  
          They argue.  Rossi says, "I'm always tripping over the past."  
          Constance jumps out of the car and goes in the house. 
Scene 5:  At the Peyton mansion, Leslie and Rodney come in the house from 
          a boring night out at the club.  Leslie asks Rodney if he wants 
          a night cap.  Leslie finds a note that Blaine called but left 
          no message except to call.  Leslie dials zero.  He asks for New 
          York, Maysfield Hotel, CIrcle 5-5099. 
Scene 6:  In New York, Roy Roberts is going into the apartment with 
          Betty.  Betty has her fur coat on.  Roy takes off his suit 
          coat.  Roy asks Betty to come sit down by him.  Roy tries to 
          get Betty to talk.  She finally takes off the fur coat. He 
          grabs her and kisses her.  She offers him his coat to leave.  
          He chases her around the apartment.  Betty plays hard to get.  
          He continues to chase her.  Betty screams.  He finally realizes 
          she is not playing.  He tries to give her a drink.  She tells 
          him she is from Peyton Place.  He tells her she should go home.  
          He gives her train fare and then he leaves.  The elevator 
          operator is watching. 
Preview:  Rodney talks with Leslie.  Betty talks with Sharon.  Calvin 
          Hanley talks with his son, Paul. 
          RH:  Betty called her mother last night.  She's coming home.
          LH:  Don't let it start all over again, Rod.
          RH:  Dad, this time.  This time let me handle things.
          BA:  I'll miss you, Sharon.
          SP:  You won't come back, will you?
          BA:  I don't know.
          SP:  You won't come back here?
          BA:  If I do, I won't be running away, Sharon.
          CH:  What did he say?
          PH:  He did say he knew I was lying.
          CH:  You did the right thing.  The only thing.

First appearance of E.J. Taggart, parole officer in White River.  Seen 
  again in episode 58.
Dabbs Greer is one of the most prolific actors to ever live.
Your reviewer saw him on L.A. Law.  He played a "frog-licker."
Roy Roberts, businessman from Amsterdam-Sherwood Price.
Basketball game.
Zero degrees Fahrenheit is approximately negative 19 degrees Celsius.