Episode 41.
          Betty packs to leave New York City.

WA:       To a young girl who's run away from Peyton Place, New York City 
          can be, not a dream, but a nightmare.  

RR:       "Train fare."

WA:       Betty Anderson approaches her private moment of truth and 
          crisis.  A moment which may be her personal point of no return. 
Intro:    New York City.  The Hotel.  Roy Roberts kisses Betty, hands her 
          $50.00 cash, and goes to the elevator.  The elevator operator 
          is watching.  [He later makes a written statement to Detective 
Scene 1:  Betty walks over to the mirror and looks at herself.  She takes 
          off her basic black dress.  The phone rings.  Betty puts on a 
          housecoat and answers the phone.  It is Sharon's mother.  Betty 
          says that nothing has happened to Sharon.  She has gone to a 
Scene 2:  The phone rings at the Anderson house.  Julie asks if Betty is 
          all right.  Julie asks Betty where she is.  Betty asks about 
          her father.  Julie says her father hasn't been well, his is in 
          Greenvale sanitarium.  Julie says he is in a depressed state. 
Scene 3:  Betty takes out her suitcase and starts to pack.  Sharon comes 
          in and apologizes to Betty.  Sharon asks Betty not to go home.  
          Sharon says she should have warned her about Roy.  They talk.  
          Betty tells him that her father is sick.  She tells Sharon that 
          her mother called.  Betty says that there is a late train 
          tonight for Boston. 
Scene 4:  Back in Peyton Place, Matthew Swain comes out of the Clarion 
          and speaks to a lady, Lucy Frisby, on the street.  She started 
          to fuss at him for not being in church.  He corrects her saying 
          that he enjoyed her solo.  He says that her rendition of "Shall 
          We Gather at the River" almost made him want to jump in. 
Scene 5:  Paul Hanley walks by the Pharmacy without going in.  Calvin 
          comes out and tells Paul to come in.  He wants to talk.  They 
          go inside.  Calvin asks why Paul didn't want to come in.  Paul 
          says things never change.  Paul says he never called his 
          father, "Dad" like the other kids.  They talk about Elliot 
          returning from prison.  Calvin says, "You did the right thing.  
          The only thing."  Paul says, "I saw him the other night." 
          Calvin asks Paul to come to the house for dinner.  [This is a 
          little strange because he lives in a small apartment over the 
          Pharmacy."  Paul uses the phrases, "Immutable Sorcerer, and 
          Sorcerer's Apprentice." 

Scene 6:  Constance is talking to Matthew.  Allison comes in and says she 
          is going skating at Baker's Pond on Sunday.  Matthew says he 
          used to ice-skate.  He tastes the chicken.  Constance puts the 
          sweater on Allison.  Constance says that Elliot is not all that 
          different.  Constance asks Matthew why Elliot makes so many 
          mysterious trips to White River. 
Scene 7:  People skating on Baker's Pond.  One of the boys is wearing a 
          White River jacket with the name Jackson.  

          Now, back in Peyton Place, in the Colonial Post Inn, Allison is 
          there with Norman.  Paul walks up and joins them.  Norman says 
          that people change.  Constance says Paul says that "Reality is 
          the destruction of illusion."  Elliot walks up and joins them.  
          Elliot asks Norman if Paul was giving him a bad time.  Elliot 
          says he has hope, or he wouldn't be there. 
Scene 8:  In the Harrington house, Rodney talks to Norman.  Norman asks 
          Rodney if he can use the car to take Allison to the dance this 
          weekend.  Leslie says that Rodney should get out more.  Rodney 
          says his choices are limited.  Leslie says that Blaine has 
          found Betty.  Rodney does not like the idea of someone spying 
          on Betty.  Blaine has information on the girl.  The phone 
          rings.  It is Julie.  She wants to talk to Rodney.  She tells 
          Rodney that "Betty called last night and is coming home."  
Scene 9:  The Interstate Bus pulls up to the terminal.  Betty gets off 
          carrying only one suitcase. 
Preview:  Paul talks to Allison.  Elliot talks to Constance.  Dr. Rossi 
          and Betty talk to George.  
          PH:  Allison, did I offend you yesterday?
          AM:  I was trying to understand you better.
          PH:  Allison, you don't have to understand your teachers.  
               Just concentrate on the lectures.
          EC:  I had a feeling you were good friends.
          CM:  Michael has been a good friend.  I'm fond of him.
          EC:  Fond, Oh?
          MR:  Well, George, Betty is here.
          BA:  Well, how are you, Daddy?  
          GA:  Fine.
          BA:  You'll be well soon.  I know that.
Lucy Frisby-Amzie Strickland.
Greenvale Sanitarium in Green Valley, Massachusetts.