Episode 42.
          Betty Anderson Harrington returns home from New York. 

WA:       Last night, Betty Anderson left New York to hurry back to 
          Peyton Place.  Her decision to go home was an impulsive one.  
          And all through the long lonesome journey she wondered and 
          dreaded what was waiting for her there. 
Intro:    New York City.  Times square.  Peyton Place square.  
          Betty gets off the Interstate Bus carrying only one suitcase 
          and starts walking home.  
Scene 1:  Bandstand.  Julie comes down the stairs in the Anderson house.  
          Betty in the kitchen looking out the window and drinking a cup 
          of coffee.  Betty says that she tried to get a job in New York 
          City.  She says that she did not like "The City" but she would 
          have gotten used to it. 
Scene 2:  The chimes ring and Julie goes to the door and lets Rodney in.  
          He has come to see Betty.  Rodney tells Betty he is awfully 
          glad she came back.  Rodney offers to help her and drive her 
          anywhere.  She says Dr. Rossi is taking her to the sanitarium 
          to see her father this afternoon.  He again offers to help her 
          in any he can. 
Scene 3:  Constance parks and starts into the Book Gallery as Elliot 
          walks up.  He is on his way to visit Eli just before the 
          operation.  Constance offers to take him to the hospital.  
          Elliot says he would appreciate the lift. 
Scene 4:  At the Peyton College, Paul speaks to Allison and says she is 
          early.  Allison asks Paul if he is excited about his new class.  
          He says he has been teaching freshman english for several years 
          now.  She says that Elliot believes people are basically good.  
Scene 5:  At the hospital, Dr. Rossi gets out of his car and heads for 
          the entrance.  Elliot asks Constance if she knew Rossi well.  
          She says she met him when he was an orderly when Allison was 
          born.  Constance says, "He has been a good friend."  Rossi 
          walks up and tells them Eli slept well last night.  Rossi walks 
          down the corridor. 
Scene 6:  Two orderlies are wheeling Eli Carson into surgery.  Elliot and 
          Constance are watching.  

Scene 7:  The outside of a Church.  On the square, Matthew comes out of 
          the Peyton Professional Building and heads down the street.  He 
          goes in the Book Gallery.  Constance tells Amy that she owes 
          $2.20 for the rental of a book.  44 days at 5 cents a day.  Amy 
          and her husband, Will, had gone to see Amy's mother on her 
          anniversary and he was supposed to remind her about the book.  
          It was Will's fault that the book was so late.  Amy leaves.  
          Matthew tells Constance that he was worried about her when he 
          noticed the shop closed earlier.  She explained that she was at 
          the hospital.  Matthew says he should have gone but so many of 
          his friends have died lately.  Jonas Parker and Evan Seward.  
          The phone rings and Elliot tells Constance that Eli has come 
          out of the anesthesia.  Constance says that she is so glad. 
Scene 8:  Dr. Rossi has driven Betty to the Greenvale sanitarium in Green 
          Valley, Massachusetts.  Betty and Dr. Rossi go in to see 
          Betty's father.  Rossi greets him and tells him that Betty is 
          here to see him.  Betty tries to smile.  She asks George how he 
          is.  She apologizes she hadn't come earlier.  She promises to 
          visit him often.  She asks if he wants cigarettes or candy.  
          George is unresponsive.  The orderly asks George to stand up.  
          George stands.  Betty promises to see him again soon.  George 
          is taken back to his room. 
          Rossi tells Betty that she did well.  Rossi says that George 
          doesn't want to recognize anyone.  George is receiving 
          electro-shock treatments.  Betty asks to leave.  
Scene 9:  As Rossi is driving Betty back to Peyton Place at night, she 
          asks why this happened to her father.  Betty talks about loving 
          and clutching.  Talking about New York, she tells Dr. Rossi 
          about he man giving her $50.00.  Betty says that she is through 
          punishing herself.  Rossi drops Betty off at the Peyton Mills 
          entrance.  Leslie is watching out the window.  Detective Blaine 
          is there talking with Leslie.  This scene is continued in the 
          preview and in the next episode. 
Preview:  Rodney talks to Paul.  Betty talks to Leslie.  Constance talks 
          with Elliot. 
          RH:  Like I said Mr. Hanley, I don't know a great deal about 
          PH:  But you know what you like, don't you?  
          RH:  Yes, I guess so.

          BA:  You made his decisions, just as my father made many of 
          LH:  You're wrong, Betty. I never made decisions for my son. 
          BA:  Well, you can now.  I know what I want, Mr. Harrington.  
               And I know you're the one I have to bargain with.
          CM:  You want to know if I feel the same after all these 
          EC:  Yes, I know how I feel.
          CM:  I don't.

Paul Hanley-Richard Evans.
Jonas Parker.
Evan Seward.
Electro-shock therapy.