Episode 43.
          Betty Anderson bargains with Leslie Harrington.

WA:       Betty Harrington has been to visit her father at the 
          sanitarium.  And now Dr. Rossi lets her out at the mill she 
          has decided the time has come to face Leslie Harrington. 
Intro:    Dr. Rossi drives up in front of the Peyton Mills and lets Betty 
          Anderson out. 
Scene 1:  Detective Blaine is giving Leslie the second report on Betty 
          Anderson.  Leslie seems disinterested.  Leslie is told Betty is 
          there.  He asks the detective to wait in the outer office.  
          Leslie greets Betty.  He says it is good to see her.  Betty 
          offers Leslie a deal.  Annulment for hospital care for her 
          father.  Leslie and Betty agree.  Betty leaves. 
Scene 2:  Blaine comes back in.  The Blaine report concerns Betty and 
          Sharon Purcell.  Blaine leaves.  Leslie locks the report in his 
          desk drawer. 
Scene 3:  In the kitchen, Constance is cooking as Allison tells her 
          mother that she and Abby plan to go to the faculty art show.  
          She says that Abby told her that she saw Betty coming out of 
          the drug store.  Postman Tom Foley brings the mail including a 
          long tubular package to Allison.  He mentions that the 
          temperature is up to 22.  She opens the package which contains 
          a portrait of Allison about 30 inches square.  There is no 
          indication who it is from.  Allison claims she has no idea who 
          sent it, but it must have an unknown admirer. 
Scene 4:  Two large snow-covered fir trees outside the Harrington 
          mansion.  Inside, Christine, the maid admits Betty.  She calls 
          her Mrs. Harrington.  Betty says she doesn't have to call her 
          Mrs. Harrington any more.  Rodney comes down.  She says she 
          came over in a cab to get her things.  Rodney asks her how New 
          York was.  She said it was educational.  Betty said she made a 
          friend and that she was very nice.  They kiss.  Rodney 
          apologized for kissing her. 
Scene 5:                  FACULTY ART EXHIBIT

          At the Peyton College Annual Faculty Art Exhibit, Abby Chapman 
          and Allison look at the displays.  Paul walks up and talks with 
          Allison.  She guesses that Paul sent her the portrait.  Abby 
          seems to have disappeared.  Rodney walks up and Paul expresses 
          surprise at Rodney's being there.  They spar, about art and 
          sports.  It is obvious that they despise each other.  Allison 
          pulls Rodney away.  They talk.  He tells Allison she is very 
          special to him. 
Scene 6:  Constance goes to the front door and admits Elliot.  Elliot 
          wants to talk to her, about Constance and himself.  Elliot sees 
          the picture on the mantel and is quite annoyed.  Elliot says 
          that he longed for privacy.  Elliot wants to know how she feels 
          about him.  Constance says that Mr. Mackenzie was a pilot 
          killed in the war.  Elliot breaks the picture.  Constance picks 
          up the pieces. 
Preview:  Paul talks with his father, Calvin, expressing doubts about his 
          testimony.  Allison talks with Constance.  Elliot talks with 

          CH:  You're talking a lot of nonsense.
          PH:  Oh, Is it nonsense to wonder if I bore false witness 
               against Elliot carson? 
          CH:  I tell you, you didn't.
          AM:  You hide things from people.
          CM:  What things am I supposed to be hiding?
          AM:  About Elliot Carson.  I don't think you're interested in 
               him romantically, but you are interested.

          PH:  Let go of me, Elliot
          EC:  Don't make any wild assumptions, Paul.  You understand. 
          PH:  I do.

Abby Chapman-Melinda Plowman, uncredited.  [See episode 184].
  Abby Chapman would probably be the daughter of Gail Chapman.

Detective Blaine-Myron Healy.
Mantel-shelf or slab above a fireplace.
Mantle-a sleeveless cloak or cape.