Episode 44.
          Letter from Catherine.  Constance turns 36. 

          [Dorothy Malone was born 01-30-25.  She was a few days over 
          40 when this episode aired.]

WA:       It has been a disturbing evening for Constance Mackenzie and 
          Elliot Carson.  For Allison, too, the evening has been unusual. 
Intro:    Elliot breaks glass in the framed photograph of Mr. Mackenzie.  
          Constance hears Paul Hanley drive up.  She finishes picking up 
          the shards of broken glass. 
Scene 1:  Paul has driven Allison home in his British sports car.  She 
          thanks him for driving her home.  He apologizes for a remark he 
          had made.  Allison gets out of the car and goes in the house.  
          Elliot comes out and asks Paul for a lift to the square. 
Scene 2:  Constance and Allison talk.  Allison says that she is surprised 
          because she knows Elliot doesn't like Paul.  
Scene 3:  Elliot asks Paul why he brought Allison home.  Paul asks Elliot 
          why he was visiting Constance.  Elliot and Paul talk.  Elliot 
          mentions that Allison is 18.  Paul aggravates Elliot by noting 
          that 18 is a magic number in Peyton Place.  That Elliot has 
          been in prison 18 years.  His sister has been dead 18 years.  
          Constance has been widowed 18 years.  Elliot glowers.  He then 
          alludes to a destroyer and drifting in a life boat.  Paul again 
          mentions prison.  Elliot grabs Paul.  Paul says, "Elliot, let 
          go of me." 
Scene 4:  Constance and Allison talk some more.  Allison says she is 
          beginning to understand her mother.  Referring to Elliot, 
          Allison says, "I don't think you are interested in him 
          romantically, but you are interested."  They talk some more and 
          Constance makes reference to Allison's grandmother Swain.  
          [Constance is said to be Matthew's second cousin twice removed.  
          Allison refers to Matthew as Uncle Matt.] 
Scene 5:  In the Peyton square, Allison walks by the cannon and runs into 
          her uncle, Matthew Swain.  She asks him to buy her some hot 
          chocolate.  He declines.  He says a girl can't always be that 

          She goes alone into Mr. Hanley's Peyton Place Pharmacy and 
          orders a cup of hot chocolate.  She asks what happened to his 
          soda jerk.  Hanley says he fired the boy because he was always 
          flirting with the girls.  [This creates a job opening which 
          Rita Jacks fills.] 

          Betty comes in.  Allison asks Betty to join her.  Betty orders 
          coffee.  Allison tells Betty she is glad that Betty came back.  
          Betty says that she has just signed the annulment papers.  
          Allison pays for both.  They both leave.  Calvin Hanley clears 
          off the counter. 
Scene 6:  Outside the Pharmacy, Allison introduces Betty to her college 
          English instructor, Paul Hanley.  Allison asks Paul if he is 
          thinking up dreadful questions to ask his students.  Paul says 
          it was nice to meet Betty, excuses himself, and goes in the 
Scene 7:  Back inside the Pharmacy, Calvin Hanley frowns.  Calvin is 
          annoyed that Paul has come in.  Last time it was Paul who was 
          reluctant to come in.  Paul turns the OPEN sign over 
          and pulls down the shade.  He asks his father for some pain 
          killers.  He infers that he wants his father to give him some 
          prescription drugs.  Calvin says he needs a prescription for 
          tranquilizers.  His father provides him with aspirin.  He tells 
          his father that he thinks his father forced him to lie about 
          Elliot Carson.  Calvin insists that Paul told the truth.  Paul 
          turns the CLOSED sign back over and leaves. 
Scene 8:  A brief moderately humorous encounter between Dr. Rossi and a 
          bald-headed orderly.  The orderly wants to know if the new 
          contraption is better than an old fashioned mustard plaster.  
          Mrs. Kramer is the patient.  Rossi explains that it is 
          considerably more expensive.  Elliot comes in and asks Rossi 
          when he will be able to take Eli home.  Dr. Rossi tells Elliot 
          that Eli shouldn't stay in this climate.  The winter could be 
          bad for his heart, that Eli should be taken to a warmer 
          climate, the sooner the better.  Elliot tells the doctor that 
          Eli has a cousin in Florida.  He says sarcastically that he has 
          other relatives on the French Riviera.  Elliot says he has no 
Scene 9:  On the phone at the Peyton Mills, Leslie tells lawyer Theodore 
          Dowell that he doesn't want a divorce for Rodney, he wants an 
          annulment.  Leslie conversation on the phone with Dowell 
          infers that Dowell's wife is named "Louise".  Matthew Swain 
          comes in to talk about Catherine's will and say that he is 
          executor.  It was Catherine's final wish that the mill revert 
          to Martin Peyton.  Leslie is told that attorney Wainwright is 
          there.  He has an old letter from Catherine to Peyton which 
          explains the reason for the change in her will.  In the letter,
          Catherine questions Leslie's relationship with Julie Anderson.   

Preview:  Elliot talks to Constance.  Leslie talks to Norman.  Rodney 
          talks to Betty. 
          EC:  Connie have a birthday dinner again with me tonight.  
          CM:  I'm sorry, Elliot, I have to say no.  
          EC:  Oh, I see.
          LH:  I'm going to testify that she wasn't really herself.  
          NH:  If you do this to my mother's memory, I could see you 
               out begging with a tin cup and it wouldn't bother me 
               one bit.
          RH:  Go ahead, take them, you deserve them.  Just like you 
               did the money he gave you in New york. 
          BA:  Money, who gave me?
          RH:  The man you met.

Calvin Hanley says that he fired the soda jerk for flirting with girls.    
Mrs. Kramer-patient at the hospital, only mentioned.
Bald-headed orderly talking about mustard plasters.
Constance Swain Mackenzie Carson-Dorothy Malone
Dorothy Malone is retired and living in Greater Dallas.